Berendt, Chris 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2018
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1 US NC: Duplin Jailer Pleads, Is SentencedWed, 20 May 2009
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:93 Added:05/20/2009

A former jailer for the Duplin County Sheriff's Office has been sentenced to two and a half years probation, fined and ordered to serve community service for attempting to provide an inmate at the Duplin jail with drugs.

Kenneth Wayne Kentrolis, 22, of 290 Halls Pond Road, Rose Hill, pleaded guilty to felonious attempt to provide a controlled substance to an inmate after being taken into custody in January as a result of an undercover operation.

Following the plea, Senior Resident Superior Court Judge W. Allen Cobb Jr. sentenced Kentrolis to a term of six to eight months in prison, however that sentence was suspended by the court. Kentrolis was placed under 30 months of supervised probation and ordered to pay a $600 fine, court costs and attorney's fees and complete 50 hours of community service.

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2 US NC: Sheriff’s Office Utilizes Asset Forfeiture For FundsSun, 10 May 2009
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:145 Added:05/10/2009

What if convicted drug dealers and racketeers were forced to pay for necessary county expenses that would benefit all citizens, especially during tough economic times?

Tight governmental budgets, compounded by a struggling economy, often call for county departments to do one of two things -- cut line items or find the cash to fund necessities. Through the federal Asset Forfeiture Program, the Sampson County Sheriff's Office has consistently tried to do the latter, simply by busting criminals.

"We've been fortunate to get a lot (of money)," said Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton. "I don't mean hundreds of thousands of dollars every couple months, but we've been very fortunate."

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3 US NC: Breaking Meth's HoldSun, 03 May 2009
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:173 Added:05/04/2009

At this time last year, Sheriff Jimmy Thornton's frustration with the raging methamphetamine problem in Sampson County had long since boiled over.

The sheriff and his drug agents with the Special Investigation Division (SID) were pulling their hair out, losing sleep with every meth lab they found in the county -- and there were plenty. By the end of April 2008, there had already been 20 meth labs discovered in a year that was just a third of the way in.

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4 US NC: Sampson Regional Puts an End to Dispensing of Narcotic Pain MedsSun, 15 Feb 2009
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:122 Added:02/15/2009

In an effort to reduce the epidemic of prescription drug abuse being felt in Sampson and across the country, emergency physicians at Sampson Regional Medical Center are no longer refilling narcotic pain and sedative medications. Instead of dispensing narcotic pills, they are instead doling out referrals to primary care physicians so patients may receive the proper treatment.

Sampson Regional is another in the growing number of emergency departments taking such measures to reduce the increasing overuse of narcotic and sedative medications used to treat chronic pain.

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5 US NC: Fight Against Meth Not Over In SampsonFri, 26 Dec 2008
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:89 Added:12/26/2008

Even prior to this week's announcement of federal indictments on eight local individuals for methamphetamine trafficking, many may have already known the meth trade in Sampson had been dealt a significant blow. And the fight is not over.

At the end of February, less than two months into 2008, Sampson County Sheriff's authorities were dealing with their 12th meth lab of the year. There have been just 12 more in the 10 months since.

"I think we were having an epidemic in Sampson County," said U.S. Attorney George E.B. Holding, who received a call from Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton in late February. Thornton said the problem had gotten out of hand. Recalling a promise made at a conference in 2006 by Holding to provide assistance in combating the drug problem, the sheriff took him up on the offer.

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6 US NC: Fed Charges LeveledTue, 23 Dec 2008
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:141 Added:12/24/2008

Eight Area Residents Federally Indicted on Methamphetamine Charges, First Ever in State

Eight local residents are facing federal prison sentences, ranging from minimum sentences of 10 years to life in prison, following a lengthy, historical investigation by federal, state and local authorities into the manufacture of methamphetamine locally.

Producing the first-ever federal meth convictions in the state, "Operation Juiced Out" has taken a substantial bite out of the meth activity in the county and sent a strong message to others, Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton said upon the announcement of the federal indictments Monday.

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7 US NC: Meth Labs In Sampson Have Doubled Since 2007Sat, 13 Sep 2008
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:118 Added:09/15/2008

The number of meth labs found in Sampson County, through August, has doubled over the entire amount discovered and dismantled in 2007 -- and the county's sheriff said a meth lab has not been found locally since June.

