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1 US NH: Medical Pot Program May Grow In 2017Mon, 26 Dec 2016
Source:Union Leader (Manchester, NH) Author:Wickham, Shawne K. Area:New Hampshire Lines:85 Added:12/27/2016
2 US NH: PUB LTE: My Marijuana StandSat, 26 Mar 2016
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Piermarcocchi, Dan Schroth Area:New Hampshire Lines:34 Added:03/28/2016
3 US NH: Needle Exchange Debate Raises Prosecution QuestionsSun, 27 Mar 2016
Source:Boston Globe (MA) Author:Ramer, Holly Area:New Hampshire Lines:48 Added:03/27/2016
4 US NH: Hassan Taps Top Drug Prosecutor As New 'Drug Czar'Tue, 22 Mar 2016
Source:Eagle-Tribune, The (MA) Author:Ronayne, Kathleen Area:New Hampshire Lines:58 Added:03/22/2016
5 US NH: Bush Sees Drug Fight As National CallingWed, 06 Jan 2016
Source:Buffalo News (NY) Author:Dopp, Terrence Area:New Hampshire Lines:72 Added:01/07/2016
6 US NH: Hopefuls Hear How Heroin Hit N.H. HardWed, 23 Dec 2015
Source:Chicago Tribune (IL) Author:Mehta, Seema Area:New Hampshire Lines:155 Added:12/23/2015
7 US NH: N.H. Heroin Crisis Puts Issue into PresidentialTue, 22 Dec 2015
Source:Baltimore Sun (MD) Author:Mehta, Seema Area:New Hampshire Lines:160 Added:12/23/2015
8 US NH: Hassan: More Die From Drug Overdoses Than Car CrashesWed, 25 Nov 2015
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Ramer, Holly Area:New Hampshire Lines:67 Added:11/27/2015
9 US NH: My Turn: Drug War Belongs In Dustbin Of HistoryWed, 25 Nov 2015
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Walker, Bill Area:New Hampshire Lines:111 Added:11/26/2015
10 US NH: Spread Of Heroin Changes The DebateSun, 01 Nov 2015
Source:Columbus Dispatch (OH) Author:Seelye, Katharine Q. Area:New Hampshire Lines:135 Added:11/02/2015
11 US NH: White Families Seek A Gentler War On HeroinSat, 31 Oct 2015
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Seelye, Katharine Q. Area:New Hampshire Lines:315 Added:10/31/2015
12 US NH: LTE: A Marijuana FarceMon, 24 Aug 2015
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Ebner, Maureen Area:New Hampshire Lines:44 Added:08/25/2015
13 US NH: Presidential Candidates Confront Opioid Epidemic in N.H.Sat, 22 Aug 2015
Source:Boston Globe (MA) Author:Pindell, James Area:New Hampshire Lines:129 Added:08/23/2015
14 US NH: LTE: Look At Colorado Before Making Pot LegalMon, 15 Jun 2015
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Schneider, Michael Area:New Hampshire Lines:36 Added:06/16/2015
15 US NH: Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Weighs in on NewWed, 08 Apr 2015
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:McDermott, Casey Area:New Hampshire Lines:76 Added:04/08/2015
16 US NH: OPED: Supply and Demand Is Driving N.H.'s Illegal DrugSun, 29 Mar 2015
Source:Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, NH) Author:Paquette, Linda Saunders Area:New Hampshire Lines:89 Added:03/31/2015
17 US NH: OPED: The Demand For Illegal Drugs Is GrowingSun, 29 Mar 2015
Source:Keene Sentinel (NH) Author:Paquette, Linda Saunders Area:New Hampshire Lines:89 Added:03/31/2015
18 US NH: PUB LTE: Prioritizing LivesSat, 07 Mar 2015
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Earle, Theresa Area:New Hampshire Lines:46 Added:03/07/2015
19 US NH: For Addicts, Finding Treatment Is Its Own BattleSun, 11 Jan 2015
Source:Eagle-Tribune, The (MA) Author:Niedzinski, James Area:New Hampshire Lines:278 Added:01/11/2015
20 US NH: LTE: Wrong Course On PotMon, 15 Dec 2014
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Dupuis, Roland J. Area:New Hampshire Lines:36 Added:12/15/2014
21 US NH: LTE: The Drug BattleSun, 19 Oct 2014
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Giunta, Joseph Area:New Hampshire Lines:43 Added:10/20/2014
22 US NH: Column: A Short History Of The Spice TradeThu, 21 Aug 2014
Source:Union Leader (Manchester, NH) Author:Hayward, Mark Area:New Hampshire Lines:128 Added:08/25/2014
23 US NH: A 20/20 View Of City's War On Opiate AbuseSun, 24 Aug 2014
Source:Portsmouth Herald (NH) Author:Dinan, Elizabeth Area:New Hampshire Lines:122 Added:08/25/2014
24 US NH: City Shuts Down 3 Stores After Spice OverdosesThu, 14 Aug 2014
Source:Union Leader (Manchester, NH) Author:Grossmith, Pat Area:New Hampshire Lines:81 Added:08/14/2014
25 US NH: New Drug Task Force Surprised By Amount Of Heroin On StreetsTue, 05 Aug 2014
Source:Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, NH) Author:Haas, Kimberley Area:New Hampshire Lines:62 Added:08/08/2014
