Standard-Examiner _UT_ 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2022
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1 US UT: Painkiller Addictions Leading To Wave Of HeroinSat, 11 Jul 2015
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Lampros, Jamie Area:Utah Lines:150 Added:07/13/2015
2 US UT: PUB LTE: Nanny-State Shouldn't Prohibit Use Of MarijuanaTue, 10 Sep 2013
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Utah Lines:43 Added:09/12/2013
3 UT: Utah Mother Wants to See Medical Marijuana in a LiquidMon, 09 Sep 2013
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Clark, Antone Area:Utah Lines:98 Added:09/09/2013
4 US UT: Davis County Sheriff: Legalizing Marijuana Would HarmMon, 09 Sep 2013
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Brown, Bubba Area:Utah Lines:138 Added:09/09/2013
5 US UT: Drug War Debate Continues In Weber County ForumSat, 22 Jun 2013
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Bayer, Mikayla Area:Utah Lines:78 Added:06/24/2013
6 US UT: Drug War Debate ContinuesFri, 21 Jun 2013
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Beyer, Mikaya Area:Utah Lines:92 Added:06/24/2013
7 US UT: PUB LTE: Marijuana Prohibition Has Taken Another LifeFri, 24 May 2013
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Bergstrom, Jay Area:Utah Lines:31 Added:05/26/2013
8 US UT: In Wake Of Police-Stewart Shootout, Group Forms To EndFri, 13 Apr 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:McFall, Michael Area:Utah Lines:104 Added:04/13/2012
9 US UT: In Wake Of Police-Stewart Shootout, Group Forms To EndFri, 13 Apr 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:McFall, Michael Area:Utah Lines:103 Added:04/13/2012
10 US UT: PUB LTE: Bible Says To Accept Cannabis With ThankfulnessWed, 25 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:White, Stan Area:Utah Lines:48 Added:01/26/2012
11 US UT: PUB LTE: Leviticus Doesn't Forbid The Use Of MarijuanaWed, 25 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Hohmann, Craig Leroy Area:Utah Lines:58 Added:01/25/2012
12 US UT: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Continues To Create CasualtiesTue, 24 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Lopez-Jarvis, Christine Area:Utah Lines:33 Added:01/24/2012
13 US UT: LTE: Writer Discredits Our OfficersFri, 20 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Sturdevant, Larry Area:Utah Lines:30 Added:01/23/2012
14 US UT: LTE: Frontal Assaults By Cops Look Good On TvThu, 19 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Tretheway, Richard L. Area:Utah Lines:41 Added:01/19/2012
15 US UT: DEA: DEA: Indoor Pot Operations, Like That Found atThu, 19 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Schwebke, Scott Area:Utah Lines:90 Added:01/19/2012
16 US UT: PUB LTE: Privately Growing Marijuana Should Be ProtectedThu, 19 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Dee, Michael J. Area:Utah Lines:39 Added:01/19/2012
17 US UT: PUB LTE: Home Invader May Shout 'Police'Wed, 18 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Utah Lines:42 Added:01/18/2012
18 US UT: Column: An Officer Dies Fighting Drugs, A JudgeSun, 15 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Trentelman, Charles F. Area:Utah Lines:98 Added:01/16/2012
19 US UT: Suspect's Family Heartbroken Over ShootingSat, 07 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Trentelman, Charles F. Area:Utah Lines:113 Added:01/08/2012
20 US UT: Ogden Police Shooting Likely Death Penalty CaseFri, 06 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Schwebke, Scott Area:Utah Lines:106 Added:01/08/2012
21 US UT: Editorial: In The Line Of DutyThu, 05 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT)          Area:Utah Lines:41 Added:01/08/2012
22 US UT: Funeral To Be Wednesday For FrancomSun, 08 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:McFall, Michael Area:Utah Lines:120 Added:01/08/2012
23 US UT: Officer Dies Of Gunshot Wound, Five More InjuredThu, 05 Jan 2012
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:McFall, Michael Area:Utah Lines:92 Added:01/08/2012
24 US UT: Box Elder School District's Drug Policy Deemed A SuccessSat, 14 Aug 2010
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT)          Area:Utah Lines:65 Added:08/15/2010
25 US UT: Clinton-Inspired Council Meets To Regulate HerbsWed, 07 Jul 2010
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT)          Area:Utah Lines:80 Added:07/09/2010
