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1 US PA: Local Needle Exchange Vital, Drug Experts Say At ForumWed, 22 Sep 2004
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Adams, Bonnie Area:Pennsylvania Lines:72 Added:09/24/2004
2 US MA: Mass Official Backs Needle Exchange PlanTue, 06 Apr 2004
Source:Times Leader (PA)          Area:Massachusetts Lines:55 Added:04/11/2004
3 US PA: Next Hurdle In AIDS Prevention Is Syringe ExchangeTue, 24 Feb 2004
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Field, Robert E. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:66 Added:02/25/2004
4 US PA: Warden: Limits of Drug Rehab InevitableSun, 03 Aug 2003
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Roth, Lauren Area:Pennsylvania Lines:161 Added:08/03/2003
5 US PA: OPED: Can't This 'Valley With A Heart' Lend A Hand?Sun, 20 Apr 2003
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Bigler, Tom Area:Pennsylvania Lines:86 Added:04/21/2003
6 US PA: OPED: Before You Just Say No To Methadone, Consider Change As AWed, 16 Apr 2003
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Thompson, David Area:Pennsylvania Lines:107 Added:04/16/2003
7 US PA: PUB LTE: Writer Makes Case For Methadone As Means ToWed, 19 Mar 2003
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:36 Added:03/19/2003
8 US PA: OPED: Stereotyping Clouds Methadone Clinic DebateWed, 12 Mar 2003
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Griffin, Robert E. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:100 Added:03/13/2003
9 US PA: PUB LTE: New Ideas Needed To End Drug Use, TraffickingFri, 24 Jan 2003
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Holbrook, Scott Area:Pennsylvania Lines:79 Added:01/25/2003
10 US PA: Criticism of Police in Recent Drug Raid Doesn't SquareSun, 05 Jan 2003
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Litchko, Joseph Area:Pennsylvania Lines:54 Added:01/07/2003
11 US PA: PUB LTE: War On Illegal Drugs Ineffective, OnlyThu, 24 Oct 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:42 Added:10/24/2002
12 US PA: Column: We Must Be Willing To Consider DifferentThu, 10 Oct 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Brady, Evelyn T. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:109 Added:10/10/2002
13 US PA: Regulate Drugs, Don't Jail Users, Judge UrgesSun, 06 Oct 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Jackson, M. Paul Area:Pennsylvania Lines:70 Added:10/06/2002
14 US PA: Knowing Causes Of Overdoses And Applying TipsTue, 27 Aug 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:82 Added:08/27/2002
15 US PA: Drug Policy Forum Discusses ProgressThu, 15 Aug 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Youngman, Erin N. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:45 Added:08/19/2002
16 US PA: Community ActivismSat, 10 Aug 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Churcher, Kalen Area:Pennsylvania Lines:82 Added:08/14/2002
17 US PA: PUB LTE: Book By Judge Criticizing America's War OnSat, 03 Aug 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Nancy, Area:Pennsylvania Lines:39 Added:08/03/2002
18 US PA: PUB LTE: Court's Random Student Drug Test DecisionFri, 26 Jul 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Rembish, Kelly Area:Pennsylvania Lines:44 Added:07/27/2002
19 US PA: PUB LTE: Luzerne County Doesn't Use Right Tools To DealThu, 25 Jul 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Pennachi, Penny Area:Pennsylvania Lines:95 Added:07/27/2002
20 US PA: PUB LTE: Drug Addicts Are Victims Who Deserve OurSat, 20 Jul 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Butts, Bob Area:Pennsylvania Lines:60 Added:07/22/2002
21 US PA: LTE: Failure To End State Liquor Monopoly A Black MarkFri, 12 Jul 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Whalen, Donald B. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:35 Added:07/13/2002
22 US PA: PUB LTE: Time To Look At Alternative SolutionThu, 04 Jul 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Kamin, Mae Area:Pennsylvania Lines:73 Added:07/06/2002
23 US PA: PUB LTE: Actions Could Reduce AIDS Spread, Crime And Deaths From Drug OveSun, 09 Jun 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Field, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:75 Added:06/10/2002
24 US PA: LTE: Family's Loss Of Loved One To Drugs BringsMon, 29 Apr 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Khalife, Melana Area:Pennsylvania Lines:49 Added:04/29/2002
25 US PA: PUB LTE: Community Has Power To Make Heroin Addicts'Tue, 23 Apr 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Woods, Joycelyn Area:Pennsylvania Lines:52 Added:04/24/2002
26 US PA: Overcoming HeroinSun, 21 Apr 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Morgan-Besecker, Terrie Area:Pennsylvania Lines:248 Added:04/23/2002
27 US PA: LTE: Drug Addicts, Loved Ones Need Community's SupportSun, 21 Apr 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Baynock, Dolores Area:Pennsylvania Lines:54 Added:04/22/2002
28 US PA: PUB LTE: Couple's Story Testament To The EffectivenessMon, 22 Apr 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Newman, Robert G. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:44 Added:04/22/2002
29 US PA: Column: Random Drug Testing Of Students A Stab ToThu, 28 Mar 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Brady, Evelyn Area:Pennsylvania Lines:98 Added:03/28/2002
30 US PA: LTE: Keeping Drugs Away From Children Another Way ToWed, 13 Mar 2002
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Rende, Al Area:Pennsylvania Lines:61 Added:03/14/2002
31 US PA: Editorial: One-Size-Fits-All Approach Won't Stop Heroin PlagueWed, 24 May 2000
Source:Times Leader (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:119 Added:05/27/2000
32 US PA: Editorial: How Will We Protect The Children?Sun, 07 May 2000
Source:Times Leader (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:65 Added:05/07/2000
33 US PA: Editorial: Drug Testing Bad Strategy In HASD's War OnSun, 07 May 2000
Source:Times Leader (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:54 Added:05/07/2000
34 US PA: LTE: Results Of Heroin's Ravages Provide MilestonesMon, 17 Apr 2000
Source:Times Leader (PA) Author:Baynock, Dolores Area:Pennsylvania Lines:52 Added:04/17/2000
35 US PA: Column: Tobacco Should Be Treated As Addictive DrugSat, 08 Apr 2000
Source:The Times Leader (PA) Author:Guydish, Mark Area:Pennsylvania Lines:83 Added:04/08/2000

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