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1US WA: What Happened In Washington State After Voters LegalizedThu, 29 Dec 2016
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Ingraham, Christopher Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:12/31/2016
2US WA: OPED: Protecting Our Children In The New Marijuana WorldThu, 10 Jul 2014
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA)          Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:07/11/2014
3US WA: Pot Businesses In Fife Draw Panel's OkMon, 16 Jun 2014
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Plog, Kari Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:06/19/2014
4US: Medical Pot Users Complain They're Caught Between ObamaMon, 07 Apr 2014
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Hotakainen, Rob Area:United States Lines:Excerpt Added:04/09/2014
5US: Series: 'We're All Paying': Heroin Spreads Misery In USSat, 05 Apr 2014
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Forliti, Amy Area:United States Lines:Excerpt Added:04/05/2014
6US WA: Legal pot: Maximum Tax Revenue, Maximum Profit, Maximum SocialTue, 04 Mar 2014
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Stark, John Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:03/04/2014
7US WA: Some See Only Good Or Bad In Needle ExchangeMon, 25 Nov 2013
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Pawloski, Jeremy Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:11/25/2013
8US WA: State's Bank Wouldn't Turn Away Pot CashSun, 22 Sep 2013
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Schrader, Jordan Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:09/24/2013
9US WA: OPED: Regulate Medical And Recreational MarjuanaSun, 30 Jun 2013
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Berneburg, Jay Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:07/03/2013
10US WA: Column: War On Pot Has Gone Up In SmokeMon, 07 Jan 2013
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Hiaasen, Carl Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:01/07/2013
11US WA: Pot Law 'A Mess,' Attorney SaysSun, 18 Nov 2012
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Horton, Paula Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:11/19/2012
12US WA: OPED: Washington I-502 Disguises Marijuana-prohibitionSun, 07 Oct 2012
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Sidhu, Poppy Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:10/08/2012
13US WA: Washington's Marijuana Legalization Measure CreatesSun, 07 Oct 2012
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Carson, Rob Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:10/07/2012
14US WA: OPED: I-502 Takes Customers Away From Dangerous GangsSat, 06 Oct 2012
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Nichols, David A. Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:10/06/2012
15US WA: Editorial: Juvenile Marijuana Use: The Fatal Flaw Of InitiativeSun, 16 Sep 2012
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA)          Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:09/17/2012
16US WA: Legislature Unlikely To Fast-Track Pot LegalizationThu, 09 Feb 2012
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Krell, Alexis Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:02/10/2012
17 US WA: LTE: Unhappy With Lack Of Drug ProsecutionsSat, 26 Nov 2011
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Guimond, Parrick Area:Washington Lines:37 Added:11/26/2011
18US WA: Lakewood Continues Its Policy Of Not Regulating MedicalWed, 10 Aug 2011
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Hill, Christian Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:08/11/2011
19US WA: 6-Month Moratorium On Tacoma Medical Marijuana ShopsWed, 03 Aug 2011
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Schrader, Jordan Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:08/03/2011
20US WA: Medical Marijuana Law Creates Uncertainty ForSun, 29 May 2011
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Carson, Rob Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:05/29/2011
21US WA: Thurston Retailers Reminded Of 'Bath Salts' BanSat, 28 May 2011
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Pawloski, Jeremy Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:05/28/2011
22US WA: Medical Pot Bill StallsSat, 21 May 2011
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Schrader, Jordan Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:05/21/2011
23US WA: Medical Marijuana Co-op Opens In Downtown BellinghamFri, 08 Apr 2011
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Fralety, Zoe Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:04/09/2011
24US WA: Pierce County Drops Pot ChargesThu, 24 Feb 2011
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Lynn, Adan Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:02/24/2011
25US WA: Sen Jeane Kohl-Welles And Rep Jim Moeller Introduce Changes to Medical MaTue, 11 Jan 2011
