Irish Independent _Ireland_ 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2022
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1 Ireland: Column: There's A Very Easy Way to Destroy MurderousWed, 25 May 2016
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:McWilliams, David Area:Ireland Lines:149 Added:05/25/2016
2 Indonesia: Fears for British Grandmother As Indonesia ReadiesWed, 04 May 2016
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Sherwell, Phillip Area:Indonesia Lines:55 Added:05/04/2016
3 UK: UN Poised to Call for Decriminalisation of Drugs, SaysTue, 20 Oct 2015
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Moynihan, Tom Area:United Kingdom Lines:98 Added:10/21/2015
4 Ireland: LTE: Decriminalising DrugsTue, 25 Aug 2015
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Quinn, Shane Area:Ireland Lines:53 Added:08/26/2015
5 Ireland: Column: Let's Decriminalise Drugs and Reap theFri, 21 Aug 2015
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Godsil, Jillian Area:Ireland Lines:105 Added:08/21/2015
6 Ireland: Gardai Cut With Knives And Savaged By PitbullSat, 23 May 2015
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Williams, Paul Area:Ireland Lines:73 Added:05/24/2015
7 US DC: Washington Will Be on a New High As Marijuana Is Set toSat, 01 Nov 2014
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Sanchez, Raf Area:District of Columbia Lines:96 Added:11/01/2014
8 Ireland: Column: We Must Protect Our Teens From Dangers OfSun, 14 Sep 2014
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:103 Added:09/15/2014
9 Ireland: Column: Legalising Drugs Is The Only Way To Win ThisFri, 15 Aug 2014
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Downey, James Area:Ireland Lines:106 Added:08/19/2014
10 Ireland: Column: Why Should Teenagers Become Criminals forThu, 13 Feb 2014
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Brown, Colette Area:Ireland Lines:104 Added:02/14/2014
11 Ireland: A Nice Idea - And You Know It'll Never HappenMon, 28 Oct 2013
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:O'Doherty, Ian Area:Ireland Lines:108 Added:10/29/2013
12 Ireland: Strong Cannabis 'Causing Strokes In Young People'Sat, 12 Oct 2013
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Naughton, Gareth Area:Ireland Lines:71 Added:10/13/2013
13 Ireland: Eight Deaths Linked To Toxic Batch Of Party DrugsSat, 29 Jun 2013
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Murray, Alan Area:Ireland Lines:59 Added:06/30/2013
14 Ireland: Editorial: Does Portugal Have The Solution To OurSat, 11 Jun 2011
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:162 Added:06/11/2011
15 Ireland: PUB LTE: Columnist's Attitude On Drug Abuse 'Defies Belief'Sat, 05 Mar 2011
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Doctors, International Area:Ireland Lines:80 Added:03/06/2011
16 Ireland: PUB LTE: Prohibition Makes Drug Use HarmfulMon, 27 Dec 2010
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Dubhthaigh, Ciaran O Area:Ireland Lines:39 Added:12/27/2010
17 US CA: California's New 'Pot' of GoldSun, 01 Aug 2010
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Palmer, Caitriona Area:California Lines:160 Added:08/01/2010
18 Ireland: Column: Western Cant At China Beggars BeliefSun, 03 Jan 2010
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:O'Hanlon, Eilis Area:Ireland Lines:132 Added:01/03/2010
19 US CA: Turn On, Tune In, Light UpSat, 25 Jul 2009
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Dunphy, Shane Area:California Lines:135 Added:07/27/2009
20 Ireland: Editorial: Tragedy Of The Child Drug MulesMon, 02 Feb 2009
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:39 Added:02/02/2009
21 Ireland: Drug Lord Shot Dead in City Gun AttacksThu, 08 Jan 2009
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:156 Added:01/08/2009
22 Ireland: Gardai Go Hi-Tech To Find Cannabis FarmsSun, 28 Dec 2008
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Cusack, Jim Area:Ireland Lines:96 Added:12/28/2008
23 Ireland: Death Of An InnocentSat, 27 Dec 2008
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:129 Added:12/27/2008
24 Ireland: When Man's Best Friend Becomes...A Smuggler's Worst EnemySat, 13 Sep 2008
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:O'Doherty, Gemma Area:Ireland Lines:193 Added:09/14/2008
25 Ireland: Shock As Cocaine Use TreblesThu, 26 Jun 2008
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:84 Added:06/29/2008
