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Media Source Database Instructions:
There are two copies of our search form below to help you learn how to locate and export the contact information.
  1. The first copy is an interactive click map.
    • Click any row to link to detailed instructions.
  2. The second copy contains detailed instructions above each row.

Detailed Instructions:
  • The search form has a number of fields where search values can be entered.
  • Below is a copy of the search screen. Additional details about the search values are in the yellow bars above each search screen option row.
  • More details are available on separate pages.
  • Most fields can be left blank if you do not wish to use them for search criteria.

Main header shows 31,148 records in the Source database
Search : Media Sources DB (31148 entries)
Subheader shows current user's login name (Jo-D) and search privledges (Administrator)
Jo-D   role:Administrator
The row below allows you to search on any field in the database! First click on the field pulldown ( SourceName ) to select the field. The next field ( contains ) allows you to search for text in selected field, search for blank fields ( is null ) or search for any non-blank fields ( is not null ). Enter the text your looking for in the last field.

PhraseAll wordsAny wordsRegexp
The row below allows you to search for sources by location. You can take the default distance ( Nearest ) or specify the distance ( Near ) from a city/state or zip code.
  • The first column in the Near row allows you to specify the distance from a city/state or zip code. Type the number of miles or kilometers in next text box ( blank ).
  • The pulldown ( miles ) lets you specify miles or kilometers.
  • If you leave the miles/kilometers text box blank the search will default to 50 miles.
The next column allows you to specify a target. Enter a city/state or zip code in the space provided.
Near of city, state/prov. ,
or zip code
Nearest to
Sources are also organized by media type which allows you to list all records within a media type. Click the pulldown arrow to select a media type to search on. Scan through our media type listing to view all media types.
The row below allows you to search for source information from our location list. Click the pulldown to view/select a location.
As records are entered into our database they receive a database ID. The row below allows you to search for a specified database ID
The row below allows you to specify how the search results will be sorted. Leaving the field blank will default to alphabetical listing. The other choices are zip code and circulation size.
sort resultsby
The row below allows you to specify the detail of the search results. Click the pulldown to select from low, medium or high detailed listings.

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