Hilary Black 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2018
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1 Canada: A New Age For CannabisMon, 01 May 2017
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Barton, Adriana Area:Canada Lines:209 Added:05/06/2017

Adults in their 70s, 80s and 90s are trying medical marijuana for the first time, hoping it will ease chronic pain, insomnia and depression after pharmaceutical drugs have failed. Businesses are noticing - and they are all in, Adriana Barton reports.

Around this time of year, Hope Bobowski can't wait to garden in the flower beds outside her home near Keremeos, in the hills of southern Interior British Columbia.

The petite 79-year-old loves card games and cooking for her great-grandchildren, but the only thing that keeps her on her feet is her daily dose of cannabidiol (CBD), a potent extract of cannabis or hemp.

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2 Canada: Medical Pot Users Ask Ottawa To Cut Costs, Update StatusThu, 20 Oct 2016
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Hager, Mike Area:Canada Lines:101 Added:10/22/2016

Medical cannabis patients are urging the federal government to make marijuana more affordable by encouraging insurers to cover it and dropping the sales tax once it is legalized.

Earlier this week, 15 patients from across Canada spoke with four members of the government's legalization task force about how medical cannabis helps them with a variety of ailments. They told the panel that the cost of medical marijuana often causes financial hardship, according to event facilitator Hilary Black, founder of Vancouver's oldest dispensary and current director of patient services at licensed commercial grower Bedrocan.

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3CN BC: Parents Become Accidental Pot AdvocatesMon, 19 Sep 2016
Source:Province, The (CN BC) Author:Ryan, Denise Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:09/20/2016

CANNABIS EXPO: Three families say medical marijuana proved the only effective medication for their children

When Mandy McKnight's 10-year-old daughter got her first "drug talk" in school last year, the teacher asked if any kids in the Ottawa-area Grade 6 class had ever seen any drugs. McKnight said her daughter's hand shot up.

She told her teacher she had seen drugs, McKnight said - pharmaceutical drugs. Her daughter explained to the class that she'd also seen cannabis, but that she didn't see cannabis as a drug. It was a medicine, one that helped her little brother Liam, who suffered from epilepsy.

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4CN ON: Illegal Pot Dispensaries Operating With No RulesSat, 23 Jul 2016
Source:Ottawa Citizen (CN ON) Author:Miller, Jacquie Area:Ontario Lines:Excerpt Added:07/27/2016

Vancouver bylaws include licensing, zoning, security and age restrictions

We need some cohesive federal regulations, rather than cities being out on their own, trying to decide what to do.

For nearly two decades, Tom Ramsay has operated an adult-video shop on Bank Street under city regulations that govern everything from what warning signs must be posted at the entrance to which portion of a woman's breast can be displayed on a poster in the front window (nipples are OK, areolas aren't).

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5 CN BC: Column: Getting Schooled On Marijuana, One Block At AThu, 12 May 2016
Source:Vancouver Courier (CN BC) Author:Howell, Mike Area:British Columbia Lines:107 Added:05/17/2016

Thought I'd give you a little more insight into the illegal marijuana dispensary revolution/battle/gong show playing out in this town.

I'll focus on one block of Commercial Drive, from East 13th to East 14th. Along that stretch is the B.C. Pain Society (at East 13th and Commercial), the B.C. Compassion Club (southwest corner of East 14th and Commercial) and Stratford Hall private school (southeast corner of East 14th and Commercial).

They are so close to each other that if staff from each place stood out on their sidewalks, they could wave to each other. But this trio of neighbours is not exactly chummy.

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6CN BC: Pot Shop Appeals A Mixed BagWed, 11 May 2016
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Robinson, Matt Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:05/16/2016

Similar pleas for marijuana business licences can shake out differently

Vancouver pot shops have won seven of 10 at the city's board of variance since March, having brought forward successful arguments for second cracks at marijuana business licences.

While it's a tidal shift from the first two months of hearings when every decision went against shopkeepers, even the most keen observers, appellants and their lawyers would have a difficult time divining the precise ingredients that make for a successful pot shop appeal. In some cases, shops with nearly identical characteristics have received opposite decisions at the board.

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7 CN BC: Vancouver's Oldest Marijuana Shop Wins AppealThu, 28 Apr 2016
Source:Vancouver Courier (CN BC) Author:Howell, Mike Area:British Columbia Lines:139 Added:04/30/2016

The oldest medicinal marijuana dispensary in Vancouver cleared a big hurdle Wednesday in its battle to keep its doors open for its 6,000 members and continue operating on Commercial Drive.

The B.C. Compassion Club, which was founded in 1997 and moved to Commercial Drive in 1998, won its appeal Wednesday from the Board of Variance, overturning an earlier decision by the city that ruled the dispensary was too close to two schools to operate under the city's new regulations for pot shops.

