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1 CN ON: Health Board Backs Moves Toward City Safe Needle SiteFri, 17 Feb 2017
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Brown, Dan Area:Ontario Lines:37 Added:02/21/2017

The members of the Middlesex-London Board of Health endorsed Thursday evening a motion to take the "next steps" to set up a supervised-injection site for drug users in London.

That essentially means determining what the method will be for moving forward with the project. As part of that, there will be a public consultation before setting up any such site, including talking to the people in the chosen neighbourhood, including residents and business.

The first part of the three-pronged motion covered accepting a feasibility study. Dr. Gayanne Hovhannisyan, the acting medical officer of health, led the discussion.

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2 CN ON: Waste Needles Make PointMon, 13 Feb 2017
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Richmond, Randy Area:Ontario Lines:72 Added:02/16/2017

Volunteers clean up 1,000 discards a year in a city weighing supervised drug injection site.

Tom Cull has more than 1,000 reasons - discarded needles - for London to support a supervised drug injection site.

"We pick them up under bridges, along the watercourse, on the (river) banks, in parks," he says.

Once a month, from the beginning of April to the start of winter, he and his crew of volunteers with the Thames River Rally pick up garbage along the river in London.

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3 CN ON: Set Up Safe Needle Site In London, Study SaysThu, 09 Feb 2017
Source:London Free Press (CN ON)          Area:Ontario Lines:135 Added:02/11/2017

A startling dissection of drug use in London - with the personal illnesses and public ills exposed - has laid on the table a compelling case for a supervised injection site in the city.

But the sticky questions of exactly where the site or sites should go, whether the city can take the other steps necessary to make a site worthwhile, and how crystal meth and fentanyl will play a role remain unanswered.

The lead researcher of a study on providing supervised injection in London did have one answer for residents still questioning the sanity of giving people a place to inject their illicit drugs.

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4 CN ON: Safe London Needle Site Study's Out TomorrowTue, 07 Feb 2017
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Richmond, Randy Area:Ontario Lines:83 Added:02/10/2017

Amid rising HIV rates and an entrenched needle culture, London researchers will unveil Wednesday a study on the value of a supervised injection site in the city.

Researchers interviewed 200 people who are or were injection drug users to assess people's willingness to use the sites and about 20 representatives from health care, law enforcement, government and community organizations to get feedback.

"There are several general recommendations based on the results of the study," but no specific direction to any agency or organization, Western University researcher Ayden Scheim said Monday.

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5 CN BC: PUB LTE: Proposed Cannabis Bylaw Is Needlessly Complex AndFri, 27 Jan 2017
Source:Nelson Star (CN BC) Author:Clegg, Tom Area:British Columbia Lines:66 Added:01/31/2017

In Canada we are ruled by law, not by those who enforce the law or wield government power.

Council must abandon the idea that laws can be enforced selectively according to the whim or discretion of city staff or officials. Similarly, a law cannot be considered "temporary" unless it specifies an expiry date or condition.

Here is another feature of Canadian law that's not about to change: A municipal government does not have legal authority to regulate cannabis per se.

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6 Canada: Editorial: Why Prisons Need Needle ExchangesFri, 27 Jan 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada)          Area:Canada Lines:65 Added:01/31/2017

When Ottawa recently announced a multi-pronged strategy to fight the deadly fentanyl crisis - a strategy that includes supervised drug consumption sites - Health Minister Jane Philpott boasted of "our renewed, evidence-based approach to Canada's drug strategy."

If Ottawa is so keen on an evidence-based approach to drugs, why did it walk away from mediation aimed at settling a lawsuit calling on the government to provide needle exchanges in prisons? Mediation sessions were scheduled this week but Ottawa's lawyers backed out at the last minute. The lawsuit, brought in part by a former inmate who acquired hepatitis C behind bars, is going forward.

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7US KY: Needle Exchanges Spread In Heroin-riddled Ky.Tue, 24 Jan 2017
Source:Courier-Journal, The (Louisville, KY) Author:Watkins, Morgan Area:Kentucky Lines:Excerpt Added:01/24/2017

One woman relied on old needles used by her friend's diabetic husband. Another settled for whatever syringes she could find.

But for the first time since they started using drugs several years ago, both women have access to fresh syringes. They are getting them through a needle exchange in Frankfort.

"If you can have a new one every time, why wouldn't you?" asked the younger of the two women, who both spoke to the CJ on condition of anonymity for fear of being stigmatized or getting fired. "I think it's awesome that they're doing this.

