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1 US OK: A Call To Action As Deaths Rise From Meth UseWed, 18 Dec 2019
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Goodnough, Abby Area:Oklahoma Lines:204 Added:12/18/2019
2 US OK: Marijuana 'Unity Bill' And Other New Laws To Take EffectThu, 29 Aug 2019
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Forman, Carmen Area:Oklahoma Lines:88 Added:09/02/2019
3 US OK: Side effects: Politicians And Marijuana Activists Look AheadThu, 15 Aug 2019
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Forman, Carmen Area:Oklahoma Lines:129 Added:08/15/2019
4 US OK: Bill Would Create Cannabis Commission If Oklahoma LegalizesWed, 24 Jul 2019
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Simons, Mike Area:Oklahoma Lines:25 Added:07/24/2019
5 US OK: Oklahoma Medical Pot Question Hinges On Conservative SupportSat, 23 Jun 2018
Source:Honolulu Star-Advertiser (HI)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:109 Added:06/27/2018
6 US OK: Marijuana Activist Forced Out Of Oklahoma Forum By SheriffWed, 20 Jun 2018
Source:Kansas City Star (MO) Author:Alanis, Kaitlyn Area:Oklahoma Lines:101 Added:06/20/2018
7 US OK:: Oklahoma Doctor Charged With Murder For Prescribing OpioidsSat, 24 Jun 2017
Source:Hartford Courant (CT) Author:Wootson, Cleve R. Jr. Area:Oklahoma Lines:129 Added:06/24/2017
8 US OK: Beijing Denies Us Claim That China Is Synthetic Drug KingMon, 26 Dec 2016
Source:Altus Times, The (OK) Author:Kinetz, Erika Area:Oklahoma Lines:163 Added:12/27/2016
9 US OK: Editorial: Medical Pot Measure Has Noteworthy ProblemsMon, 29 Aug 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:80 Added:08/29/2016
10 US OK: Rewrite Of Marijuana Ballot Title Spurs QuestionsSun, 28 Aug 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Hoberock, Barbara Area:Oklahoma Lines:146 Added:08/28/2016
11 US OK: Pot Petitioners Blast Rewording By PruittFri, 26 Aug 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Hoberock, Barbara Area:Oklahoma Lines:106 Added:08/27/2016
12 US OK: Deadlines Likely to Keep Pot Issue Off November BallotThu, 25 Aug 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Hoberock, Barbara Area:Oklahoma Lines:87 Added:08/26/2016
13 US OK: Editorial: Fumbling On Medical MarijuanaThu, 25 Aug 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:65 Added:08/25/2016
14 US OK: Marijuana Petition Gets Enough Signatures to PossiblyWed, 24 Aug 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Ellis, Randy Area:Oklahoma Lines:73 Added:08/25/2016
15 US OK: Medical Marijuana Petition Drive UnderwaySun, 17 Jul 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Medley, Robert Area:Oklahoma Lines:58 Added:07/17/2016
16 US OK: Ohp Card Readers Can Seize FundsFri, 10 Jun 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Adcock, Clifton Area:Oklahoma Lines:220 Added:06/11/2016
17 US OK: Editorial: CBD OilTue, 17 May 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:46 Added:05/18/2016
18 US OK: PUB LTE: Pot HelpsFri, 06 May 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Adelman, James R. Area:Oklahoma Lines:32 Added:05/06/2016
19 US OK: House Approves Bill Expanding Use of Medical MarijuanaFri, 06 May 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:31 Added:05/06/2016
20 US OK: Editorial: Medical PotMon, 18 Apr 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:50 Added:04/19/2016
21 US OK: OK's Attorney General Continues Effort to OverturnSat, 16 Apr 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Boczkiewicz, Robert Area:Oklahoma Lines:73 Added:04/17/2016
22 US OK: Pruitt Tries To Join Anti-Pot CaseSat, 16 Apr 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Boczkiewicz, Robert Area:Oklahoma Lines:80 Added:04/16/2016
23 US OK: Medical Marijuana Supporters File New PapersTue, 12 Apr 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Hoberock, Barbara Area:Oklahoma Lines:68 Added:04/14/2016
24 US OK: Initiative Petition to Ask Oklahoma Voters to LegalizeTue, 12 Apr 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Green, Rick M. Area:Oklahoma Lines:81 Added:04/13/2016
25 US OK: Drug Expert To Speak At Town Hall MeetingSat, 09 Apr 2016
Source:Ada Evening News, The (OK)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:62 Added:04/12/2016
