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DateThu. May 6 /04,
10:00 a.m. PT
NameKeith Stroup, Peter Cohen, Eugene Oscapella, Kirk Tousaw
RepresentingReform movementSubject cannabis policy, legalization, upcoming BCCLA confererence
Name of Show  Station InfoCKNW (Radio) (local)
Host City/StateVancouver, British Columbia
Call-in Phone Archived 
Listen On-LineyesURLhttp://www.cknw.com
CommentsOn Thursday May 6, Keith Stroup (Exec Director NORML), Peter Cohen (Professor at Centre for Drug Policy Univ of Amsterdam), Eugene Oscapella (Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy) and Kirk Tousaw (Policy Director,BC Civil Liberties Association) will be talking about cannabis policy, legalization and the upcoming BCCLA conference (May 8, Wosk Centre for Dialogue - www.bccla.org for details) on CKNW.

The interview will be from 10am - 11am on May 6 and you can listen live at www.cknw.com or on the air in Vancouver at 980 am.
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