Reuters 1/1/1999 - 31/12/1999
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1 Honduras: Honduras Says To Sign Anti-drug Pact With U.s.Tue, 28 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Honduras Lines:27 Added:12/29/1999
2 Germany: Wire: Hackers Cross-dress German Police Internet SiteWed, 29 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Germany Lines:23 Added:12/29/1999
3 US: Wire: Most Drug Users Lack Access To TreatmentTue, 21 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:50 Added:12/22/1999
4 US: Wire: Smoking Marijuana Can Cause Cancer, Study FindsFri, 17 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:51 Added:12/17/1999
5 US: Wire: Poverty, Drugs Linked To Violence Against US WomenWed, 15 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Emery, Gene Area:United States Lines:65 Added:12/16/1999
6 US: Wire: White House Papers Over Gap With GoreWed, 15 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Mikkelsen, Randall Area:United States Lines:78 Added:12/15/1999
7 New Zealand: Wire: New Zealand Politico Won't Stop Smoking GrassMon, 13 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:New Zealand Lines:31 Added:12/14/1999
8 Mexico: Wire: Two FBI Informants Among Mexico Drug Dead-ReportTue, 07 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Mexico Lines:47 Added:12/07/1999
9 France: Wire: Syringe Vending Machines Popular Among Young Drug UsersThu, 02 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:France Lines:40 Added:12/07/1999
10 US: Wire: Poverty Has Greater Impact Than Cocaine On YoungMon, 06 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:72 Added:12/06/1999
11 US: Wire: Marijuana Plugs Into Eye Cells, U.S. Study FindsMon, 06 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:53 Added:12/06/1999
12 US SD: Wire: Death, Abuse At S.Dakota Boot Camp Prompt ScrutinySat, 04 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Gerrietts, Jennifer Area:South Dakota Lines:111 Added:12/06/1999
13 Mexico: Wire: Mexicans Complain Of U.S. Meddling In Grave HuntThu, 02 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Ortiz, Fiona Area:Mexico Lines:97 Added:12/02/1999
14 Mexico: Wire: Mexican Says Police May Be LinkedThu, 02 Dec 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Christie, Michael Area:Mexico Lines:90 Added:12/02/1999
15 US: Wire: Colombia Extradites Cali Drug Kings' Reputed CronyThu, 25 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Penhaul, Karl Area:United States Lines:94 Added:11/29/1999
16 Colombia: Wire: Colombian City Snares 1,100 Criminals InWed, 24 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Colombia Lines:45 Added:11/25/1999
17 US NY: Wire: Plant Compound Could Treat Drug AddictionWed, 24 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:New York Lines:34 Added:11/25/1999
18 Colombia: US Says Will 'Pull No Punches' on Colombia DrugsMon, 22 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Colombia Lines:57 Added:11/23/1999
19 UK: Wire: Cannabis Medicine Seen Ready In Three YearsWed, 17 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Elgood, Giles Area:United Kingdom Lines:57 Added:11/18/1999
20 US: 'Chasing The Dragon' Heroin Use Can Damage BrainTue, 16 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:95 Added:11/18/1999
21 US: Republicans Want Cuba Blacklisted For DrugsWed, 17 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Boadle, Anthony Area:United States Lines:90 Added:11/18/1999
22 Colombia: Wire: U.S. Steps Up Drug War In ColombiaSat, 13 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Penhaul, Karl Area:Colombia Lines:91 Added:11/13/1999
23 Australia: Wire: Drug Czar Banned From Sydney SitesFri, 12 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Australia Lines:52 Added:11/13/1999
24 US: Wire: Study Says Light Drinking May Help LiverMon, 08 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Kabel, Marcus Area:United States Lines:64 Added:11/11/1999
25 EU To Propose Subsidy Shake-Up For Flax And HempMon, 08 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters                 Lines:44 Added:11/08/1999
26 US: Wire: Clinton Says No Direct US Role In ColombiaFri, 05 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:34 Added:11/05/1999
27 US CA: Wire: Column: Dennis Weaver Lobbies For HempThu, 04 Nov 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Archerd, Army Area:California Lines:28 Added:11/04/1999
28 Russia: Wire: Russia Sees Chechnya Drug ThreatThu, 28 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Russia Lines:57 Added:10/30/1999
29 US CA: Wire: Calif. Reports Record Crackdown On Marijuana CropWed, 27 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:California Lines:37 Added:10/28/1999
30 U.S. Slams 'Soft' Drugs Ahead Of UK TalksMon, 25 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters                 Lines:44 Added:10/25/1999
31 UK: Wire: UK, U.S. To Hold Top-Level Talks On Fighting DrugsMon, 25 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United Kingdom Lines:28 Added:10/25/1999
32 US NY: Wire: Publisher Recalls Bush BiographySat, 23 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Rizzo, Patrick Area:New York Lines:86 Added:10/24/1999
33 Students Search For Marijuana, Tattoos OnlineTue, 19 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters                 Lines:37 Added:10/21/1999
34 US: US Marijuana Busts Remained High In 1998Sun, 17 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:40 Added:10/17/1999