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8 CN BC: Dispensary Can Stay OpenFri, 22 Apr 2016
Source:Metro (Vancouver, CN BC) Author:Jackson, Emily Area:British Columbia Lines:65 Added:04/26/2016

Club has city permission despite school proximity

Vancouver's oldest marijuana dispensary and compassion club received the city's blessing to stay open even though it doesn't meet the strict distance requirements from schools under the new dispensary regulation regime.

The city's Board of Variance voted unanimously Wednesday - the day of 4/20 marijuana legalizations protests and celebrations, no less - to approve the B.C. Compassion Club Society's application to stay in the location on Commercial Drive and 14th Avenue where it has been since 1997.

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9 CN BC: Four Dispensaries Allowed to Seek Licences, but ThreeFri, 22 Apr 2016
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Hager, Mike Area:British Columbia Lines:97 Added:04/24/2016

Four Vancouver cannabis dispensaries that enjoy support from the community can pursue a coveted business licence despite operating closer to schools and community centres than allowed, says the independent panel that can grant exemptions to the city's new bylaw.

But three other dispensaries are suing the city, arguing the five members on the Board of Variance unfairly rejected their appeals - under pressure from city staff - to operate within the 300-metre buffer zones.

On Wednesday, while thousands of cannabis users were celebrating at Vancouver's Sunset Beach 4/ 20 party, B. C. Compassion Club Society founder Hilary Black was speaking at a hearing along with several patients and the non-profit's long-time lawyer and prominent cannabis activist John Conroy.

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10 Canada: OPED: Let's Clean Up The Patchwork Of Rules GoverningWed, 20 Apr 2016
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Zekulin, Mark Area:Canada Lines:86 Added:04/20/2016

Canada needs a clear and defined set of rules for medical and non-medical cannabis.

As we mark 4/20, the nationwide counterculture day to celebrate the benefits of the whole plant marijuana, advocates on both the medical and recreational fronts still flounder in debate weighing risk versus opportunity of the bud.

Tweed, as the largest legal producer of cannabis in the country, has played its role in this division. We firmly believe that all cannabis production and sale for commercial purposes should be strictly controlled and highly regulated. But this has manifested itself into a far too adversarial relationship with the founding cannabis community, something we must reset if we are to ensure a smart, progressive and open dialogue on cannabis policy.

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11 CN BC: Will Legalization Ignore Medical Marijuana?Thu, 04 Feb 2016
Source:Georgia Straight, The (CN BC) Author:Lupick, Travis Area:British Columbia Lines:105 Added:02/08/2016

The Canadian government legalized medical marijuana more than a decade ago. However, Kamloops physician Ian Mitchell told the Straight that patients still come to him with basic questions and often have no idea where they can find advice about cannabis.

"I send them to dispensaries, just because there is nowhere else to go," he said in a telephone interview.

Mitchell explained that the former Conservative government's mail-order system prevents patients from meeting face to face with experts employed by licensed producers. Meanwhile, the vast majority of medical doctors don't know enough about marijuana's medical applications to provide informed opinions.

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12 Canada: Unlicensed Pot Sellers Must Still Pay Tax, Court RulesWed, 27 Jan 2016
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Hager, Mike Area:Canada Lines:95 Added:01/29/2016

Canadians selling medical marijuana outside the licensed mail-order system must still watch out for the taxman, according to a Federal Court of Appeal ruling that reasserts Ottawa's right to collect sales taxes on any and all pot that is sold.

In a unanimous decision released Monday, judges dismissed an appeal by Gabriola Island grower Gerry Hedges to stop the clawback of almost $ 15,000 in GST for marijuana he sold over several years to the Vancouver-based B. C. Compassion Club Society, Canada's oldest dispensary.

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13 CN BC: Pot Sellers Tell City To ChillFri, 12 Jun 2015
Source:Vancouver Courier (CN BC) Author:Howell, Mike Area:British Columbia Lines:127 Added:06/14/2015

Proposed Regulations Called Restrictive

Some of B.C.'s high-profile marijuana advocates sent a strong and consistent message to city council Wednesday night that it must make significant changes to a set of proposed rules to regulate pot shops before adopting legislation.

Though many of the 17 speakers on the first night of a public hearing commended city staff for the proposal, they argued that a $30,000 annual licensing fee was too expensive, that restricting pot shops within 300 metres of each other is unfair and banning marijuana-laced goods for sale would create an unregulated market for "edibles" such as cookies and brownies.

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14 CN BC: B.C.'s Medicinal Marijuana Business GrowingTue, 03 Jul 2012
Source:Business In Vancouver (CN BC) Author:Greer, Darryl Area:British Columbia Lines:151 Added:07/05/2012

Increasing number of entrepreneurs working in cannabis culture's legal nether world

Jordana Casey commutes from Chilliwack to East Vancouver each day for a job that could end at any moment and possibly land her and her staff in jail.