According to statistics disseminated by the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation, there have been 20 confirmed clandestine lab responses in Sampson as of the end of August. There were 10 in Sampson all of last year.

The SBI has recorded 131 confirmed meth labs in the entire state, approximately 40 percent of which have been in either Sampson or Harnett counties. Harnett leads the state with 30 meth labs in 2008.

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8 US NC: Over $700,000 in Marijuana Plants Seized in Area Near Plain ViewFri, 12 Sep 2008
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:78 Added:09/14/2008

Sheriff's authorities have seized more than $700,000 worth of marijuana after discovering hundreds of stalks, some measuring up to 7 feet in height, in a field in the Plain View community.

The commander of the sheriff's Special Investigation Division, assigned to handle felony narcotics cases, said SID agents worked with the office's newly-implemented gang unit in making the seizure Wednesday afternoon. He said the marijuana was found off a dirt path on the 8000 block of Timothy Road, well off of N.C. 55.

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9 US NC: Half A Million Dollars In Drugs Seized In 2008Sat, 09 Aug 2008
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:88 Added:08/10/2008

Local sheriff's authorities have seized more than half a million dollars worth of marijuana and cocaine in 200 drug investigations and two undercover campaigns this year, as well as made a whopping 53 methamphetamine-related responses netting nine labs and numerous meth dump sites.

There have been 226 cases opened by the Sampson County Sheriff's Special Investigative Division in 2008, and nearly 160 of them - about 70 percent - have been closed by arrests, according to a 2008 activity report compiled by the division's commander and provided to The Independent.

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10 US NC: Prison Guard Faces Smuggling ChargeFri, 14 Mar 2008
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:61 Added:03/14/2008

CLINTON - A local prison guard now finds herself behind bars after being arrested after attempting to smuggle drugs into the N.C. Department of Corrections facility early Thursday morning, according to information from Clinton police authorities.

Kathy Marie Turner, 41, of 189 Harmony Acres Lane, Clinton, was charged Thursday with possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana, possession of a controlled substance on jail premises and maintaining a vehicle for the storage of a controlled substance.

An employee with the Department of Corrections for the last two years, Turner was arrested after nearly an ounce of marijuana was seized by Clinton police and state correctional officers outside the facility on North Boulevard Thursday.

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11 US NC: Thornton Says Meth Labs A 'Serious' ProblemSun, 02 Mar 2008
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:122 Added:03/04/2008

Sampson County Sheriff's investigators are getting reports of methamphetamine labs across the county an average of once every three days this year. More than a third of those calls are yielding meth labs or components from the labs -- and that number will look minuscule as the year progresses, the sheriff said.

"It's apparent we have a serious problem," Sheriff Jimmy Thornton said this past week as he looked at numbers compiled by his Special Investigations Division, assigned to respond to calls of meth labs and other drug-related incidents.

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12 US NC: Sampson Fourth In Meth Labs FoundFri, 28 Dec 2007
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:104 Added:12/29/2007

During 2005, agents with the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation responded to 328 clandestine methamphetamine labs in the state, and, through increased public awareness and more stringent laws regulating the sale of a key ingredient in the drug's production, two years later that statewide number has been cut in half.

However, while the number of meth labs SBI authorities have responded to has dipped significantly overall in the last year, including in Sampson, this county and those surrounding it have remained a hot bed for such clandestine drug activity.

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13 US NC: Voluntary Drug-Testing Kits Will Still Be Available toFri, 24 Aug 2007
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:113 Added:08/27/2007

Going into a brand new school year, Sampson County educators said the implementation of a voluntary drug program, that can be utilized through the anonymous distribution of home-testing kits, has been successful in its aim even though just a fraction of the kits were picked up from county schools last year.

Becky Jackson, director of middle grades education for Sampson County Schools, who helped to spearhead the voluntary drug-testing program called SASSY (Substance Abuse Screening Saves Youth), said she wished for more participation in the service, which she said can continue to be funded this school year.

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14 US NC: Local Residents Learn That Meth Recovery Is Not a QuickMon, 21 May 2007
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:154 Added:05/23/2007

CLINTON - Residents around Sampson County are becoming increasingly aware of just how destructive methamphetamine has become in their own communities and have engaged in a renewed effort toward solutions to combat the significantly strong hold of meth addiction.

"It was sobering," said the Rev. Cory Oliver, pastor at Epworth United Methodist Church.