35 US: Wire: Reno Proposes Special CourtsThu, 14 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:45 Added:10/15/1999
36 US: Wire: House Passes 'Date Rape' Drug BillWed, 13 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:35 Added:10/14/1999
37 US: Wire: Marijuana-Like Substance In Brain Relieves PainMon, 11 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters Health          Area:United States Lines:43 Added:10/14/1999
38 US: Wire: Maryland Loses Illegal Forfeiture Evidence AppealTue, 12 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Vicini, James Area:United States Lines:77 Added:10/13/1999
39 The Netherlands: Wire: Court Says Magic Mushrooms Must Be SoldFri, 08 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Netherlands Lines:50 Added:10/13/1999
40 US: Wire: MMJ: Study Shows How Marijuana Affects PainMon, 11 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:54 Added:10/11/1999
41 Australia: Wire: Australians Spend More On Pot Than WineWed, 06 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Altonn, Helen Area:Australia Lines:60 Added:10/06/1999
42 US: Wire: U.S. Drug Czar Attacks Legalization CallTue, 05 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:46 Added:10/05/1999
43 US: Wire: Supreme Court Allows Drug Tests For New TeachersMon, 04 Oct 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Vicini, James Area:United States Lines:66 Added:10/04/1999
44 Haiti: Wire: Gunmen Fire Through Windows Of Haitian RadioSun, 26 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Bauduy, Jennifer Area:Haiti Lines:50 Added:09/26/1999
45 Brazil: Wire: Brazil To Hunt Drug Cartels With PeruFri, 24 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Brazil Lines:71 Added:09/25/1999
46 Brazil: Wire: Report On Drugs, Killings Accuses BrazilThu, 21 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Bugge, Axel Area:Brazil Lines:63 Added:09/25/1999
47 US UT: Wire: Utah Police Find Massive Marijuana CropFri, 24 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Utah Lines:33 Added:09/24/1999
48 US MA: Dole Says Drug-Test Students, Search BackpacksWed, 22 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Gevirtz, Leslie Area:Massachusetts Lines:72 Added:09/23/1999
49 US: Wire: U.S. Sees Reasons For Optimism In ColombiaTue, 21 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Wright, Jonathan Area:United States Lines:87 Added:09/22/1999
50 US C: Wire: LA Mayor `Disgusted' By Alleged Police CorruptionMon, 20 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Whitcomb, Dan        Lines:64 Added:09/21/1999
51 US DC: Wire: Washington, DC, Votes For Medical Marijuana UseMon, 20 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:District of Columbia Lines:60 Added:09/20/1999
52 Brazil: Wire: French Expatriate Faces Drug Charges In BrazilSat, 18 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Brazil Lines:21 Added:09/20/1999
53 US GA: U.S. Says Unhealthy Bidis Popular In SchoolsThu, 16 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Cooper, Mike Area:Georgia Lines:68 Added:09/17/1999
54 UK: Wire: Science Slots Piece In Cocaine Addiction PuzzleWed, 15 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Chonghaile, Clar Ni Area:United Kingdom Lines:70 Added:09/15/1999
55 US: Wire: U.S. Using Armed Choppers Against Drug TraffickersMon, 13 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:47 Added:09/14/1999
56 Panama: Panama Police Defy Colombian Paramilitary ThreatMon, 13 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Panama Lines:55 Added:09/14/1999
57 US CA: Wire: MMJ: Court Boosts California Medical MarijuanaMon, 13 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Quinn, Andrew Area:California Lines:74 Added:09/13/1999
58 US NY: Wire: Elderly Drug Abuse Will Rise As Boomers AgeThu, 09 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:New York Lines:62 Added:09/10/1999
59 US IL: School Drug Policies Could Harm Asthmatics- ReportTue, 07 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Illinois Lines:37 Added:09/07/1999
60 US MA: Wire: Two Face Drug Charges After Mit Student'S DeathFri, 03 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Massachusetts Lines:47 Added:09/03/1999
61 US FL: Wire: Court Hands Tobacco Industry Big VictoryFri, 03 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Sutton, Jane Area:Florida Lines:84 Added:09/03/1999
62 Canada: Wire: Americas Reach Agreement On Anti-Drug EffortWed, 02 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Canada Lines:52 Added:09/03/1999
63 Netherlands: Wire: Dutch Hospital Tests Cannabis Use For MSThu, 02 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Netherlands Lines:30 Added:09/03/1999
64 US IN: Wire: Bush's Christian 'Army Of Compassion' Ready ToFri, 03 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Elsner, Alan Area:Indiana Lines:122 Added:09/03/1999
65 US: Wire: High AIDS Rates Seen In U.S. PrisonsTue, 31 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Cooper, Mike Area:United States Lines:75 Added:09/02/1999
66 US FL: Wire: Speedboat Chase Nets Ton Of Cocaine In CaribbeanWed, 01 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Florida Lines:39 Added:09/02/1999
67 Mexico: Wire: Mexico May Arrest Drug Lord Lawyer Over ThreatWed, 01 Sep 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Mexico Lines:47 Added:09/02/1999
