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DateFri. August 30 /02,
12:00 p.m. CT
NameGreg Schmidt & Doug LeinBach; Wes Fager, R. Bradbury
RepresentingRainbow Farm/Straight Inc. AnalystSubject Harms of Drug War from government & corporate lies
Name of Show Cultural Baggage - Unvarnished TruthStation Info90.1 FM (Radio) (local)
HostDean BeckerCity/State ,
Call-in Phone713-526-5738Archivedhttp://www.cultural-baggage.com/kpft.htm
Listen On-LineyesURLhttp://www.kpft.org
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We will remember the murders of Tom Crosslin and Rollie Rohm, killed last Sept 3&4.

We will hear from writer Wes Fager about Seed and Straight Inc. and from a client and a counselor who saw the horrible abuses and tortures at the drug rehab centers ran by Mel Sembler who was at one time the head of the RNC.
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