Washington Examiner _DC_ 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2020
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1 US DC: Column: Bad Policies Are Their Own Worst EnemyThu, 31 Jul 2014
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Chapman, Steve Area:District of Columbia Lines:107 Added:07/31/2014
2 US DC: Column: Another Reason To End The War On DrugsMon, 10 Jun 2013
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Kane, Gregory Area:District of Columbia Lines:95 Added:06/10/2013
3 Israel: Tiny Bit of THC in Pot Protected Mice From Brain DamageTue, 04 Jun 2013
Source:Washington Examiner (DC)          Area:Israel Lines:31 Added:06/04/2013
4 US DC: Fairfax County School Leaders Consider Scaling Back DisciplineSat, 11 May 2013
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Baye, Rachel Area:District of Columbia Lines:73 Added:05/16/2013
5 US MD: Medical Marijuana OK'd In Md., But Advocates Want MoreSun, 14 Apr 2013
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Brownfield, Andy Area:Maryland Lines:65 Added:04/17/2013
6 US MD: Md. House Approves Medical MarijuanaTue, 26 Mar 2013
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Brownfield, Andy Area:Maryland Lines:75 Added:03/29/2013
7 US DC: Editorial: Time To Cancel 'Zero Tolerance'Fri, 22 Mar 2013
Source:Washington Examiner (DC)          Area:District of Columbia Lines:59 Added:03/23/2013
8 US MD: MD. Senate Votes to Decriminalize Possession of SmallWed, 20 Mar 2013
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Brownfield, Andy Area:Maryland Lines:69 Added:03/21/2013
9 US DC: LTE: Marijuana Is Not Harmless and Should Not BeThu, 20 Dec 2012
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Nalepka, Joyce Area:District of Columbia Lines:48 Added:12/22/2012
10 US NY: Guatemala President Says Legalize DrugsWed, 26 Sep 2012
Source:Washington Examiner (DC)          Area:New York Lines:25 Added:09/26/2012
11 US: PUB LTE: Facts Show That Marijuana Is SafeThu, 27 Oct 2011
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:White, Stan Area:United States Lines:26 Added:10/27/2011
12 US: OPED: Facts On Medical Marijuana Are Stubborn Things, TooSun, 23 Oct 2011
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Summerill, Joseph Area:United States Lines:94 Added:10/25/2011
13 US: White House Moves to Fund Needle Exchanges As DrugTue, 22 Feb 2011
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:McCabe, Scott Area:United States Lines:74 Added:02/23/2011
14 US DC: PUB LTE: Prohibition II Is Working As Well As Prohibition IFri, 06 Aug 2010
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Erickson, Allan Area:District of Columbia Lines:42 Added:08/06/2010
15 US DC: Marijuana Rules Not Coming Until Next YearMon, 02 Aug 2010
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Essley, Liz Area:District of Columbia Lines:67 Added:08/02/2010
16 US DC: Column: Washington The Weed Capital Would Be A BummerFri, 30 Jul 2010
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Jaffe, Harry Area:District of Columbia Lines:74 Added:07/30/2010
17 US DC: PUB LTE: More Reasons To Legalize MarijuanaThu, 27 May 2010
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:White, Stan Area:District of Columbia Lines:23 Added:05/27/2010
18 US DC: Column: President Obama's War On His Own 'Youthful Irresponsibility'Tue, 25 May 2010
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Healy, Gene Area:District of Columbia Lines:93 Added:05/25/2010
19 US DC: House Subcommittee OKs Pot on D.C. BallotMon, 29 Jun 2009
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Neibauer, Michael Area:District of Columbia Lines:60 Added:06/29/2009
20 US MD: Family Sues After Swat Team Raids Their Apartment By MistakeSun, 21 Jun 2009
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Suderman, Alan Area:Maryland Lines:72 Added:06/21/2009
21 US: Report: Ex-D.C. Assistant Police Chief in Mix to Head DEASun, 08 Mar 2009
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Mccabe, Scott Area:United States Lines:32 Added:03/08/2009
22 US: PUB LTE: Federal Ban Hampers City's Ability To Fight HIVThu, 08 Feb 2007
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:United States Lines:41 Added:02/12/2007
23 US DC: District Of Columbia Tries To Improve HIV/AIDSSun, 04 Feb 2007
Source:Washington Examiner (DC)          Area:District of Columbia Lines:52 Added:02/05/2007
24 US DC: PUB LTE: Drug War Damaging To Families, SocietyTue, 29 Aug 2006
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:District of Columbia Lines:42 Added:08/30/2006
25 US DC: OPED: Fixing Virginia's Prison WoesFri, 25 Aug 2006
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Fraser, Ronald Area:District of Columbia Lines:102 Added:08/27/2006
26 US DC: Editorial: Crime and PunishmentWed, 25 Jan 2006
Source:Washington Examiner (DC)          Area:District of Columbia Lines:46 Added:01/25/2006
27 US DC: OPED: NFL's Buzzkill: No Beer at Giants StadiumThu, 12 Jan 2006
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Armentano, Paul Area:District of Columbia Lines:85 Added:01/12/2006
28 US DC: Editorial: Overzealous Prosecutors Could Be AfterThu, 13 Oct 2005
Source:Washington Examiner (DC)          Area:District of Columbia Lines:92 Added:10/13/2005
29 US: OPED: Here's Your Cup, JuniorThu, 29 Sep 2005
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Armentano, Paul Area:United States Lines:105 Added:09/30/2005
30 US MD: Advocates Call For Review Of Sentencing GuidelinesTue, 13 Sep 2005
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Bailey, Anna Area:Maryland Lines:73 Added:09/13/2005
31 US: Editorial: Congress Should Amend Drug LawsThu, 16 Jun 2005
Source:Washington Examiner (DC)          Area:United States Lines:87 Added:06/22/2005
32 US DC: Editorial: A Border Runs Through ItSun, 19 Jun 2005
Source:Washington Examiner (DC)          Area:District of Columbia Lines:35 Added:06/21/2005
33 US: Supreme Court Marijuana Ruling Could Drain LocalTue, 07 Jun 2005
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Habte, Samson Area:United States Lines:77 Added:06/07/2005
34 US DC: PUB LTE: Nation's Marijuana Policy Is 'Draconian'Thu, 19 May 2005
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Heath, Stephen Area:District of Columbia Lines:48 Added:05/19/2005
35 US DC: PUB LTE: Politics, Not Culture, Determines Drug LawsThu, 19 May 2005
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:District of Columbia Lines:56 Added:05/19/2005
36 US DC: PUB LTE: Culture, Not Health, Determines Drug LawsTue, 17 May 2005
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:District of Columbia Lines:48 Added:05/17/2005
37 US DC: OPED: Let States, Doctors DecideWed, 11 May 2005
Source:Washington Examiner (DC) Author:Armentano, Paul Area:District of Columbia Lines:86 Added:05/11/2005

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