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21 US: Series: Minorities Struggle For Footing In LucrativeThu, 10 Sep 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Mawdsley, Karen Area:United States Lines:178 Added:09/10/2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. It takes more than an entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of cannabis to open up a shop in the United States' rapidly emerging legal marijuana industry.

Aspiring marijuana business owners need a clean record and access to large amounts of both financial and social capital.

"It appears that there are three different pillars to being successful," said Corey Barnette, owner of District Growers cultivation center and Metropolitan Wellness dispensary in Washington, D.C. "One is actually being qualified, capable and having a good team, and the other one is just having the politics of the situation on your side. And then thirdly, having the financial resources on your side."

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22 US: Growing Marijuana Industry Raises Environmental ConcernsThu, 03 Sep 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Campbell, Katie Area:United States Lines:162 Added:09/03/2015

Chuck Lyon lives in a house he built "one concrete slab at a time" in the hills of Mendocino County, California.

Lyon, 62, only uses about 5 gallons of well water each day, including the 1.5 gallons it takes for him to take what he called "navy showers." The average American uses more than 16 times that amount each day, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

And when it comes to irrigating his garden, which includes six marijuana plants just a few steps off the front porch of his home, he takes it a step further. Lyon captures about 60,000 gallons of rainwater in massive silos each year and uses that to water his cannabis.

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23 US AZ: News21: America's Weed RushThu, 27 Aug 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Campbell, Katie Area:Arizona Lines:151 Added:08/27/2015

With a federal ban on marijuana, states are left to craft their own medical pot rules-whether they work or not

After waiting in line for hours at a booth during a medical marijuana convention in San Francisco, Jeff Harrington needed only a two-minute consultation and a written recommendation to become a medical marijuana patient in California. He now can legally purchase and possess marijuana from any one of thousands of marijuana businesses in the state.

Across the country in Connecticut, an established physician-patient relationship is required before patients are deemed qualified for medical marijuana, and only licensed pharmacists can own and operate dispensaries.

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24 US AZ: Series: Tribes Wait To Jump Into Weed RushThu, 20 Aug 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Talama, Lex Area:Arizona Lines:116 Added:08/20/2015

Most Native American tribes are opting not to legalize marijuana, though at least two are poised to try it just six months after a U.J. Justice Department memo indicated federal authorities likely would not interfere with growing marijuana on tribal lands if other federal crimes were not committed.

Many tribes exploring their options said that as U.S. citizens and sovereign nations, they deserve the right to choose to legalize as states have done. However, tribes continue to balk at the vague language of the Justice Department's so-called "Cole Memorandum" and the fear of federal prosecution.

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25 US AZ: MMJ/Legalization OpinionThu, 06 Aug 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Kingston, Dan Area:Arizona Lines:81 Added:08/06/2015

Four Reasons Why Law Enforcement Should Support Legalizing

Law enforcement was designed to protect our communities, but marijuana prohibition=ADand the drug war as a whole=ADhas become an overbearing distraction towards the maintaining of public safety. Prohibition contributes to an overall decrease in public safety and misuse of valuable resources. Here's why law enforcement across the country and around the world are pushing for marijuana legalization:


Criminalizing a high-demand commodity only creates an illegal marketplace that generates wealth for individuals seeking to profit. If legalized, marijuana would create a legal marketplace and diminish illegal operations. Marijuana is often called the =93cash crop=94 by Mexican cartels, and legalizing medical marijuana access and recreational access in only a few states has already begun to weaken their cash flow. Nationwide marijuana legalization would devastate the enormous and lethal underground networks brought about by prohibition.

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26 US AZ: Opinion MMJ Part IIThu, 30 Jul 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Ruben, Aari Area:Arizona Lines:102 Added:07/30/2015

MMJ vs. Legalization

It is a sad but true fact in the world today that politics, lobbying, and action take money, lots and lots of money.

This means that to enforce the will of popular opinion we must band together as a cohesive force and make our voices one. There has been a long history of infighting in the cannabis industry.

If NORML and other groups of their day had worked together in the 1970s this conversation might be long over. This didn't happen.

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27 US AZ: Column: Opinion MMJ Part IFri, 24 Jul 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Ruben, Aari Area:Arizona Lines:98 Added:07/24/2015

The Arizona Department of Health Services has announced that it will accept petitions from July 27-July 31 to add new debilitating conditions to those already approved by the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. The AMMA itself calls for open application periods twice a year, but the rules surrounding the process and the specific standards by which these conditions are approved or denied are largely left up to the DHS administration and these rules can be changed.