26 US UT: PUB LTE: Local Marijuana Plants Keep Prices LowFri, 02 Jul 2010
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Utah Lines:35 Added:07/03/2010
27 US UT: 12000 Marijuana Plants Removed In Hills Above CentervilleSun, 27 Jun 2010
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT)          Area:Utah Lines:79 Added:06/29/2010
28 US UT: Program A 'Tool To Keep Kids Safe'Fri, 30 Oct 2009
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Toone, Trent Area:Utah Lines:104 Added:10/30/2009
29 US UT: PUB LTE: The Greatest NightmareFri, 27 Mar 2009
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Carrier, Roger Area:Utah Lines:48 Added:03/30/2009
30 US UT: Utah Faces: A Warrior Against DrugsMon, 24 Oct 2005
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Lampros, Jamie Area:Utah Lines:97 Added:10/27/2005
31 US UT: Annual Picnic Features 200 Drug Court FansSun, 28 Aug 2005
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Gurrister, Tim Area:Utah Lines:71 Added:08/28/2005
32 US UT: Cold Stop To Meth Production?Sun, 14 Aug 2005
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Farver, Shane Area:Utah Lines:147 Added:08/18/2005
33 US UT: Manslaughter Charge Dismissed In Case Of Methadone SharingThu, 21 Jul 2005
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Gurrister, Tim Area:Utah Lines:68 Added:07/23/2005
34 US UT: Views Aired on Forfeiture ProposalThu, 26 Feb 2004
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Buchta, Cheryl Area:Utah Lines:96 Added:02/26/2004
35 US UT: PUB LTE: Focus On Drug War Has Been Too ExcessiveSat, 10 Nov 2001
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Plylar, Mike Area:Utah Lines:36 Added:11/10/2001
36 US UT: PUB LTE: Drug Policy Needs To Be RevisitedSun, 04 Nov 2001
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Utah Lines:44 Added:11/07/2001
37 US UT: Man Killed By Police Was Addicted To DrugsWed, 24 Oct 2001
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT)          Area:Utah Lines:49 Added:10/24/2001
38 US UT: 'Graduates' Dismissed From Ogden's Drug CourtWed, 10 Oct 2001
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Gurrister, Tim Area:Utah Lines:112 Added:10/12/2001
39 US UT: LTE: The Wealthy Shouldn't Get Special Treatment For DrugFri, 25 May 2001
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Dodge, Dan Area:Utah Lines:40 Added:05/25/2001
40 US UT: Abuse Of Nitrous Oxide Is On The Rise Among TeensThu, 15 Mar 2001
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT)          Area:Utah Lines:82 Added:03/16/2001
41 US UT: Utah Law Officers File Suit Over Seizure InitiativeWed, 14 Mar 2001
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Wakley, Ralph Area:Utah Lines:64 Added:03/15/2001
42 US UT: Drug Czar - Narcotics Put Athletes Under SuspicionThu, 07 Dec 2000
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT)          Area:Utah Lines:56 Added:12/08/2000
43 US UT: PUB LTE: Treatment Is Less Costly Than ImprisonmentFri, 01 Dec 2000
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Utah Lines:49 Added:12/01/2000
44 US UT: Rehab Alternative Is Less Costly Than ImprisonmentFri, 17 Nov 2000
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Wakley, Ralph Area:Utah Lines:80 Added:11/17/2000
45 US UT: Hinckley Warns Church Members Against Drugs, ImmoralitySun, 08 Oct 2000
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Truman, Preston Area:Utah Lines:71 Added:10/10/2000
46 US UT: PUB LTE: Initiative B Is About Citizens' RightsMon, 02 Oct 2000
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Ferguson, Joe H. Area:Utah Lines:53 Added:10/03/2000
47 US UT: PUB LTE: Initiative B Protects Against Unlawful SeizureSat, 23 Sep 2000
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Hadley, Thomas M. Area:Utah Lines:40 Added:09/23/2000
48 US UT: PUB LTE: Drug War Commentary AppreciatedWed, 20 Sep 2000
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Sagan, Greg Area:Utah Lines:21 Added:09/20/2000
49 US UT: PUB LTE: 'War On Drugs' Commentary AppreciatedSun, 17 Sep 2000
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Ashby, Earl W. Area:Utah Lines:32 Added:09/17/2000
50 US UT: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Causes More Harm Than HelpThu, 14 Sep 2000
Source:Standard-Examiner (UT) Author:Hollingsworth, Myron Von Area:Utah Lines:46 Added:09/14/2000

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