He said that it was most shocking to hear just how much time it takes for a meth user to recover from addiction, taking between 12 to 18 months after usage is stopped before neurotransmitters in the brain damaged by meth can heal.

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15 US NC: Speaker: Meth Addicts Suffer Brain DiseaseMon, 21 May 2007
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:111 Added:05/22/2007

CLINTON -- When Dr. Mary Holley's brother Jim was just 22 years old, he would start using a drug that would take hold of him and his brain, causing Jim to go through constant fits of paranoia, psychosis and schizophrenia that would result in him taking his own life a mere two years later. That drug was methamphetamine, a substance that is infecting communities across the country, destroying the lives of users and their families in its wake.

Now a renowned expert in the field of meth, Holley made a visit to Sampson County this week to share her story and discuss the affects of the drugs in an effort to bring about awareness by everyone, and offer solutions to the problem. Meth addicts suffer from a brain disease and no longer function by themselves, with meth controlling them and eating away at their brain, Holley said.

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16 US NC: Traffic Stop Leads To Seizure Of Over $70,000Fri, 27 Apr 2007
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:122 Added:04/27/2007

KENANSVILLE -- Nearly $78,000 in cash was seized as a result of two routine traffic stops made by members of the Duplin Interstate Criminal Enforcement team recently, according to information released by sheriff's authorities Tuesday. The sheriff said approximately $300,000 has been seized in the last year alone through the work of county deputies.

In the most recent of the two stops, the larger of the two, a vehicle being driven by a Forsyth County teenager, was found to contain $75,000. The stop was made by Lee Graham, deputy with the DICE team, shortly before 9 a.m. April 16.

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17 US NC: SBI Arrest Wallace OfficerFri, 06 Apr 2007
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:54 Added:04/07/2007

WALLACE -- A Wallace Police Department officer has been arrested on several serious felony drug and robbery charges following a months-long investigation into allegations of his involvement in the armed robbery of an area grocery store, and conspiring to commit drug sales on two separate occasions.

On Tuesday, the State Bureau of Investigation arrested Warsaw police Officer David Brown Jr., 31, of 209 Sloan St., Wallace.

Brown has been charged with conspiracy to sell and deliver a Schedule VI controlled substance, conspiracy to sell and deliver a Schedule II controlled substance, robbery with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon. He has been placed in the Duplin County jail under a $250,000 secured bond, according to warrants.

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18 US NC: Locals Urge Viewing Of HBO Addiction SeriesFri, 16 Mar 2007
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:105 Added:03/16/2007

Sampson County officials are hoping that a televised documentary will act to further shed light on addiction and its dire effects on not only those addicted, but the community around them, with an emphasis on treating that addiction as what it is -- a brain disease.

Several distinguished documentary filmmakers explored the current state of addiction in America in nine segments, interweaving the latest thinking on treatment and recovery by leading experts on drug and alcohol addiction, picking the minds of accomplished experts in psychology and psychiatry.

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19 US NC: Meth Seminar Designed To Draw More Attention To GrowingSun, 26 Nov 2006
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:110 Added:11/28/2006

Meth is a problem, one which law enforcement continues to deal and addicts continue to battle. It affects not only those who choose to do the drug, but their families, landlords, neighbors and many throughout the community.

The first step in the battle, as many law enforcement and educational officials will attest, has always been awareness -- that of the drug itself, and the dire and far-reaching effects the drug can have, whether physical, psychological and economical.

That importance of such awareness will be expressed thoroughly at an upcoming seminar, to be held this Tuesday, Nov. 28, at Sampson Community College, as well as act as the focal point for National Meth Awareness Day two days later, on Nov. 30.

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20 US NC: Cash Seized On I-40Sun, 29 Oct 2006
Source:Sampson Independent, The (NC) Author:Berendt, Chris Area:North Carolina Lines:54 Added:11/01/2006

Nearly $50,000 in cash was seized by Sampson County Sheriff's authorities during a traffic stop on Interstate 40 Thursday, according to a press release from the Sheriff's Office. The money has been turned over to federal authorities and charges may be forthcoming against the driver, authorities said.

According to information from sheriff's authorities, the stop was made at about 2:30 p.m. on a black Cadillac traveling on I-40. Members of the sheriff's Highway Enforcement Awareness Team conducted the investigative stop and a K-9 unit responded and the vehicle received a positive alert for the presence of narcotics, reports state.

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