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1US FL: OPED: Use Nonprofit Agencies, Not Police, To TreatTue, 28 Nov 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Diamond, Rick Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:11/29/2006
2US FL: Collier Schools Get Grant For Drug TestingFri, 24 Nov 2006
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:11/24/2006
3US FL: Leesburg First-Grader Found With CocaineWed, 22 Nov 2006
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:11/23/2006
4 US FL: LTE: Too Much Crime ReportedSat, 14 Oct 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Cottrell, Richard Area:Florida Lines:29 Added:10/14/2006
5US FL: Cape, Lehigh Learn Lesson In CrimeWed, 11 Oct 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Myers, Rachel Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:10/11/2006
6US FL: Pot-House Busts Continue To GrowMon, 25 Sep 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Myers, Rachel Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:09/26/2006
7US FL: Growhouses Becoming Numerous In SW Fla.Sun, 24 Sep 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Myers, Rachel Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:09/25/2006
8 US FL: LTE: Drug Bust Needs FedsMon, 18 Sep 2006
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:43 Added:09/18/2006
9US FL: Center Gets More FundingMon, 28 Aug 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Start, Michelle L. Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:08/29/2006
10 US FL: LTE: Help Combat Illegal Drug SalesThu, 10 Aug 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Waite, Patricia Area:Florida Lines:57 Added:08/10/2006
11US FL: Anti-Crime Festivities Roll TonightTue, 01 Aug 2006
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:08/02/2006
12US FL: Gallagher Admits Pot Use, InfidelityTue, 20 Jun 2006
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:06/21/2006
13US FL: Fire Marshal Warns About Meth LabsSat, 13 May 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Boxleitner, Grant Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:05/13/2006
14US FL: Clewiston Officer Accused Of Selling DrugsFri, 05 May 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Gillespie, Pat Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:05/06/2006
15 US FL: PUB LTE: Reefer MadnessWed, 26 Apr 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Golding, Michael Area:Florida Lines:42 Added:04/27/2006
16US FL: Drama Teaches Hard Lessons Of DrugsWed, 22 Mar 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Wermers, Jason Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:03/23/2006
17US FL: Collier Sheriff's Deputy Arrested On Drug ChargeFri, 10 Mar 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Husty, Denes Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:03/12/2006
18 US FL: LTE: Reform Drug LawsSat, 18 Feb 2006
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Newhard, Howard Area:Florida Lines:41 Added:02/19/2006
19US FL: Editorial: Beating Wrong - Drugs Are TooFri, 10 Feb 2006
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:02/10/2006
20 US FL: PUB LTE: Florida 'Ice' AgeSun, 04 Dec 2005
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Florida Lines:47 Added:12/05/2005
21US FL: Police Raid Grow House in LehighSat, 03 Dec 2005
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Clair, Justin St. Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:12/04/2005
22US FL: OPED: 'Ice' Age Threatens FloridaWed, 23 Nov 2005
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Saunders, Burt L. Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:11/24/2005
23US FL: Black Community Alleges Police AbuseSat, 12 Nov 2005
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Watson, Brian P. Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:11/12/2005
24US FL: School Transit Worker Off JobFri, 11 Nov 2005
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Breitenstein, Dave Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:11/11/2005
25US FL: Miami Man Arrested in Another Collier Pot House RaidTue, 20 Sep 2005
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Husty, Denes Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:09/23/2005
26US FL: Cape Neighbors On The Watch For CrimeWed, 03 Aug 2005
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Runnells, Harles Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:08/03/2005
27US FL: Study: More Cops Will Lower Crime RateSun, 26 Jun 2005
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Boxleitner, Grant Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:06/29/2005
28US FL: Program To Help Firefighters Handle Meth Labs More SafelyWed, 08 Jun 2005
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Flemming, Paul Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:06/11/2005
29US FL: Ward 3 Leader Begins Attempt To Lower CrimeMon, 09 May 2005
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Kepner, Alison Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:05/09/2005
30US FL: Editorial: Addiction Funds For Area Badly NeededSat, 26 Mar 2005
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:03/26/2005
31 US FL: LTE: Need Good ModelsWed, 23 Mar 2005
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Piccolo, John Area:Florida Lines:34 Added:03/23/2005
32US FL: Prescription Denied To JailThu, 16 Sep 2004
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Lundy, Sarah Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:09/17/2004
33US FL: Editorial: Sheriff Was Right To Bag Arrest ContestFri, 09 Jul 2004
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:07/10/2004
34US FL: Editorial: Looking Ahead: Harvard Crimson Or PrisonFri, 02 Jul 2004
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Asim, Jabari Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:07/03/2004
35 US FL: PUB LTE: Drug War FailingTue, 22 Jun 2004
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Florida Lines:38 Added:06/23/2004
36US FL: OPED: Spend Money On Human Services, Not New JailsWed, 09 Jun 2004
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Diamond, Rick Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:06/12/2004
37US FL: Sheriff Receives $590,468 For JailWed, 09 Jun 2004
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Call, Carie L. Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:06/11/2004
38US FL: Police Try to Quell Surge in ViolenceTue, 08 Jun 2004
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Atwater, Andi Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:06/09/2004
39US FL: Editorial: Dog Tracks Need Close InspectionFri, 23 Apr 2004
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:04/23/2004
40US FL: OxyContin Maker, State May Resume TalksTue, 20 Apr 2004
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:04/20/2004
41 US FL: PUB LTE: DARE To Stop WasteThu, 18 Mar 2004
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Foreman, Stuart Area:Florida Lines:29 Added:03/19/2004
42US FL: Lee Schools Prepared To Implement D.A.R.E. ProgramTue, 16 Mar 2004
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Hill, Angela Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:03/16/2004
43US FL: Police Get Grant For Drug CasesMon, 02 Feb 2004
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Lundy, Sarah Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:02/02/2004
44US FL: Editorial: Tracking May Not Be Answer On OxyContinThu, 29 Jan 2004
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:01/29/2004
45US FL: Oxycontin Kills Close To HomeMon, 26 Jan 2004
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Lundy, Sarah Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:01/27/2004
46US FL: Drug Center Addition Would Help WomenMon, 12 Jan 2004
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Reed, Jennifer Booth Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:01/14/2004
47US FL: Don't Ease Up on CriminalsWed, 12 Nov 2003
Source:News-Press (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:11/13/2003
48 US OK: PUB LTE: Drug Policy ProgressMon, 10 Nov 2003
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Pickens, Jeff Area:Oklahoma Lines:44 Added:11/13/2003
49 US FL: LTE: Immoral And IllegalMon, 27 Oct 2003
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Anderson, Austin Area:Florida Lines:25 Added:10/27/2003
50US FL: OPED: Another Drug War RagingSat, 18 Oct 2003
Source:News-Press (FL) Author:Dueease, William E. Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:10/21/2003

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