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1 US: Wire: War On Drugs - Elusive Victory, Disputed StatisticsTue, 07 Mar 2006
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Debusmann, Bernd Area:United States Lines:134 Added:03/07/2006
2 Venezuela: Wire: Venezuela, U S Talk Over Drugs CooperationFri, 07 Oct 2005
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Venezuela Lines:62 Added:10/08/2005
3 Russia: Wire: Stone The Cows?Tue, 16 Aug 2005
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Russia Lines:36 Added:08/17/2005
4 Canada: Wire: Canada Police Raid Marijuana Party On U.S.Fri, 29 Jul 2005
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Canada Lines:67 Added:07/30/2005
5 US: Wire: US Needle-Exchange Programs DecliningThu, 14 Jul 2005
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:44 Added:07/18/2005
6 UK: Wire: GW Pharma Loses UK Appeal On Cannabis Drug-ReportWed, 08 Jun 2005
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:47 Added:06/08/2005
7 US: Wire: Military Pilot Arrested For Ecstasy SmugglingWed, 13 Apr 2005
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:63 Added:04/14/2005
8 UK: Wire: Pothead Grandmother Spared JailMon, 11 Apr 2005
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Bell, Lydia Area:United Kingdom Lines:49 Added:04/11/2005
9 Myanmar: Wire: Myanmar Militia Says US Charges Hurt Anti-OpiumTue, 08 Feb 2005
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Tun, Aung Hla        Lines:82 Added:02/09/2005
10 Mexico: Wire: Mexican Drug War Hurts Business Along TexasTue, 25 Jan 2005
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Gaynor, Tim Area:Mexico Lines:55 Added:01/30/2005
11 UK: Wire: Mental Health Charity Calls For Cannabis ProbeSat, 29 Jan 2005
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:46 Added:01/29/2005
12 UK: Wire: Police Launch Drugs CrackdownWed, 12 Jan 2005
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:32 Added:01/13/2005
13 Singapore: Wire: Amnesty Challenges Singapore On ExecutionsMon, 18 Oct 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Singapore Lines:66 Added:10/21/2004
14 Singapore: Wire: Singapore Upholds Death Sentence For AustralianWed, 20 Oct 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Wong, Fayen Area:Singapore Lines:77 Added:10/21/2004
15 Mexico: Wire: Drug Chief Killed In Mexico GunbattleSun, 12 Sep 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Mexico Lines:51 Added:09/12/2004
16 Netherlands: Wire: No Proof Cannabis Use Induces Schizophrenia-StudyThu, 19 Aug 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Netherlands Lines:41 Added:08/19/2004
17 US CA: Wire: Schwarzenegger Vetoes Medical Marijuana ChangesTue, 20 Jul 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:California Lines:36 Added:07/20/2004
18 US: Wire: Supreme Court to Decide Medical Marijuana CaseMon, 28 Jun 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Vicini, James Area:United States Lines:81 Added:06/28/2004
19 US: Wire: Crack Babies Do Not Have Lower IQ: StudyWed, 26 May 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Huggins, Charnicia E. Area:United States Lines:77 Added:05/26/2004
20 US: Wire: OAS: Mixed Results For Latin America In Drug WarThu, 29 Apr 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Bachelet, Pablo Area:United States Lines:52 Added:05/01/2004
21 US: Wire: Parents Urged To Leave Teen Drug Testing To ProsTue, 13 Apr 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Norton, Amy Area:United States Lines:80 Added:04/14/2004
22 Netherlands: Wire: Is It the End of 'High Times' in Holland?Tue, 06 Apr 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Netherlands Lines:21 Added:04/10/2004
23 Peru: Wire: Internet Makes Drug Traffickers Hard To Catch: DEAFri, 19 Mar 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Peru Lines:54 Added:03/22/2004
24 Colombia: Colombian Rebels Call US Hostages CIA AgentsMon, 15 Mar 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Colombia Lines:55 Added:03/16/2004
25 US: Wire: Marijuana Eases HIV-Related Nerve PainThu, 12 Feb 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:41 Added:02/13/2004
26 US: Wire: Single Injection Promising For Heroin AddictionFri, 30 Jan 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:McKinney, Merritt Area:United States Lines:85 Added:01/31/2004
