Union, The _CA_ 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2022
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1 US CA: Federal Judges To Rule On Calif Prison CrowdingMon, 01 Dec 2008
Source:Sacramento Union, The (CA) Author:Thompson, Don Area:California Lines:124 Added:12/01/2008
2 US CA: Assembly Committee OKs Hemp BillWed, 11 Jan 2006
Source:Sacramento Union, The (CA)          Area:California Lines:42 Added:01/13/2006
3 US CA: Man Busted With Ton Of PotWed, 21 Sep 2005
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Kleist, Trina Area:California Lines:72 Added:09/22/2005
4 US CA: Meth Task Force Gets Much-Needed MoneyTue, 19 Jul 2005
Source:Sacramento Union, The (CA) Author:Wong, Lonnie Area:California Lines:53 Added:07/22/2005
5 US CA: PUB LTE: Refocus Drug WarSat, 16 Jul 2005
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:California Lines:43 Added:07/18/2005
6 US CA: PUB LTE: The Drug WarThu, 14 Jul 2005
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:California Lines:26 Added:07/14/2005
7 US CA: OPED: Drug War Needs To Target MethSat, 09 Jul 2005
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Butler, Pat Area:California Lines:108 Added:07/12/2005
8 US CA: City Clarifies Rules For Smoking In ParksThu, 26 May 2005
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Retherford, Brittany Area:California Lines:46 Added:05/30/2005
9 US CA: Truckee To Regulate Pot ShopsThu, 26 May 2005
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Bunker, David Area:California Lines:51 Added:05/29/2005
10 US CA: Ordinance To Dispense Medical Marijuana ConsideredWed, 09 Feb 2005
Source:Sacramento Union, The (CA) Author:Union, Sacramento Area:California Lines:89 Added:02/09/2005
11 US CA: Undercover In High School - Eight Arrested For Selling Drugs At South TahSat, 18 Dec 2004
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Ferchland, William Area:California Lines:87 Added:12/25/2004
12 US CA: Feds Say Pot Shops IllegalFri, 09 Jul 2004
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Gokhman, Roman Area:California Lines:84 Added:07/09/2004
13 US CA: Prosecutor Snuffs Out Pot ShopsTue, 04 May 2004
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Moller, Dave Area:California Lines:105 Added:05/04/2004
14 US CA: Reefer Resource: Roseville Shop Offers An Outlet For Medical MarijuanaSat, 21 Feb 2004
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Gokhman, Roman Area:California Lines:118 Added:02/21/2004
15 US CA: OPED: County Works To Address Drug Abuse IssuesSun, 15 Feb 2004
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Sutherland, Robin Area:California Lines:97 Added:02/15/2004
16 US CA: LTE: Ackerman Right About MethWed, 11 Feb 2004
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Brazil, Michael Area:California Lines:34 Added:02/11/2004
17 US CA: LTE: Drug Court Offers Help For AddictsTue, 10 Feb 2004
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Blankenship, Christine Area:California Lines:38 Added:02/10/2004
18 US CA: Column: Maybe It's Time To Bring The 'War' HomeTue, 10 Feb 2004
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Ackerman, Jeff Area:California Lines:120 Added:02/10/2004
19 US CA: PUB LTE: Next Drug Miracle Could Be Waiting In A LineMon, 09 Feb 2004
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Tennies, Amy Area:California Lines:108 Added:02/09/2004
20 US CA: Hemp Foods Get Court OKSat, 07 Feb 2004
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Mirhadi, David Area:California Lines:82 Added:02/07/2004
21 US CA: Busts Of Meth Labs On The RiseThu, 03 Apr 2003
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Dickey, John Area:California Lines:65 Added:04/04/2003
22 US CA: Pot Use Brings Red TapeThu, 17 Oct 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Mattson, Doug Area:California Lines:128 Added:10/18/2002
23 US CA: PUB LTE: Nevada Marijuana Initiative Makes SenseFri, 06 Sep 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Wing, Little Area:California Lines:45 Added:09/08/2002
24 US CA: 2 PUB LTE: Current Pot Laws A JokeThu, 13 Jun 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Hulett, Matthew Area:California Lines:89 Added:06/13/2002
25 US CA: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Laws Funny?Tue, 11 Jun 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Cavanaugh, Jay R. Area:California Lines:42 Added:06/11/2002
