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101 US FL: Column: Democrats Wrong On Cutting Mexican Anti-Drug AidSun, 11 May 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Oppenheimer, Andres Area:Florida Lines:111 Added:05/12/2008
102 US FL: PUB LTE: Unfair Drug ChargesMon, 05 May 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Florida Lines:33 Added:05/05/2008
103 US FL: PUB LTE: Schools Are CheatedMon, 05 May 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Fiering, Harriet Area:Florida Lines:26 Added:05/05/2008
104 US FL: Column: Tougher Marijuana Laws Are Bad EconomicsSun, 04 May 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Grimm, Fred Area:Florida Lines:91 Added:05/04/2008
105 US FL: PUB LTE: Find Alternatives To PrisonTue, 29 Apr 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Edelstein, Charles D. Area:Florida Lines:53 Added:04/29/2008
106 US FL: Editorial: One-Way Approach to Crime Has LimitsSun, 27 Apr 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:91 Added:04/28/2008
107 US FL: Budget Cuts Put Drug Addicted's Lifelines On The LineMon, 24 Mar 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Miller, Carol Marbin Area:Florida Lines:176 Added:03/24/2008
108 US FL: Lifelines On The LineSun, 23 Mar 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Miller, Carol Marbin Area:Florida Lines:169 Added:03/24/2008
109 US FL: Legislature Looks At State Programs To CutSat, 15 Mar 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Klas, Mary Ellen Area:Florida Lines:132 Added:03/17/2008
110 US FL: Crist Wants To Maintain Drug PenaltiesSat, 15 Mar 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Caputo, Marc Area:Florida Lines:90 Added:03/15/2008
111 US FL: Action Against Officers `Excessive'Sun, 24 Feb 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Valle, Elaine De Area:Florida Lines:103 Added:02/25/2008
112 Venezuela: Chavez Says He Chews Coca DailySun, 20 Jan 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Ocando, Casto Area:Venezuela Lines:104 Added:01/21/2008
113 US IL: Racial Divide Found In Pain PrescriptionsWed, 02 Jan 2008
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Johnson, Carla K. Area:Illinois Lines:100 Added:01/06/2008
114 US FL: Book Review: Tiptoeing Through Poppy FieldsSun, 23 Dec 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Loohauis-Bennett, Jacqueline Area:Florida Lines:72 Added:12/27/2007
115 US FL: Racial Bias Found in Jail RatesTue, 04 Dec 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Robinson, Andrea Area:Florida Lines:107 Added:12/04/2007
116 US FL: LTE: We Need Colombia Trade DealFri, 30 Nov 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Gwyn, Brigitte Schmidt Area:Florida Lines:48 Added:12/02/2007
117 US PA: Police: Hershey Candy Looks Like DrugsSat, 01 Dec 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Levy, Marc Area:Pennsylvania Lines:37 Added:12/01/2007
118 US FL: PUB LTE: Loosen Drug LawsMon, 26 Nov 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Florida Lines:38 Added:11/29/2007
119 US FL: Editorial: End the Disparity in Punishment for CocaineWed, 21 Nov 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:76 Added:11/21/2007
120 US FL: LTE: Bolivia Suffers Under MoralesMon, 19 Nov 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Perez, Luis Eduardo Siles Area:Florida Lines:51 Added:11/20/2007
121 US FL: Undercover Police Shooting In Davie Leaves One DeadSat, 10 Nov 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Moskovitz, Diana Area:Florida Lines:64 Added:11/10/2007
122 US FL: Editorial: Strange But True: Saving $$ Not A CrimeFri, 12 Oct 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:64 Added:10/12/2007
123 US FL: Pain Victim Who Forged Prescriptions Freed From JailFri, 21 Sep 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Long, Phil Area:Florida Lines:127 Added:09/21/2007
124 Colombia: Colombian Drug Lord CapturedTue, 11 Sep 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Brodzinsky, Sibylla Area:Colombia Lines:121 Added:09/12/2007
125 US: Families of Kidnapped Americans In Colombia Seek Help From ChavezWed, 05 Sep 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Ikeda, Nestor Area:United States Lines:76 Added:09/06/2007