27 US: Wire: Study: Marijuana Buzz Linked To 'Runner's High'Fri, 09 Jan 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Simao, Paul Area:United States Lines:63 Added:01/11/2004
28 US: Wire: Two Ad Execs Charged With Overbilling US Gov'tWed, 07 Jan 2004
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Zeidler, Sue Area:United States Lines:73 Added:01/09/2004
29 US NY: Wire: Former DEA Official Indicted For EmbezzlementMon, 15 Dec 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:New York Lines:35 Added:12/16/2003
30 Italy: Wire: Cocaine And Ecstasy Cause DNA Mutation, Study SaysSun, 07 Dec 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Italy Lines:35 Added:12/09/2003
31 Thailand: Wire: Thailand to Investigate Drug-War KillingsFri, 05 Dec 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Thailand Lines:40 Added:12/06/2003
32 Canada: Wire: Gambling Pioneer Goes To PotThu, 04 Dec 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Canada Lines:84 Added:12/06/2003
33 UK: Wire: Study: Smoking Cannabis Causes Damage To LungsFri, 05 Dec 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Reaney, Patricia Area:United Kingdom Lines:54 Added:12/05/2003
34 Colombia: Wire: New Anti-Drug Weapon: Bras and ThongsTue, 02 Dec 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Colombia Lines:41 Added:12/02/2003
35 US: Wire: Protein Linked to Lethal Side Effect of EcstasyWed, 26 Nov 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Reaney, Patricia Area:United States Lines:61 Added:11/28/2003
36 Bolivia: Wire: Bolivia President Quits After RevoltFri, 17 Oct 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Scrutton, Alistair Area:Bolivia Lines:95 Added:10/17/2003
37 US SC: Wire: Top Court Rejects Baby Death Conviction AppealMon, 06 Oct 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Vicini, James Area:South Carolina Lines:53 Added:10/07/2003
38 Colombia: Wire: Colombia Exempts US Forces from War Crimes CourtThu, 18 Sep 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Colombia Lines:46 Added:09/20/2003
39 Canada: Wire: Canadian Pot Patients Pan Government MarijuanaTue, 16 Sep 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Pingue, Franco Area:Canada Lines:61 Added:09/16/2003
40 US: Wire: Bush Pledges To Stop North Korean Drug TraffickingMon, 15 Sep 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:31 Added:09/16/2003
41 US: Wire: Survey Finds Millions Of New U.S. Drug AbusersFri, 05 Sep 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Fox, Maggie Area:United States Lines:86 Added:09/06/2003
42 UK: Wire: UK Surgery Patients to Take Cannabis in Pain StudyTue, 26 Aug 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Kelland, Kate Area:United Kingdom Lines:65 Added:08/27/2003
43 US: Wire: Marijuana Use Does Not Accelerate Hiv InfectionMon, 18 Aug 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United States Lines:52 Added:08/19/2003
44 US: Wire: Powell Advises Resuming Colombia Anti-Drug FlightsTue, 05 Aug 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Mohammed, Arshad Area:United States Lines:53 Added:08/05/2003
45 US TX: Wire: Board Recommends Pardons in Texas Drug StingWed, 30 Jul 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Herskovitz, Jon Area:Texas Lines:57 Added:07/31/2003
46 US: Wire: US Prison and Jail Population Increases in 2002Sun, 27 Jul 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Vicini, James Area:United States Lines:64 Added:07/29/2003
47 Brazil: Wire: Brazil Sees Need For Rules On Shooting Drug PlanesMon, 14 Jul 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:Brazil Lines:41 Added:07/14/2003
48 UK: Wire: Roadside Drugs Tests On The WayWed, 09 Jul 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:36 Added:07/10/2003
49 Canada: Wire: Canada To Sell Medical Marijuana To Seriously IllWed, 09 Jul 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Ljunggren, David Area:Canada Lines:65 Added:07/09/2003
50 Bolivia: Wire: Anceint Valley A Last Haven For Bolivia CocaWed, 02 Jul 2003
Source:Reuters (Wire) Author:Scrutton, Alistair Area:Bolivia Lines:105 Added:07/02/2003

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