26 US OK: OPED: Colorado Keeps Pot Oklahoma Keeps LibertyThu, 31 Mar 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Ritze, Mike Area:Oklahoma Lines:88 Added:03/31/2016
27 US OK: Editorial: Strong Leadership Not LikelySat, 26 Mar 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:52 Added:03/26/2016
28 US OK: LTE: 'Just Say No'Sun, 20 Mar 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Weaver, R. Darrell Area:Oklahoma Lines:45 Added:03/20/2016
29 US OK: PUB LTE: Pot WindfallFri, 18 Mar 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Siegel, Robert Area:Oklahoma Lines:35 Added:03/19/2016
30 US OK: OPED: State's Seizure Laws Don't Need An OverhaulWed, 17 Feb 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Ross, Chris Area:Oklahoma Lines:68 Added:02/20/2016
31 US OK: PUB LTE: Cannabis Prohibition Will Be HistorySat, 16 Jan 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:White, Stan Area:Oklahoma Lines:29 Added:01/16/2016
32 US OK: Column: Oklahoma Pot Case Draws Interest From FormerSun, 10 Jan 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Casteel, Chris Area:Oklahoma Lines:81 Added:01/11/2016
33 US OK: Das Voice Concerns Over Effort To ChangeThu, 07 Jan 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Hoberock, Barbara Area:Oklahoma Lines:90 Added:01/09/2016
34 US OK: Oklahoma, Nebraska AGs Liken Colorado to 'Drug Cartel'Thu, 07 Jan 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Casteel, Chris Area:Oklahoma Lines:93 Added:01/07/2016
35 US OK: Oklahoma Pushes For Colorado Pot LawsuitThu, 07 Jan 2016
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Casteel, Chris Area:Oklahoma Lines:95 Added:01/07/2016
36 US OK: Editorial: Medical Marijuana Plans Clearly Not PopularTue, 05 Jan 2016
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:84 Added:01/05/2016
37US OK: AG Wants To Pursue Lawsuit Vs. ColoradoTue, 22 Dec 2015
Source:Denver Post (CO)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:Excerpt Added:12/22/2015
38 US OK: High Drivers Are Just As Threatening to Oklahoma RoadSun, 15 Nov 2015
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Wheatley, Marx Area:Oklahoma Lines:154 Added:11/15/2015
39 US OK: Editorial: Legalized Marijuana Certainly No PanaceaSun, 27 Sep 2015
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:88 Added:09/27/2015
40 US OK: Forfeiture Debate Spills Down TurnpikeWed, 02 Sep 2015
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Hoberock, Barbara Area:Oklahoma Lines:123 Added:09/03/2015
41 US OK: Pot Petition Signatures To Be Sought SoonFri, 28 Aug 2015
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Hoberock, Barbara Area:Oklahoma Lines:82 Added:08/28/2015
42 US OK: Column: Drug Cartels' 'Vocabulary Of Mutilation'Sun, 09 Aug 2015
Source:Tulsa World (OK) Author:Will, George Area:Oklahoma Lines:99 Added:08/10/2015
43 US OK: Column: The Cartels' 'Vocabulary Of Mutilation'Thu, 06 Aug 2015
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Will, George Area:Oklahoma Lines:82 Added:08/06/2015
44 US OK: Forfeiture FrayMon, 18 May 2015
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Clay, Nolan Area:Oklahoma Lines:110 Added:05/18/2015
45 US OK: PUB LTE: Treatment Is CheaperFri, 15 May 2015
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Janopaul, Richard Area:Oklahoma Lines:34 Added:05/15/2015
46 US OK: LTE: A Malignant CancerFri, 15 May 2015
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Martindale, Arrell D. Area:Oklahoma Lines:30 Added:05/15/2015
47 US OK: PUB LTE: Time To Declare Peace In Failed Drug WarSun, 10 May 2015
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Oklahoma Lines:37 Added:05/12/2015
48 US OK: Editorial: Positive StepWed, 06 May 2015
Source:Tulsa World (OK)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:42 Added:05/06/2015
49 US OK: Editorial: Law an Example of Why More Reform Is NeededSun, 03 May 2015
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK)          Area:Oklahoma Lines:83 Added:05/04/2015
50 US OK: I Will Die In Prison For A Nonviolent CrimeSun, 03 May 2015
Source:Oklahoman, The (OK) Author:Palmer, Jennifer Area:Oklahoma Lines:457 Added:05/03/2015

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