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Schmidt, Katie Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:01/12/2011
26US WA: Stryker Soldier Expected BeatingFri, 03 Dec 2010
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Ashton, Adam Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:12/04/2010
27US CA: Prop. 19 Could Set UP Legal Battle Between California, Federal GovernmentWed, 13 Oct 2010
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Hecht, Peter Area:California Lines:Excerpt Added:10/13/2010
28US WA: Medical Pot Providers Stage Farmer's MarketMon, 20 Sep 2010
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Glenn, Stacia Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:09/21/2010
29US WA: Medical Pot Anger Goes On FacebookMon, 23 Aug 2010
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Glenn, Stacia Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:08/24/2010
30US WA: Hempfest Spreads The WordSun, 27 Jun 2010
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Cosgrove, Cole Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:06/27/2010
31US WA: OPED: Marijuana Legalization Makes Economic And CommonTue, 08 Jun 2010
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Camp, David Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:06/10/2010
32US WA: Column: Economic Downturn Helps Marijuana LegalizationFri, 09 Apr 2010
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Polman, Dick Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:04/11/2010
33US WA: OPED: Retired Judge Says It Is Time To End War OnSat, 21 Mar 2009
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Note, David A. Nichols Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:03/22/2009
34 US WA: PUB LTE: Says Marijuana Has Healing PropertiesTue, 17 Mar 2009
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Reichlin, Carly Area:Washington Lines:32 Added:03/18/2009
35US WA: Balancing The State Budget: Its Time For A RealitySun, 15 Mar 2009
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Turner, Joseph Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:03/16/2009
36 US WA: PUB LTE: Legalize Marijuana To Help EconomyFri, 13 Mar 2009
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Keever, Ben Area:Washington Lines:36 Added:03/15/2009
37 US WA: LTE: Says Marijuana Should Not Be LegalWed, 04 Mar 2009
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Kubiac, Gary Area:Washington Lines:40 Added:03/05/2009
38 US WA: PUB LTE: Says Police Should Lay Off Pot BustsSat, 21 Feb 2009
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Hall, Chris Area:Washington Lines:40 Added:02/22/2009
39 US WA: PUB LTE: Says It Is Time To Change Drug LawsSat, 21 Feb 2009
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Peterson, Erica Area:Washington Lines:41 Added:02/22/2009
40US WA: Bush Pardons Lynden Womans Drug ConvictionThu, 25 Dec 2008
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Jensen, Peter Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:12/26/2008
41US WA: Drug War Called 'Abject Failure'Fri, 04 Apr 2008
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Heeringa, Caleb Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:04/06/2008
42US WA: 83 Convicted Felons Freed In King County As StateTue, 27 Feb 2007
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA)          Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:02/27/2007
43US WA: OPED: Another View: Legalized Pot Would Save MoneySun, 17 Apr 2005
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Startz, Dick Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:04/17/2005
44US WA: Tighter Net At Border Stops Tons Of DrugsSun, 09 Jan 2005
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Johannes, Katie N. Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2005
45US WA: Smugglers Are Masters Of InventionSun, 09 Jan 2005
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Johannes, Katie N. Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:01/09/2005
46US WA: Grant Boosts Lummi Fight Against DrugsSat, 04 Oct 2003
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA)          Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:10/05/2003
47 US WA: PUB LTE: How Can We Be So Blind To The Folly Of Our Leaders?Fri, 29 Aug 2003
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Baker, Lynda B. Area:Washington Lines:44 Added:08/29/2003
48US WA: Bush Seeks To Cut COPS ProgramFri, 07 Feb 2003
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA) Author:Gannett, Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:02/07/2003
49US WA: Border Camera Bugs Worked OnFri, 29 Nov 2002
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA)          Area:Washington Lines:Excerpt Added:11/29/2002
50 CN BC: US Drug Czar Criticizes Vancouver's Injection PlanFri, 22 Nov 2002
Source:Bellingham Herald (WA)          Area:British Columbia Lines:64 Added:11/24/2002

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