26 US CA: PUB LTE: Get Real and Legalize MarijuanaFri, 07 Jun 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Wiggins, Adam Area:California Lines:32 Added:06/09/2002
27 US CA: PUB LTE: Amend Medical Marijuana LawsFri, 07 Jun 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Hanna, Kim Area:California Lines:33 Added:06/09/2002
28 US CA: 2 PUB 1 LTE: Proposition 215 Should Be RepealedFri, 07 Jun 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Schaffarzick, Ralph Area:California Lines:85 Added:06/07/2002
29 US CA: PUB LTE: Writer Should Abstain From Taking Pot ShotsTue, 04 Jun 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Warner, Lorraine Area:California Lines:47 Added:06/04/2002
30 US CA: Editorial: Medical Marijuana Law Almost FunnyMon, 03 Jun 2002
Source:Union, The (CA)          Area:California Lines:66 Added:06/03/2002
31 US CA: PUB LTE: Medical Pot Needs VaryTue, 28 May 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Carden, Laura Area:California Lines:44 Added:05/30/2002
32 US CA: Group Pot Gardens: Medical Co-Ops Or Moneymakers?Thu, 23 May 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Mattson, Doug Area:California Lines:92 Added:05/30/2002
33 US CA: PUB LTE: Ruling On Evictions UnfairMon, 13 May 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Lowe, Arielle Area:California Lines:40 Added:05/13/2002
34 US CA: PUB LTE: Federal Drug Policy Perpetuates ProblemsMon, 08 Apr 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:California Lines:45 Added:04/08/2002
35 US CA: Editorial: County Drug Court Now Hurt By New TreatmentThu, 21 Mar 2002
Source:Union, The (CA)          Area:California Lines:52 Added:03/23/2002
36 US CA: PUB LTE: Dangerous Drugs Already LegalSat, 16 Mar 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Craig, Debra Area:California Lines:53 Added:03/16/2002
37 US CA: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Useful To Those With PhysicalMon, 04 Mar 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Littlewing, Nadia Area:California Lines:54 Added:03/05/2002
38 US CA: LTE: Drug Trade An Obvious Source For Arms PurchasesTue, 05 Mar 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Kennedy, Mike Area:California Lines:31 Added:03/05/2002
39 US CA: PUB LTE: Drug Users Aren't TerroristsThu, 21 Feb 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Lowe, Ron Area:California Lines:24 Added:02/23/2002
40 US CA: PUB LTE: Real Costs of Drug ProhibitionThu, 21 Feb 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Hooper, Charley Area:California Lines:44 Added:02/22/2002
41 US CA: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Users Deserve Our CompassionTue, 19 Feb 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Angeloff, Karen Area:California Lines:44 Added:02/19/2002
42 US CA: Editorial: Meth Is A Large Part Of County's AbuseThu, 03 Jan 2002
Source:Union, The (CA)          Area:California Lines:55 Added:01/05/2002
43 US CA: LTE: Keep Up The Drug Busts, PleaseThu, 03 Jan 2002
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Grondona, Claire Area:California Lines:27 Added:01/04/2002
44 US CA: PUB LTE: Regulate, Don't Prohibit, PotThu, 20 Dec 2001
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:California Lines:53 Added:12/20/2001
45 US CA: Column: Takes A Village To Deal With Youth Drug ProblemSat, 15 Dec 2001
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Starr, Hank Area:California Lines:148 Added:12/16/2001
46 US CA: Editorial: Substance Abuse Surveys Reveal TroublingThu, 06 Dec 2001
Source:Union, The (CA)          Area:California Lines:54 Added:12/06/2001
47 US CA: Juvenile Drug Court Attempts To Nip Drug Abuse In TheMon, 26 Nov 2001
Source:Union, The (CA)          Area:California Lines:53 Added:11/27/2001
48 US CA: LTE: Addiction Is TreatableTue, 01 May 2001
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Rodriguez, Debra Area:California Lines:48 Added:05/01/2001
49 US CA: PUB LTE: Prison Not The AnswerThu, 26 Apr 2001
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Hall, Eve Area:California Lines:36 Added:04/28/2001
50 US CA: PUB LTE: Money To Be Made From PotWed, 25 Apr 2001
Source:Union, The (CA) Author:Webb, Martin Area:California Lines:56 Added:04/27/2001

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