As the manager of the Medpotnow Dispensary on Fraser Street, Casey is one of a growing number of Vancouverites working in the medicinal marijuana industry, which has enjoyed a quiet boom in the wake of court rulings that have struck down government regulations restricting patients' access to the drug.

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15 CN BC: Dooley's Stance RefutedWed, 20 Jun 2012
Source:Nelson Star (CN BC) Author:Cole, Megan Area:British Columbia Lines:137 Added:06/22/2012

The Stop the Violence BC campaign and advocates for the legalization of marijuana are responding to comments made in last week's emotionally charged city council meeting.

"I think the mayor [John Dooley] is well meaning," said Dr. Evan Wood with the campaign. "But really we need an evidence-based and factual discussion. Clearly his views are inconsistent with the Chief Medical Officer of BC, the Health Officers Council representing all major regions of this province, let alone the voices of law enforcement and supreme court justices and other legal experts."

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16 CN AB: Review: Raging Against The War On DrugsFri, 27 Apr 2007
Source:Edmonton Journal (CN AB) Author:Rankin, Bill Area:Alberta Lines:87 Added:04/27/2007

Nelson Activist Places Pro-Marijuana Argument In A Mythic Context

The Naked Queen

EDMONTON - It's pretty clear that if Canada were a European country, marijuana use would be legal, but we live next to the United States, which has been waging an indiscriminate war on drugs for decades.

Nelson, B.C., filmmaker Daryl Verville is more than indignant about the American government's inflexible attitude to cannabis, in particular; he's overwrought. But rather than organizing an insurgency against the U.S. administration, he has made a very thorough, even somewhat balanced documentary attacking the punitive, costly policy against marijuana use of any kind, medicinal or otherwise.

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17 CN BC: Column: Pot Inc.Sat, 22 Jan 2005
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Mulgrew, Ian Area:British Columbia Lines:588 Added:01/22/2005

Big Businesses Have Sprung Up Around the Fuzzy Legal Boundaries of Marijuana Cultivation in Canada. Are Some Crossing The Line?

Part Two of an Exclusive Vancouver Sun Investigation by Ian Mulgrew.

Dr. Paul Hornby, the grey-haired, ponytailed scientist who leads Advanced Nutrient's research and development team, admits he's paranoid. 'I dream of the day when I can do this work without fear of the door being kicked in,' he confided. 'Marijuana is a herb -- a very, very useful herb. But the freedom to do research with no risk is just a dream.'

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18 Canada: Corporate CannabisTue, 01 Feb 2005
Source:Walrus, The (Canada) Author:Preston, Brian Area:Canada Lines:484 Added:01/19/2005

Will a New Marijuana Mist Become the Aspirin of the Twenty-First Century?

Philippe Lucas is apologizing for the quality of his cannabis. He is director of the Vancouver Island Compassion Society, which dispenses medicinal marijuana from behind an old storefront in Victoria. "This used to be a school of Chinese medicine," he says. "Can you feel the healing vibe?" Not at first. Apart from a comfy, well-worn couch in the waiting area, and a batik with yin-yang dolphins that you brush aside to enter the dispensing office, the place feels like a regular medical clinic. It reflects Lucas's personality: lean, clean-cut, and intense - there's nothing of the spacey stoner about him. If there's a "healing vibe," it emanates from the staff: the receptionist dressed in a fuzzy old sweater welcomes clients with "Hello, beautiful!" and "Can you use a hug?" Then she hugs.

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19 CN BC: Vancouver Out Of Line On Pot, BC Solicitor General WarnsThu, 09 Sep 2004
Source:Victoria Times-Colonist (CN BC) Author:Beatty, Jim Area:British Columbia Lines:136 Added:09/10/2004

Solicitor General Rich Coleman says it is unacceptable for marijuana to be openly sold in Vancouver stores while city politicians take a "ho-hum attitude" to the illegal activity.

"You can't take a soft attitude towards the fact that somebody wants to sell an illegal drug in a store under a business license in that city," Coleman said Wednesday, denouncing the city's weak response to the illegal activity.

Coleman does not direct police operations or investigations, but said he is confident the law will be enforced.

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20 CN BC: Coleman Slams Open Pot SalesThu, 09 Sep 2004
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Beatty, Jim Area:British Columbia Lines:157 Added:09/10/2004

Solicitor-General Condemns City Politicians for Not Taking Marijuana Shops Seriously Enough

VICTORIA -- Solicitor-General Rich Coleman says it is unacceptable for marijuana to be openly sold in Vancouver stores while city politicians take a "ho-hum attitude" to the illegal activity.

"You can't take a soft attitude towards the fact that somebody wants to sell an illegal drug in a store under a business licence in that city," Coleman said Wednesday, denouncing the city's weak response to the illegal activity.

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