68 Germany: Wire: Thousands Of Germans Call For Legalisation OfTue, 31 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Germany Lines:43 Added:08/31/1999
69 US FL: Wire: 'Fishy' Miami Cargo Yields Cocaine StashMon, 30 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Florida Lines:40 Added:08/31/1999
70 Peru: Wire: Analysis-Latam Leaves Colombia Crisis To USMon, 30 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Hudson, Saul Area:Peru Lines:113 Added:08/30/1999
71 Peru: Colombia's Crisis Worsening - U.S. Anti-Drug ChiefFri, 27 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Scrutton, Alistair Area:Peru Lines:70 Added:08/30/1999
72 Mexico: Wire: Mexico Murder Arrests Prompt Praise, Also DoubtsSun, 29 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Christie, Michael Area:Mexico Lines:71 Added:08/29/1999
73 Argentina: U.S. Official Says Drugs Taking New Lat Am RoutesSat, 28 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Brown, Stephen Area:Argentina Lines:94 Added:08/28/1999
74 Peru: Wire: US Drug Czar In Peru Amid Andes Narcotics CrisisThu, 26 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Hudson, Saul Area:Peru Lines:68 Added:08/26/1999
75 US NY: Wire: Alcohol Stimulates Release Of Stress ChemicalsMon, 23 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:New York Lines:53 Added:08/26/1999
76 US NY: Wire: Cocaine `Vaccine' Blunts Craving In AddictedWed, 25 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:New York Lines:37 Added:08/26/1999
77 Philippines: Philippines Customs Seize $5.5 Mln Worth Of 'Ice'Wed, 25 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Philippines Lines:30 Added:08/26/1999
78 US NY: Wire: Experimental Drug May Help PCP AddictsWed, 25 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Tamkins, Theresa Area:New York Lines:58 Added:08/26/1999
79 US FL: Wire: American Airlines Staff Arrested In Drug StingWed, 25 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Sutton, Jane Area:Florida Lines:107 Added:08/25/1999
80 US: Wire: U.S. Seeks Stronger Police Hand Against ComputersSat, 21 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:69 Added:08/21/1999
81 FL: Wire: Russian Mobsters Active In Florida And CaribbeanFri, 20 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Loney, Jim Area:Florida Lines:91 Added:08/21/1999
82 US: Wire: Some Republicans Urge Bush To Tell More On DrugsFri, 20 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Ferraro, Thomas Area:United States Lines:100 Added:08/21/1999
83 Germany: Wire: German Border Guards Accused Of Drug-DealingFri, 20 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Germany Lines:46 Added:08/21/1999
84 US NY: Wire: Feature-Alcohol's Biggest Foe Celebrates 125 YearsFri, 20 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Brinkerhoff, David Area:New York Lines:86 Added:08/21/1999
85 Canada: Wire: Canada Says Asian Crime Gangs Posing ThreatFri, 20 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Ljunggren, David Area:Canada Lines:87 Added:08/21/1999
86 Mexico: Wire: Police Arrest Man In Killing Of Mexican TV StarFri, 20 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Mexico Lines:52 Added:08/20/1999
87 Peru: Wire: Peru Bolsters Army Patrols Along Colombia BorderSat, 21 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Peru Lines:48 Added:08/20/1999
88 US VA: Wire: Bush: No Drugs Years Before Father In White HouseFri, 20 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Virginia Lines:44 Added:08/20/1999
89 Cuba: Wire: Castro Opposes U.S. Intervention In ColombiaThu, 19 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Acosta, Nelson Area:Cuba Lines:54 Added:08/19/1999
90 US TX: Wire: Bush Just Says No To Drug QuestionsWed, 18 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Texas Lines:65 Added:08/19/1999
91 Mexico: Wire: Mexico Unveils New Federal Police ForceThu, 19 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Gutierrez, Miguel Angel Area:Mexico Lines:59 Added:08/19/1999
92 US: Wire: Survey Sees Drop In Drug Use Among Young AmericansWed, 18 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Matthieussent, Delphine Area:United States Lines:74 Added:08/18/1999
93 US: US Arrests Scores In Drug Raids In 16 CitiesTue, 17 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:46 Added:08/18/1999
94 Canada: Wire: US Said Mulling Adding Canada To Drug-Country ListSat, 14 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Canada Lines:40 Added:08/14/1999
95 US MI: Wire: Six Detroit Police Indicted On Drug ChargesFri, 13 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Michigan Lines:43 Added:08/14/1999
96 US: Wire: US Investigating Bogota Embassy Staff - ReportSat, 14 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:54 Added:08/14/1999
97 US: Wire: Study Links Cocaine Addiction To Biological ClockFri, 13 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters Author:Fox, Maggie Area:United States Lines:62 Added:08/13/1999
98 US TX: Wire: US Drug Chief Says Colombia Is Everyone'S ProblemWed, 11 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:Texas Lines:60 Added:08/12/1999
99 US: Wire: Reno Urges More Resources For JudgesTue, 10 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:65 Added:08/11/1999
100 US: Wire: U.S. Drug Czar Says Arrest Highlights Wide ProblemTue, 10 Aug 1999
Source:Reuters          Area:United States Lines:53 Added:08/11/1999

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