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8 CN ON: Public Health Looking At Ways To Reduce Needle RiskFri, 06 Jan 2017
Source:Metro (Ottawa, CN ON) Author:Ritchie, Haley Area:Ontario Lines:56 Added:01/07/2017

Machines may be used to give addicts access to clean supplies

Ottawa Public Health is exploring a pilot project that would allow drug users to access clean needles and pipes from a vending machine.

Deputy Medical Officer of Health Vera Etches said the idea goes back to 2013, when OPH hosted a needs assessment with feedback from community groups and police looking at service gaps.

"Most services that distribute supplies so people will use sterile supplies each time and decrease their risk of transmission operate Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.," she said. "There's no place for people to access supplies overnight and on weekends."

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9CN ON: Machines Could Dispense NeedlesThu, 05 Jan 2017
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Willing, Jon Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:01/07/2017

Needle-dispensing vending machines could be installed at five locations across central Ottawa, making it the first city in Canada to offer sterile syringes in machines to reduce drug-related virus transmission.

Vera Etches, the deputy medical officer of health, said Ottawa Public Health hasn't yet decided what material would be available in the vending machines, but needles and crack pipes are definite possibilities.

The machines would fill a gap in service for drug users who need clean needles when a community program is closed for the day. There are no 24/7 services that provide clean needles.

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10 CN ON: Needle Machines Coming To Ottawa?Thu, 05 Jan 2017
Source:Ottawa Sun (CN ON) Author:Willing, Jon Area:Ontario Lines:81 Added:01/07/2017

The Sandy Hill Community Health Centre is submitting a request to be named as a safe injection site in Ottawa.

Needle-dispensing vending machines could be installed at five locations across Ottawa, making it the first city in Canada to offer sterile syringes in machines to reduce drug-related virus transmission.

Vera Etches, the deputy medical officer of health, said Ottawa Public Health hasn't yet decided what material would be available in the vending machines, but needles and crack pipes are definite possibilities.

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11 US PA: Needle Exchanges Could Stem HIV OutbreakFri, 06 Jan 2017
Source:Morning Call (Allentown, PA) Author:Karczewski, Jim Area:Pennsylvania Lines:175 Added:01/06/2017

[photo] Dr. Deepak Ariga holds a needle favored by drug users in Hammond on April 9, 2015. (Jim Karczewski, Post-Tribune)

An HIV outbreak in Scott County, Ind., has infected 106 people. Can needle exchanges stem the tide?

An HIV outbreak in Scott County, Ind., has infected 106 people thus far, and despite reservations, Gov. Mike Pence green-lit a 30-day needle exchange program to stem the tide.

But public health advocates say the exchange program should be extended to really make an impact and expanded across the state as such programs have been shown to be effective in stemming the tide of HIV and hepatitis C infection among IV drug users.

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12 US PA: Indiana Begins Needle Exchange In County With HIV OutbreakFri, 06 Jan 2017
Source:Morning Call (Allentown, PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:50 Added:01/06/2017

[photo] A sign points to the entrance the Community Outreach Center in Austin, Ind., on April 4, 2015. (Tyler Stewart, AP)

State and local health officials began a needle-exchange program Saturday in a southeastern Indiana county where an HIV outbreak among intravenous drug users has grown to nearly 90 cases.

Scott County's needle-exchange program was created through an emergency executive order signed last week by Gov. Mike Pence in an attempt to curb the state's largest-ever HIV outbreak. That 30-day order temporarily suspended Indiana's ban on such programs, but only for the southeastern Indiana county about 30 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky.

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13 CN ON: Study Injects New Life Into Safe Needle Site DebateThu, 29 Dec 2016
Source:London Free Press (CN ON) Author:Richmond, Randy Area:Ontario Lines:83 Added:12/30/2016

Heavy with needle users, London could move a step closer in February to a supervised injection site for drug-addicted residents amid renewed debate about the idea.

The results of a feasibility study that surveyed 200 current and former needle users, as well as police, politicians, and social service and health agency representatives, is to be released in early February, Christopher Mackie, the Middlesex-London medical officer of health, said Wednesday.

That study won't suggest a location or timeline to establish a site, but one area Conservative MP already is raising the alarm about the possibility.

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14 CN ON: Needle Exchange Program Active In Huron CountyWed, 28 Dec 2016
Source:Goderich Signal-Star (CN ON) Author:House, Jefferson Area:Ontario Lines:62 Added:12/28/2016

A Needle Exchange Program operates in several sites across the county in Clinton, Seaforth and Goderich. In Clinton it is offered through the Huron County Health Unit, in Goderich it is offered through Choices For Change and in Seaforth it is through Dr. Datema's Methadone clinic. However, the Health Unit in Clinton is used the most due to its accessibility.