26 US NH: Drug-Fueled Crimes on Rise in Southern N.H.Sun, 15 Jun 2014
Source:Eagle-Tribune, The (MA) Author:Ireland, Doug Area:New Hampshire Lines:158 Added:06/15/2014
27 US NH: OPED: Hassan's Medical Marijuana Flip-Flop Is HurtingTue, 06 May 2014
Source:Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, NH) Author:Hemingway, Andrew Area:New Hampshire Lines:101 Added:05/09/2014
28 US NH: NH Towns, Cities See Heroin SpikesThu, 01 May 2014
Source:Union Leader (Manchester, NH) Author:Houghton, Kimberly Area:New Hampshire Lines:109 Added:05/03/2014
29 US NH: Heroin, Other Drug Overdoses Alarm CommunityFri, 25 Apr 2014
Source:Union Leader (Manchester, NH) Author:McGee, Hunter Area:New Hampshire Lines:73 Added:04/29/2014
30 US NH: Homegrown Medical Marijuana For NH Patients NotTue, 22 Apr 2014
Source:Union Leader (Manchester, NH) Author:Solomon, Dave Area:New Hampshire Lines:93 Added:04/23/2014
31 US NH: LTE: Dangerous For Children's BrainsFri, 28 Mar 2014
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Stonebanks, Sandra Area:New Hampshire Lines:49 Added:04/02/2014
32 US NH: N.H. House Strongly Defeats Bill To Legalize MarijuanaThu, 27 Mar 2014
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Ronayne, Kathleen Area:New Hampshire Lines:79 Added:03/27/2014
33 US NH: PUB LTE: ThoughtfulMon, 24 Mar 2014
Source:Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, NH) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:New Hampshire Lines:35 Added:03/27/2014
34 US NH: LTE: About PotMon, 24 Mar 2014
Source:Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, NH) Author:Miles, Robert Area:New Hampshire Lines:57 Added:03/27/2014
35 US NH: OPED: Prohibition Of Pot Is Real Criminal ActSun, 23 Mar 2014
Source:Telegraph, The (Nashua, NH) Author:Yarrusso, Carmen Area:New Hampshire Lines:112 Added:03/24/2014
36 US NH: OPED: Why N.H. Should Follow Colorado And Legalize PotSun, 16 Mar 2014
Source:Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, NH) Author:Gauvin, Ethan Area:New Hampshire Lines:82 Added:03/16/2014
37 US NH: PUB LTE: Why To Legalize PotFri, 28 Feb 2014
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:White, Stan Area:New Hampshire Lines:32 Added:03/01/2014
38 US NH: Edu: LEAP Organization Members Move Towards theThu, 27 Feb 2014
Source:Equinox, The (NH Edu) Author:Bump, Pamela Area:New Hampshire Lines:133 Added:02/27/2014
39 US NH: PUB LTE: Marijuana, Yes Casinos, NoThu, 13 Feb 2014
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Devoid, Gail H. Area:New Hampshire Lines:46 Added:02/14/2014
40 US NH: Editorial: Legalizing Pot: The Time Draws NearSun, 09 Feb 2014
Source:Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, NH)          Area:New Hampshire Lines:70 Added:02/11/2014
41 US NH: NH Senate Votes To Study Industrial HempThu, 30 Jan 2014
Source:Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, NH)          Area:New Hampshire Lines:28 Added:01/31/2014
42 US NH: Edu: NH House Passes First Recreational Marijuana BillTue, 28 Jan 2014
Source:New Hampshire, The (U of NH Edu) Author:McGoldrick, Patrick Area:New Hampshire Lines:139 Added:01/31/2014
43 US NH: PUB LTE: Marijuana Prohibition Has Been A DangerousTue, 28 Jan 2014
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:New Hampshire Lines:38 Added:01/29/2014
44 US NH: LTE: White Mountain HighWed, 29 Jan 2014
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Sellew, Tom Area:New Hampshire Lines:36 Added:01/29/2014
45 US NH: PUB LTE: Prove ItWed, 29 Jan 2014
Source:Concord Monitor (NH) Author:Coffin, Kenny Area:New Hampshire Lines:36 Added:01/29/2014
46 US NH: Editorial: Legalize Pot? What's The Rush?Sun, 26 Jan 2014
Source:Concord Monitor (NH)          Area:New Hampshire Lines:86 Added:01/26/2014
47 US NH: Editorial: Is NH House Smoking Pot?Sun, 19 Jan 2014
Source:Union Leader (Manchester, NH) Author:McQuaid, Joseph W. Area:New Hampshire Lines:45 Added:01/21/2014
48 US NH: Lawmakers' Votes On Legalizing Pot UnpredictableSun, 19 Jan 2014
Source:Union Leader (Manchester, NH) Author:Wickham, Shawne K. Area:New Hampshire Lines:196 Added:01/20/2014
49 US NH: Current Law Would Cover Driving While Impaired By PotSun, 19 Jan 2014
Source:Union Leader (Manchester, NH) Author:Wickham, Shawne K. Area:New Hampshire Lines:72 Added:01/20/2014
50 US NH: Report Says Marijuana Use High Among Young In NHFri, 17 Jan 2014
Source:Union Leader (Manchester, NH)          Area:New Hampshire Lines:63 Added:01/19/2014

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