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28 US AZ: Column: BYOM?Thu, 16 Jul 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Kingston, Dan Area:Arizona Lines:41 Added:07/16/2015

Colorado Is Giving Businesses Another Way to Bring Marijuana to the Table

Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) and attorney Brian Vicente are two of the champions of the 2012 Amendment 64 (The Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Act) which legalized and regulated the use and sale of recreational marijuana in Colorado.

Now the dynamic duo's new ballot measure, The Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative, is intended to allow private businesses to allow adults to use marijuana at designated establishments, such as bars, restaurants and hotels.

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29 US AZ: Column: MMJ OpinionThu, 09 Jul 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Rubin, Aari Area:Arizona Lines:78 Added:07/09/2015

MMJ Is Here to Stay and Is Legal, but It Depends on What Public Agency You Talk to and That Needs to Change

Friday, July 10 will go down in history but not for the same reasons I would have wished. There was a state of the art social event planned that had to be cancelled, well not entirely cancelled, just the state of the art part.

Counter Culture Events AZ planned and promoted the Fire and Ice 7/10 dab party. For those who don't know July 10 is the new 4/20. The reason is if you turn 710 upsidedown and backwards it spells OIL. Hash oil is one name for some of the popular and potent cannabis extracts in the market these days. The event features three local bands including Alter Der Ruine who is about to embark on a nationwide tour opening for Haujobb, other local acts Mother's Lament and Intertwine, who have a Native American radio station, will also play.

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30 US AZ: Column: Split UpThu, 25 Jun 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Taracena, Maria Ines Area:Arizona Lines:117 Added:06/25/2015

The Marijuana Legalization Train Continues With Five Weed-Related Initiatives Now Gathering Signatures

The group Safer Arizona officially parted ways with the Marijuana Policy Project, and joined ventures with the organization Arizonans for Mindful Regulation. The latter planned to re-file its own recreational pot ballot measure this week with amended language Safer collaborated with. (They hadn't filed by press time.)

The relationship between MPP and Safer is, well, complicated. Earlier in the year - when some dispensary owners turned on MPP, saying they'd back up their own initiative - Safer announced they had a plan B all along, in case MPP did not comply with the issues Safer felt were most important aside from legalization - total decriminalization of marijuana, unlimited home cultivation rights and a broader retail structure that would prevent what they see as a marijuana monopoly within established dispensaries.

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31 US AZ: Column: Weed RecapThu, 18 Jun 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Taracena, Maria Ines Area:Arizona Lines:79 Added:06/18/2015

So Much Going on in the World of Legalization and Medical Marijuana in Arizona

Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy last week chose the new political lobbyist and communications firm Axiom Public Affairs to represent their movement against the state's recreational marijuana legalization initiative.

The ballot measure's final draft was submitted to the Secretary of State's Office in April by the Marijuana Policy Project, which is also leading legal weed efforts for next year in California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts. Safer Arizona, MPP of Arizona, and other advocacy groups are in the process of gathering the roughly more than 150,000 signatures needed to get the initiative on the 2016 ballot.

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32 US AZ: Column: Poll GrowThu, 11 Jun 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Kingston, Dan Area:Arizona Lines:45 Added:06/11/2015

53 Percent of Arizonans Support Legalization

According to a recently released poll, a majority of Arizonans support the legalization of marijuana.

The Behavior Research Center's latest Rocky Mountain Poll found that 53 percent of Arizonans support making possession of a small amount of marijuana legal for personal use, while 39 percent opposed.

Support was strong in all three geographical areas surveyed by the poll: 53 to 38 in Maricopa County; 47 to 43 in Pima County; and 58 to 38 in rural Arizona.

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33 US AZ: Column: Defending PotThu, 04 Jun 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ)          Area:Arizona Lines:59 Added:06/06/2015

The Doctor Is Back to Update Us on an Important MMJ Legal Case Out of Pima County

The landscape in the Arizona medical cannabis industry is rapidly changing, and after four and a half years the legal system in our great state is beginning to catch up to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. Brave citizens that have been charged with felonies have made the tough decision to take their cases to trial rather than try to plea bargain for a lesser sentence and the avoidance of a felony record.

