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1 US: Trump Signals Support For Legislation Easing US Ban On PotFri, 08 Jun 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Blood, Michael R. Area:United States Lines:72 Added:06/08/2018
2 US SC: Hemp Growing Program To Include More SC Farmers Growing MoreTue, 01 May 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Feit, Noah Area:South Carolina Lines:93 Added:05/04/2018
3 US CA: Pot To Treat Autism? UC San Diego Scientists To Conduct StudyThu, 26 Apr 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Magness, Josh Area:California Lines:105 Added:05/01/2018
4 US SC: LTE: SC Medical Marijuana Bill Is Critically FlawedMon, 16 Apr 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Keely, David F. Area:South Carolina Lines:66 Added:04/18/2018
5 US SC: Ex-Us Attorney Calls For Medical Marijuana ReferendumThu, 05 Apr 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Wilkinson, Jeff Area:South Carolina Lines:36 Added:04/05/2018
6 US SC: Opioid Alternative Or Gateway To Legal Pot?Thu, 29 Mar 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Wilkinson, Jeff Area:South Carolina Lines:121 Added:04/03/2018
7 US SC: Medical Marijuana Slowly Gaining Acceptances In SC This YearWed, 21 Mar 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Wilkinson, Jeff Area:South Carolina Lines:158 Added:03/25/2018
8 US SC: SC Senators Kill Proposal To Study Cannabis Oil On InmatesTue, 20 Mar 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Schechter, Maayan Area:South Carolina Lines:48 Added:03/22/2018
9 US SC: SC Lawmaker Proposes Cannabis Oil For Some InmatesWed, 21 Feb 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Schechter, Maayan Area:South Carolina Lines:46 Added:02/23/2018
10 US CA: California Police Are Watching Volunteers Get High OnFri, 16 Feb 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Hill, Crystal Area:California Lines:77 Added:02/16/2018
11 US SC: 2 Charged After Sc Infant Tests Positive For MarijuanaSun, 11 Feb 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Kulmala, Teddy Area:South Carolina Lines:31 Added:02/11/2018
12 US NM: New Mexico 5th Graders Accidentally Ate Marijuana Edibles AtThu, 18 Jan 2018
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Gilmour, Jared Area:New Mexico Lines:73 Added:01/18/2018
13 US SC: Obama Commutes Prison Sentence Of California HealthcareThu, 19 Jan 2017
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Doyle, Michael Area:South Carolina Lines:51 Added:01/19/2017
14 US SC: Pew Research Center Poll Finds Two-thirds Of Cops ThinkThu, 12 Jan 2017
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Ingraham, Christopher Area:South Carolina Lines:72 Added:01/12/2017
15 US SC: SC Lawmakers Call For Patients To Have Access To MedicalTue, 10 Jan 2017
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:64 Added:01/11/2017
16 US SC: Child Who Inspired Cannabidiol Law Receives First DosesTue, 10 Jan 2017
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Mcnab, Matt Area:South Carolina Lines:105 Added:01/10/2017
17 US PA: Baby Starves To Death After Her Parents Die From OverdoseMon, 26 Dec 2016
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Guerra, Kristine Area:Pennsylvania Lines:75 Added:12/29/2016
18 US SC: PUB LTE: Marijuana Relieves Severe NauseaSun, 13 Apr 2014
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Bolton, Ronald B. Area:South Carolina Lines:29 Added:04/15/2014
19 US MO: Dwayne Bowe's Attorney Files Motion To SuppressFri, 11 Apr 2014
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Paylor, Terez A. Area:Missouri Lines:103 Added:04/13/2014
20 US SC: PUB LTE: We Must Combat Synthetic DrugsTue, 24 Jan 2012
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Thayer, Rep. Anne Area:South Carolina Lines:34 Added:01/26/2012
21 US SC: S.C. Bill Ends Jobless Pay for Drug Test FailureFri, 25 Mar 2011
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Davenport, Jim Area:South Carolina Lines:86 Added:03/27/2011
22 US SC: USC Researcher Expands Understanding Of Marijuana'sThu, 02 Dec 2010
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Holleman, Joey Area:South Carolina Lines:85 Added:12/04/2010
23 US SC: Governor Signs Bill Reforming Sentences In SCThu, 03 Jun 2010
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Adcox, Seanna Area:South Carolina Lines:116 Added:06/04/2010
24 US SC: OPED: Make Meth Ingredients Prescription-OnlySun, 30 May 2010
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Battaglia, Jonathan Area:South Carolina Lines:93 Added:05/30/2010