126 South America: U.S. Looking for Anti-Drug Base in S. AmericaWed, 05 Sep 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Baldor, Lolita C. Area:South America Lines:60 Added:09/05/2007
127 US FL: OPED: Treat Addicted Criminals, Keep Streets SaferWed, 29 Aug 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Kavanagh, Finn Area:Florida Lines:77 Added:08/29/2007
128 US FL: Chief Invites Crime ReviewSat, 25 Aug 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Vasquez, Michael Area:Florida Lines:110 Added:08/27/2007
129 US FL: PUB LTE: Drug-War ViolenceTue, 21 Aug 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Florida Lines:35 Added:08/22/2007
130 US FL: OPED: Help Mexico With Costs of the Drug WarSun, 19 Aug 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Shifter, Michael Area:Florida Lines:119 Added:08/20/2007
131 US FL: Positive Cocaine Tests Fall In S FlaFri, 10 Aug 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Benn, Evan S. Area:Florida Lines:88 Added:08/14/2007
132 US FL: Pasco Man Doing 25 Years For Drug Trafficking Seeks ClemencyFri, 10 Aug 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:, Area:Florida Lines:54 Added:08/14/2007
133 Mexico: Drug War Overruns Praised CitySun, 12 Aug 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Roig-Franzia, Manuel Area:Mexico Lines:144 Added:08/13/2007
134 US FL: Court Says 2-Ton Cocaine Case Is Beyond US JurisdictionWed, 08 Aug 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Adams, David Area:Florida Lines:57 Added:08/09/2007
135 US FL: OPED: U.S. Abandons ColombiaTue, 07 Aug 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Montaner, Carlos Alberto Area:Florida Lines:112 Added:08/07/2007
136 US FL: Drug Use Linked To Risk Of AIDSTue, 31 Jul 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Tasker, Fred Area:Florida Lines:87 Added:07/31/2007
137 US: U.S., Mexico Near Deal on Drug War AidSat, 28 Jul 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Bachelet, Pablo Area:United States Lines:139 Added:07/30/2007
138 Colombia: Policy Shifts In Eradication Of Coca CropsSun, 29 Jul 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Brodzinsky, Sibylla Area:Colombia Lines:178 Added:07/30/2007
139 Costa Rica: Peaceful Costa Rica Wages War On DrugsTue, 24 Jul 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Schmidt, Blake Area:Costa Rica Lines:94 Added:07/25/2007
140 US: DEA Fears Spread Of New DrugThu, 19 Jul 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Montgomery, Dave Area:United States Lines:70 Added:07/19/2007
141 Colombia: Colombia Offers Base For Us Anti-drug WarFri, 13 Jul 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Faries, Bill Area:Colombia Lines:72 Added:07/14/2007
142 US: World's Drug Problem 'Under Control,' UN SaysSun, 08 Jul 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Greve, Frank Area:United States Lines:154 Added:07/08/2007
143 US FL: OPED: Colombia Deserves US SupportFri, 08 Jun 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:DeShazo, Peter Area:Florida Lines:109 Added:06/08/2007
144 US FL: Double Standard Persists on MarijuanaMon, 04 Jun 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Martin, Lydia Area:Florida Lines:171 Added:06/04/2007
145 US FL: Pot Is a Part of Student LifeMon, 04 Jun 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Cox, John W. Area:Florida Lines:95 Added:06/04/2007
146 US FL: PUB LTE: Plan Colombia FailsSat, 02 Jun 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Dollar, Robert Area:Florida Lines:37 Added:06/02/2007
147 US FL: OPED: Helping Colombia Is In Our National InterestWed, 23 May 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Negroponte, John D. Area:Florida Lines:99 Added:05/23/2007
148 US FL: Journalist Slayings On RiseMon, 14 May 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Lloyd, Marion Area:Florida Lines:110 Added:05/14/2007
149 US FL: Third Hollywood Officer Pleads Guilty In Drug StingWed, 09 May 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL) Author:Anderson, Curt Area:Florida Lines:71 Added:05/09/2007
150 US FL: Editorial: Intemperate Judges Tarnish Justice SystemThu, 03 May 2007
Source:Miami Herald (FL)          Area:Florida Lines:63 Added:05/03/2007

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