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34 US AZ: Column: Scottsdale Company Capitalizes on MedicalThu, 14 May 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Sowards, Will Area:Arizona Lines:112 Added:05/14/2015

SCOTTSDALE - Bud is a burgeoning business in Arizona. Revenue from medical marijuana in Arizona more than tripled year-over-year in 2014, leading to a variety of individuals trying to find a fortune among the green.

The Marijuana Companies is just one of the businesses trying to capitalize on the growing industry.

"At some point, marijuana is going to be legalized, that's just the trend that I see," company spokesman John Gorman said.

Since the Scottsdale-based company went public in March, Gorman and the employees at The Marijuana Companies have worked hard to create what they call an online marijuana hub, a one-stop-shop for anything marijuana related, whether it's finding a dispensary, a recipe or even a date.

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35 US AZ: Column: Political GreenThu, 07 May 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Kingston, Dan Area:Arizona Lines:93 Added:05/07/2015

A Presidential Candidate Run-Down on Marijuana

The 2016 presidential field is beginning to take shape, and some of the candidates have revealed their stance on marijuana legalization.

Below is a roundup of what some of the declared presidential candidates have said about marijuana. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

The former first lady, secretary of state, and U.S. senator has openly stated that marijuana has medical value and that she wants to see states move forward with their own laws. Her comments on marijuana include:

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36 US AZ: Column: Legal Theft, Part IIThu, 30 Apr 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Taracena, Maria Ines Area:Arizona Lines:106 Added:04/30/2015

A Lawsuit Against TPD From 420 House Owner, Moves Forward

Attorney Vernon Peltz points out two different concerns in Ron Johnson's case: his unfounded arrest and the seizure of money, jewelry, his medical marijuana and more the night of May 10, 2013 (which is what triggered the lawsuit he filed this month on Johnson's behalf), and the attempt of a Pima County prosecutor to prolong the criminal proceedings, despite proof Johnson didn't participate in the shooting or drug transaction that evening.

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37 US AZ: Legal Theft Part IThu, 23 Apr 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Taracena, Maria Ines Area:Arizona Lines:120 Added:04/24/2015

Owner of 420 House files a lawsuit against TPD claiming illegal forfeitur e

On a May evening about two years ago, Ron Johnson claims he woke up to someone banging at his front door. He dragged himself out of bed and opened up. Before he could even ask what was going on, a Tucson Police officer handcuffed and shoved him in the back of a patrol car for the next six hours.

Two days prior, he had suffered a heart attack and was trying to recover at home. While in custody, he says he repeatedly told officers he did not feel good, but any request for medical attention was ignored.

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38 US AZ: No SurrenderThu, 16 Apr 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Herreras, Mari Area:Arizona Lines:94 Added:04/17/2015

PTSD researcher Sue Sisley keeps up the fight and road to marijuana research to help U.S veterans

Set back is not in Sue Sisley's vocabulary.

When the researcher was fired from her UA non-tenured clinical assistant professorship last summer, Sisley took center stage on news outlets across the country. While the UA denied it, Sisley claimed political pressure from a conservative and anti-marijuana state Legislature led to her contract not being renewed, derailing the marijuana PTSD research she'd be fighting for the past five years.

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39 US AZ: Column: 420Thu, 16 Apr 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Taracena, Maria Ines Area:Arizona Lines:99 Added:04/16/2015

Maryjane, Weed, Dope, Pot ... Whatever You Want to Call It, It Has Taken Root to Call Tucson Home

In upcoming weeks, Earth's Healing dispensary will get to christen a 10,000 square-feet cultivation site with new medical marijuana strains.

The one they are most proud of was donated to the dispensary by a caregiver who wanted the special medical strain he'd been harvesting for years to have a legacy. The so-called Champasu is highly enhanced with CBD, or cannabidiol, one of the major medicinal compounds of ganja. CBD is used for treating chronic pain, diabetes, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other neurological disorders.

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40 US AZ: Column: Two's A CrowdThu, 09 Apr 2015
Source:Tucson Weekly (AZ) Author:Taracena, Maria Ines Area:Arizona Lines:106 Added:04/09/2015

Only One Group Can Survive the Legalization Initiative Process If Arizona Really Wants Legal Weed

A group made up of medical marijuana dispensary stakeholders surprised the Marijuana Policy Project when they came out of the closet with a different ballot measure proposal to legalize recreational pot next year.

Up until about two weeks ago, the official plan A was an initiative by the Washington-based group that's been in the works for months. But MPP can't seem to make all of its Arizona allies happy, and ended up pushing its former campaign chairwoman Gina Berman to abandon the group and start her own.

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