26 Ireland: Worker Sacked After Random Drug Test 'Should Get Job Back'Mon, 25 Feb 2008
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Walsh, Anne-Marie Area:Ireland Lines:88 Added:02/25/2008
27 Ireland: Ahern Pledges Clampdown On Drugs In PrisonsWed, 20 Feb 2008
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:McDonagh, Patricia Area:Ireland Lines:41 Added:02/21/2008
28 Ireland: Snapshot Of A Cocaine NationMon, 11 Feb 2008
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Hickey, Shane Area:Ireland Lines:84 Added:02/11/2008
29 Ireland: Irish In Top Five For Use Of CocaineSat, 26 Jan 2008
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Melia, Paul Area:Ireland Lines:61 Added:01/26/2008
30 Ireland: Let's Not Go Soft On Hard DrugsSun, 23 Dec 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Kenny, Patrick Area:Ireland Lines:92 Added:12/25/2007
31 Ireland: PUB LTE: Drugs Message Is Missing The PointWed, 19 Dec 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Buors, Chris Area:Ireland Lines:48 Added:12/20/2007
32 Ireland: Gardai 'Winning The War On Drugs'Tue, 18 Dec 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Riegel, Ralph Area:Ireland Lines:36 Added:12/18/2007
33 Ireland: Column: Why We Must Think Twice Before Legalising DrugsMon, 17 Dec 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Casey, Patricia Area:Ireland Lines:97 Added:12/18/2007
34 Ireland: Death Toll Soars As Drug Wave Sweeps CountryMon, 17 Dec 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Melia, Paul Area:Ireland Lines:78 Added:12/17/2007
35 Ireland: LTE: Choose Life and Say 'No' To DrugsTue, 11 Dec 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Thompson, Patrick Area:Ireland Lines:50 Added:12/13/2007
36 Ireland: PUB LTE: Drugs Policy An Abject FailureFri, 07 Dec 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Lynch, Will Area:Ireland Lines:45 Added:12/07/2007
37 Ireland: Ship to Shore: The Route That Feeds Our DeadliestSat, 01 Dec 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Meagher, John Area:Ireland Lines:188 Added:12/02/2007
38 Ireland: Sick Reality of What Has Happened That Cocaine onSun, 02 Dec 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Cusack, Jim Area:Ireland Lines:150 Added:12/02/2007
39 Ireland: Anti-Drugs Lobby Condemns Party for LegalisationMon, 19 Nov 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Sheahan, Fionnan Area:Ireland Lines:41 Added:11/21/2007
40 Ireland: Why I Gave Up Cocaine -- You Can Believe This OneMon, 12 Nov 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:O'Doherty, Ian Area:Ireland Lines:130 Added:11/13/2007
41 Ireland: PUB LTE: Cannabis: Into The UnknownWed, 07 Nov 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Garavan, Hugh Area:Ireland Lines:41 Added:11/07/2007
42 Ireland: Cannabis Far More Toxic To The Adolescent BrainMon, 05 Nov 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Morgan, Gareth Area:Ireland Lines:43 Added:11/05/2007
43 Ireland: Legalising Drugs Will Only Worsen Crime - LenihanWed, 18 Jul 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland)          Area:Ireland Lines:65 Added:07/19/2007
44 Ireland: Drug Chiefs to Be Locked Up in 'Mini Alcatraz'Tue, 02 Jan 2007
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Brady, Tom Area:Ireland Lines:95 Added:01/02/2007
45 US: US Farmers on High As Marijuana 'Biggest Cash Crop'Tue, 19 Dec 2006
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Gumbel, Andrew Area:United States Lines:63 Added:12/19/2006
46 Ireland: Column: The War Isn't Working So Is It Now Time To Consider the UnthinkSun, 03 Sep 2006
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Leslie, Antonia Area:Ireland Lines:155 Added:09/04/2006
47 Ireland: Big Macs More Dangerous Than Pot, Says LobbyistTue, 29 Aug 2006
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:McDonald, Dearbhail Area:Ireland Lines:65 Added:08/31/2006
48 Ireland: No Laxity Here On Cannabis, Vows MinisterFri, 12 Jul 2002
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Bruce, Helen Area:Ireland Lines:26 Added:07/11/2002
49 Ireland: Expulsion Over Drugs, Alcohol 'Not Advisable'Wed, 29 May 2002
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Walshe, John Area:Ireland Lines:60 Added:05/29/2002
50 Ireland: Positive Results In War On DrugsSun, 05 May 2002
Source:Irish Independent (Ireland) Author:Hooper, Niamh Area:Ireland Lines:54 Added:05/06/2002

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