Pubdate: Sat, 13 Jan 2018
Source: Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC)
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Author: Ann Maffey
Page: A17


Re: "Needle warning issued after 2 pricks in 2 days," Jan. 11.

I agree that it is distressing when a child or anyone else is pricked
by a foreign needle. However, the furor over this and similar
incidents overshadows the real problem that we have today with drug
and other substance abuse.

Until we address the poverty and homelessness problem that exists
today across the country, we will always have addictions. If the basic
level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is not met, people suffer. That
suffering hurts, and people find ways to numb the hurt. That way is
through substance abuse.

Housing needs to be "village like" with at least two trained staff on
site at all times. On-site therapeutic programs need to be offered
along with programs to help provide self-esteem, life skills,
relationship skills, and anger and other negative emotional management

None of this will clear the problem overnight. It will take many hours
and changes in attitude toward our vulnerable citizens, but we must
start immediately, along with strategies such as safe-injection sites.

Ann Maffey

Gordon Head
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