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1 Ireland: Column: Medical Benefits of Drug Are Now Beyond DoubtMon, 01 Aug 2016
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Houston, Muirius Area:Ireland Lines:74 Added:08/01/2016
2 Ireland: Cannabis Oil 'All We Have Left' Says Mother of GirlMon, 01 Aug 2016
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Kelleher, Olivia Area:Ireland Lines:93 Added:08/01/2016
3 Ireland: Senators Call For Change To Drugs LawThu, 30 Jun 2016
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:O'Regan, Michael Area:Ireland Lines:48 Added:06/30/2016
4 Ireland: Decriminalise All Drugs Says Junior Justice MinisterSun, 19 Jun 2016
Source:Sunday Independent (Ireland) Author:Ryan, Philip Area:Ireland Lines:95 Added:06/19/2016
5 Ireland: PUB LTE: Time For A Fresh Approach To Drug LawsMon, 30 May 2016
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:McCleane, Neil Area:Ireland Lines:58 Added:05/30/2016
6 Ireland: Column: There's A Very Easy Way to Destroy MurderousWed, 25 May 2016
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:McWilliams, David Area:Ireland Lines:149 Added:05/25/2016
7 Ireland: Legalising Cannabis Would Hit Criminals, Says DalyFri, 06 May 2016
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:O'Halloran, Marie Area:Ireland Lines:49 Added:05/08/2016
8 Ireland: Column: Legalising Drugs Is the Best Option forSun, 08 Nov 2015
Source:Sunday Independent (Ireland) Author:O'Brien, Dan Area:Ireland Lines:142 Added:11/08/2015
9 Ireland: LTE: Decriminalising DrugsTue, 25 Aug 2015
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Quinn, Shane Area:Ireland Lines:53 Added:08/26/2015
10 Ireland: Column: Let's Decriminalise Drugs and Reap theFri, 21 Aug 2015
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Godsil, Jillian Area:Ireland Lines:105 Added:08/21/2015
11 Ireland: Gardai Cut With Knives And Savaged By PitbullSat, 23 May 2015
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Williams, Paul Area:Ireland Lines:73 Added:05/24/2015
12 Ireland: Editorial: Cannabis DangerMon, 15 Sep 2014
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:51 Added:09/17/2014
13 Ireland: Column: We Must Protect Our Teens From Dangers OfSun, 14 Sep 2014
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:103 Added:09/15/2014
14 Ireland: EU Survey Reveals Views On DrugsFri, 22 Aug 2014
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Gleeson, Colin Area:Ireland Lines:54 Added:08/22/2014
15 Ireland: Prisons Struggling To Tackle Drug And Staff ProblemsMon, 18 Aug 2014
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:D'Arcy, Ciaran Area:Ireland Lines:88 Added:08/21/2014
16 Ireland: Column: Legalising Drugs Is The Only Way To Win ThisFri, 15 Aug 2014
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Downey, James Area:Ireland Lines:106 Added:08/19/2014
17 Ireland: Phone-box Drug Den On Busy Street To Be AxedThu, 07 Aug 2014
Source:Evening Herald (Ireland) Author:Fegan, Joyce Area:Ireland Lines:68 Added:08/08/2014
18 Ireland: PUB LTE: Highs And Lows Of Legalised MarijuanaMon, 21 Jul 2014
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Ireland Lines:40 Added:07/26/2014
19 Ireland: Column: Recreational Hazard: The Highs And Lows Of LegalisedSat, 12 Jul 2014
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Carswell, Simon Area:Ireland Lines:99 Added:07/15/2014
20 Ireland: Path Cleared For Medicinal Cannabis UseSat, 12 Jul 2014
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Hilliard, Mark Area:Ireland Lines:30 Added:07/14/2014
21 Ireland: Medicinal Cannabis Regulations In WeeksFri, 11 Jul 2014
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:43 Added:07/12/2014
22 Ireland: PUB LTE: Drug Crime And Sentencing PolicyFri, 23 May 2014
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Dillon, Eoin Area:Ireland Lines:28 Added:05/25/2014
23 Ireland: Drug Dealer Top Suspect In Gun Assault On GardaSun, 13 Apr 2014
Source:Sunday Independent (Ireland) Author:Foy, Ken Area:Ireland Lines:82 Added:04/15/2014
24 Ireland: Column: Why Should Teenagers Become Criminals forThu, 13 Feb 2014
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Brown, Colette Area:Ireland Lines:104 Added:02/14/2014
25 Ireland: Blind Man Asks Gardai To Charge Him With PossessionSat, 25 Jan 2014
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Hilliard, Mark Area:Ireland Lines:70 Added:01/25/2014
