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DateThu. December 19 /02,
09:00 p.m. ET
NamePaddy Torsney
RepresentingSpecial Commons Committee on Non-Medical Use of DrugsSubject Committee's recommendations
Name of Show Talk PoliticsStation InfoCPAC (TV) (syndicated)
HostKen RockburnCity/State ,
Call-in Phone1-877-287-CPACArchived 
Listen On-LineyesURLhttp://www.cpac.ca/index_e.asp
CommentsAn encore presentation hosted by Ken Rockburn. Paddy Torsney, Chair of the Special Commons Committee on Non-Medical Use of Drugs, and KEVIN SORENSON, a Committee member from the Canadian Alliance party,discuss the Committee's recommendation that Canadians be allowed to cultivate and possess up to 30 grams of marijuana without fear of criminal prosecution.
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