The health unit's website states: "Like all health units in Ontario, the Huron County Health Unit offers a needle exchange program at several sites across the county.

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15US KY: Clark County Sets Needle-Exchange Launch DayTue, 27 Dec 2016
Source:Courier-Journal, The (Louisville, KY) Author:Winer, Madeleine Area:Kentucky Lines:Excerpt Added:12/27/2016

After over a year of waiting for a needle exchange, the Clark County Health Department will open its syringe exchange at the end of January.

The needle exchange, located at 1301 Akers Ave. in Jeffersonville, will start Jan. 26 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and be open each Thursday from then on. Dr. Kevin Burke, the Clark County health commissioner, said he hopes the program will eventually provide services two days a week and operate the needle exchange at other locations.

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16 US OH: Lucas County Preps Needle ExchangeSun, 04 Dec 2016
Source:Blade, The (Toledo, OH) Author:Lindstrom, Lauren Area:Ohio Lines:152 Added:12/04/2016

Health officials in Lucas County are working to get the area's first needle exchange program up and running by the spring.

Health officials in Lucas County are working to get the area's first needle exchange program up and running by the spring, adding another weapon to their arsenal in the fight against the heroin and opioid epidemic.

Toledo will be the last large metro area in Ohio to adopt such an exchange. Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati all have them, as do the smaller cities of Dayton and Portsmouth. Such programs aim to decrease the likelihood of spreading HIV or hepatitis C among users who share needles.

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17 CN SN: New Effort To Pick Up NeedlesSat, 22 Oct 2016
Source:Prince Albert Daily Herald (CN SN) Author:White-Crummey, Arthur Area:Saskatchewan Lines:95 Added:10/24/2016

A new program has started up to help tackle the city's discarded needle problem.

In the realm of tongue-twisting health acronyms, CHANGE is one of the worst offenders.

It stands for Community, Harm Reduction, Needle Pickup, Guidance and Education, and it's the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region's newest strategy to reduce discarded needles in the community.

Formed late this September, the CHANGE team goes to "hotspots" for IV drug use, places where large numbers of discarded syringes tend to litter public places.

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18 CN BC: Needle Pickup Program Temporarily RevivedThu, 13 Oct 2016
Source:Now, The (Surrey, CN BC) Author:Reid, Amy Area:British Columbia Lines:81 Added:10/17/2016

SURREY - After having to end its needle pickup program after a loss in funding, Lookout Emergency Aid Society has temporarily revived the program.

The peer-led Rig Dig program, which began in 2006, came to a halt on Sept. 9 came after the society was unsuccessful in its bid for $44,000 in gaming grant funding this year.

But it has been announced that Lookout Foundation has granted $10,000 out of an emergency fund to restore the program this week, enough to keep it running until the end of March 17, according to a release.

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19CN BC: Fraser Health Rolls Out Needle ProgramFri, 07 Oct 2016
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Luymes, Glenda Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:10/08/2016

Peer-based education, disposal, overdoses and treatment options part of new plan

Drug use was a topic Melanie Sinclair hoped to avoid discussing with her kids for a few more years. But an evening visit to a Maple Ridge mall changed that.

Her husband took their seven-year-old son to the bathroom and found it strangely busy.

"There were people sitting on the floor in the stalls," said Sinclair. "I can guess they were using drugs."

Her husband decided to use the family bathroom - usually reserved for parents with young children - and found a sharps container almost overflowing with used needles. When he informed staff about the full box, he was told it had been replaced 30 minutes earlier.

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20 CN BC: Discarded Needles A Growing Challenge For CityFri, 23 Sep 2016
Source:Langley Times (CN BC) Author:Tamminga, Monique Area:British Columbia Lines:94 Added:09/26/2016

Unlimited distribution, but no pick-up

As part of its harm reduction strategy, Fraser Health offers an unlimited supply of needles to intravenous drug users. But the local health authority does not recover those needles once they've been used - - a fact which has become more evident in Langley parks, streets, at the doorways of businesses and on trails and even school grounds throughout the Township and City.

A sharps disposal box and its spilled contents was found near the Cascades Casino parkade recently, and a needle stabbed into the grass at Douglas Park was pictured from August on the Langley City Crime Watch Facebook page.

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