26 Ireland: PUB LTE: Concerned Cannabis Consumer Responds toWed, 20 Nov 2013
Source:Wicklow People (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:98 Added:11/21/2013
27 Ireland: A Nice Idea - And You Know It'll Never HappenMon, 28 Oct 2013
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:O'Doherty, Ian Area:Ireland Lines:108 Added:10/29/2013
28 Ireland: Strong Cannabis 'Causing Strokes In Young People'Sat, 12 Oct 2013
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Naughton, Gareth Area:Ireland Lines:71 Added:10/13/2013
29 Ireland: LTE: No Time To Legalise MarijuanaThu, 05 Sep 2013
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:O'callaghan, Seamus Area:Ireland Lines:44 Added:09/06/2013
30 Ireland: Column: Medical Marijuana Passes Drugs TestSun, 18 Aug 2013
Source:Sunday Independent (Ireland) Author:Molony, Julia Area:Ireland Lines:106 Added:08/19/2013
31 Ireland: GPS To Be Allowed Prescribe Medicinal CannabisThu, 15 Aug 2013
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Holland, Kitty Area:Ireland Lines:44 Added:08/19/2013
32 Ireland: Cannabis And The LawWed, 10 Jul 2013
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Ireland Lines:34 Added:07/12/2013
33 Ireland: Column: Time To Clear The Air On CannabisSat, 06 Jul 2013
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:O'connell, Brian Area:Ireland Lines:170 Added:07/06/2013
34 Ireland: Government Plans To Legalise Medicinal Cannabis-Based SprayWed, 03 Jul 2013
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Duncan, Pamela Area:Ireland Lines:61 Added:07/04/2013
35 Ireland: Eight Deaths Linked To Toxic Batch Of Party DrugsSat, 29 Jun 2013
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Murray, Alan Area:Ireland Lines:59 Added:06/30/2013
36 Ireland: Gun Feuds Rise While Cocaine Use FallsSat, 29 Dec 2012
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:65 Added:01/01/2013
37 Ireland: Teens and Marijuana: 'I'd Go to School Stoned and NotSat, 01 Sep 2012
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Freyne, Patrick Area:Ireland Lines:196 Added:09/02/2012
38 Ireland: Teen Cannabis Users Risking Permanent Decline inTue, 28 Aug 2012
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Radowitz, John von Area:Ireland Lines:64 Added:08/29/2012
39 Ireland: Edu: Column: Death, Drugs and Legalisation: HowSat, 11 Feb 2012
Source:University Times, The (Ireland Edu) Author:O'Donovan, Conor Area:Ireland Lines:141 Added:02/13/2012
40 Ireland: The Herb That Got Too HighSat, 07 Jan 2012
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:O'Brien, Carl Area:Ireland Lines:320 Added:01/08/2012
41 Ireland: Minister Considers Portuguese Drugs StrategyFri, 04 Nov 2011
Source:Irish Examiner (Ireland) Author:O'Keeffe, Cormac Area:Ireland Lines:77 Added:11/05/2011
42 Ireland: Editorial: Does Portugal Have The Solution To OurSat, 11 Jun 2011
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:162 Added:06/11/2011
43 Ireland: Marches To Legalise Cannabis HeldSun, 08 May 2011
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Kelleher, Olivia Area:Ireland Lines:52 Added:05/10/2011
44 Ireland: 'I Keep My Cannabis Habit Quiet, But I Shouldn't Have To'Sat, 26 Mar 2011
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Butler, Eoin Area:Ireland Lines:171 Added:03/25/2011
45 Ireland: 'Ming' Flanagan Quits Cannabis To Put Issues CentreThu, 24 Mar 2011
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Siggins, Lorna Area:Ireland Lines:71 Added:03/25/2011
46 Ireland: PUB LTE: Columnist's Attitude On Drug Abuse 'Defies Belief'Sat, 05 Mar 2011
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Doctors, International Area:Ireland Lines:80 Added:03/06/2011
47 Ireland: PUB LTE: Prohibition Makes Drug Use HarmfulMon, 27 Dec 2010
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Dubhthaigh, Ciaran O Area:Ireland Lines:39 Added:12/27/2010
48 Ireland: Prison Officer Held After Mountjoy Drugs FindTue, 21 Dec 2010
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland) Author:Smyth, Jamie Area:Ireland Lines:70 Added:12/21/2010
49 Ireland: Cannabis Pills Could Soon Be Legalised in Republic of IrelandTue, 23 Nov 2010
Source:Belfast Telegraph (UK)          Area:Ireland Lines:60 Added:11/24/2010
50 Ireland: OPED: Time to Weigh Up the Evidence When DraftingTue, 09 Nov 2010
Source:Irish Times, The (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:202 Added:11/09/2010

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