25 US SC: Legislators Override Warrantless Search VetoThu, 29 Apr 2010
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:105 Added:04/30/2010
26 US SC: Senate Refuses Federal Drug MandateWed, 14 Apr 2010
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Burris, Roddie Area:South Carolina Lines:33 Added:04/18/2010
27 US SC: PUB LTE: Early-Release Can Help Inmates And StateThu, 25 Mar 2010
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Seay, Paul Area:South Carolina Lines:34 Added:03/28/2010
28 US SC: Senate OKs Sentencing ReformFri, 26 Mar 2010
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:71 Added:03/28/2010
29 US SC: OPED: Getting Smart On CrimeTue, 16 Mar 2010
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Scalzo, Christopher Area:South Carolina Lines:111 Added:03/16/2010
30 US SC: Column: A Safer South Carolina Through Sentencing ReformSun, 28 Feb 2010
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Malloy, Gerald Area:South Carolina Lines:97 Added:02/28/2010
31 US SC: Editorial: Save Money, Make SC Safer With Alternative SentencesSun, 10 Jan 2010
Source:State, The (SC)          Area:South Carolina Lines:73 Added:01/11/2010
32 US SC: SC Bill Requires Drug Tests For Jobless BenefitsFri, 08 Jan 2010
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Kinnard, Meg Area:South Carolina Lines:96 Added:01/11/2010
33 US SC: Massive Drug Raids Pay OffWed, 12 Aug 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Monk, John Area:South Carolina Lines:201 Added:08/13/2009
34 US SC: Column: Phelps Was No Victim, but Lott's InvestigationWed, 18 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Scoppe, Cindi Ross Area:South Carolina Lines:103 Added:02/22/2009
35 US SC: Phelps Escapes ChargesTue, 17 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brundrett, Rick Area:South Carolina Lines:172 Added:02/18/2009
36 US SC: PUB LTE: Worry About Murders, Not MarijuanaMon, 16 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brown, Marcia Area:South Carolina Lines:28 Added:02/17/2009
37 US SC: LTE: Lott Right To Stop Crime Before It SpiralsMon, 16 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Nutt, Wayne Area:South Carolina Lines:31 Added:02/17/2009
38 US SC: PUB LTE: Sheriff Selective About Criminals He PursuesMon, 16 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Bryant, Melissa Area:South Carolina Lines:38 Added:02/17/2009
39 US SC: PUB LTE: Is Sheriff Lotts Past Blemish-Free?Mon, 16 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Wilson, William D. Jr. Area:South Carolina Lines:26 Added:02/17/2009
40 US SC: LTE: Put Leon Lott On Wheaties BoxMon, 16 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Byars, Beverly Area:South Carolina Lines:37 Added:02/17/2009
41 US SC: 7 Charged As Evidence Sought On PhelpsFri, 13 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brundrett, Rick Area:South Carolina Lines:113 Added:02/14/2009
42 US SC: PUB LTE: Legalize, Control, Tax Marijuana UseThu, 12 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Butler, Kent Area:South Carolina Lines:28 Added:02/14/2009
43 US SC: Lawyer: At Least 8 Arrested in Attempt to Build PhelpsThu, 12 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Brundrett, Rick Area:South Carolina Lines:132 Added:02/12/2009
44 US SC: Richland Sheriff Could Charge PhelpsTue, 03 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Beam, Adam Area:South Carolina Lines:87 Added:02/04/2009
45 US SC: Phelps: Behavior In Columbia RegrettableMon, 02 Feb 2009
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Newberry, Paul Area:South Carolina Lines:99 Added:02/02/2009
46 US SC: Drug Court: The Hard Road To A New LifeTue, 22 Jul 2008
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Smith, Gina Area:South Carolina Lines:155 Added:07/23/2008
47 US: High Court to Hear Drug Case From S.C.Fri, 18 Jan 2008
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Doyle, Michael Area:United States Lines:114 Added:01/18/2008
48 US SC: Students To Be Given Drug TestsWed, 12 Dec 2007
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Copeland, Devon Area:South Carolina Lines:39 Added:12/12/2007
49 US SC: Crimefighting Or 'big Brother'?Sun, 14 Oct 2007
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Monk, John Area:South Carolina Lines:243 Added:10/14/2007
50 US SC: Savage Meth - Hidden Time BombsTue, 25 Sep 2007
Source:State, The (SC) Author:Monk, John Area:South Carolina Lines:386 Added:09/26/2007

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