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1 US FL: LTE: Marijuana And LiabilityTue, 10 Dec 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:West, H. L. Area:Florida Lines:31 Added:12/11/2013
2 US FL: PUB LTE: A War On PeopleThu, 05 Dec 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:39 Added:12/07/2013
3 US FL: PUB LTE: The Real Drug IssueThu, 05 Dec 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Juliano, Jesse Area:Florida Lines:52 Added:12/07/2013
4 US FL: LTE: Pot Not MedicineSun, 01 Dec 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Fay, Calvina Area:Florida Lines:34 Added:12/03/2013
5 US FL: LTE: All About Getting HighSun, 01 Dec 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Burgin, Jerry Area:Florida Lines:35 Added:12/03/2013
6US FL: Column: Language For Pot Initiative Is Clear But Foes' MotiveSun, 01 Dec 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Dockery, Paula Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:12/02/2013
7US FL: Column: Morgan and Gee: Morgan and Gee: Should MedicalSun, 24 Nov 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Ingram, Chris Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:11/25/2013
8 US FL: PUB LTE: Protect The ChildrenThu, 21 Nov 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Crain, Jo Ann Area:Florida Lines:27 Added:11/21/2013
9 US FL PUB LTE: Bondi's ChallengeThu, 31 Oct 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Chase, John G.        Lines:34 Added:10/31/2013
10US FL: Bondi Fights Medical PotFri, 25 Oct 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:March, William Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:10/26/2013
11 US FL: PUB LTE: The Straight DopeFri, 13 Sep 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Chase, John G. Area:Florida Lines:31 Added:09/13/2013
12 US FL: LTE: Just Say NoTue, 10 Sep 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Johnston, Cheryl Area:Florida Lines:28 Added:09/11/2013
13 US FL: LTE: Don't Legalize PotSat, 07 Sep 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Langston, Kelly Area:Florida Lines:25 Added:09/11/2013
14 US FL: PUB LTE: Incurable CancerThu, 30 May 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Barnhill, Donald Area:Florida Lines:25 Added:05/30/2013
15 US FL: PUB LTE: War On PeopleSat, 25 May 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Craig, Richard Area:Florida Lines:46 Added:05/26/2013
16 US FL: PUB LTE: Drug War A WasteSat, 18 May 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Chase, John G. Area:Florida Lines:30 Added:05/20/2013
17US FL: Local Retirees Duped By Drug CartelSun, 12 May 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Silvestrini, Elaine Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:05/12/2013
18 US FL: PUB LTE: Roll It BackTue, 02 Apr 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Chase, John G. Area:Florida Lines:28 Added:04/02/2013
19US FL: Column: The War On Pot Has Gone Up In SmokeWed, 09 Jan 2013
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Thomas, Cal Area:Florida Lines:Excerpt Added:01/10/2013
20 US FL: PUB LTE: Costs Of Id LawsWed, 22 Aug 2012
Source:Tampa Tribune (FL) Author:Chase, John Area:Florida Lines:28 Added:08/24/2012

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