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DrugSense Virtual Conference Center
TeamSpeak for Windows: OPERATING Software

How2: Talk - Type - Raise Your Hand - Whisper - Change Rooms

The two main activities are talking and typing.

How2 TALK:
This works similar to a walkie talkie.

Simply hold your Push to Talk key down, speak into your microphone and everyone in the room will hear your voice. The circle next to your nickname will turn green while your microphone is on.

Let go of the key when you are finished speaking and the microphone will turn off.

Please see our software setup section if you have not adjusted your Voice Send Method to Push to Talk.

How2 TYPE: (send text msgs)

Right click next to the channel name to bring up the channel menu

Select Send Text Message to Channel

Type your message in the text box and click the OK to send your message.

How2 RAISE YOUR HAND: (request to talk)
When more than a few people gather in a room - it can be difficult to avoid talking over each other. We suggest that you mute your microphone which indicates you have something to say - similar to raising your hand in a classroom setting.

Please notice who else has their hand raised before you and wait until they've had their turn.

When it is your turn, unmute your microphone, press your microphone key and have your say.

A whisper is a message which only the person you send it to will see.

- Right-click on the person's name
- Select Send Text Message to Player
- Type the message and click the OK button to send

Our conference room is divided into rooms called channels. Double-click on a room to enter it.

A Teamspeak manual was installed on your system during the software installation process. It is available from the Help menu after you start Teamspeak.

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