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DateSun. November 10 /02,
12:00 p.m. ET
NameDr. Mitch Earlywine
Representing Subject A New Look at Marijuana
Name of Show N.P.R.- Weekend EditionStation InfoNational Public Radio (Radio) (syndicated)
HostLianne HansenCity/State ,
Call-in Phone Archivedhttp://www.npr.org/ramfiles/wesun/20021110.wesun.05.ram
Listen On-LineyesURLhttp://www.npr.org/
Comments Lianne Hansen interviewing a Dr. Mitch Earlywine from U. of Southern California regarding his new book "A New Look at Marijuana " which is a new look at the scientific evidence. The interview, which was carried nationwide and played several times in the morning, hit every major facet of MJ prohibition (gateway drug, amotivation syndrome, comparison with alcohol, disinformation of kids, etc, etc, & etc ad lib.) He gave all the right answers including how the cops in the 2 Aussie states that have effectively decrimmed MJ are delighted with the savings of time & effort by just giving out tickets instead of busting users.

A most refreshing and heartening gleam of light & truth after this devastating week of setbacks at the polls. We should complement PRN for the piece.
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