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1 US CT: 'An Opportunity To Be A Healer Again'Tue, 06 Sep 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Stannard, Ed Area:Connecticut Lines:169 Added:09/07/2016
2 US: Government Won't Reclassify Marijuana, Allows ResearchSat, 13 Aug 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Caldwell, Alicia A. Area:United States Lines:116 Added:08/13/2016
3 US CT: Column: Can Americans Hold Ourselves Together As aMon, 11 Jul 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Allen, Danielle Area:Connecticut Lines:85 Added:07/12/2016
4 US CT: Connecticut Advocates Cheer Passage Of Medical Law ForTue, 31 May 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:McLoughlin, Pamela Area:Connecticut Lines:128 Added:05/31/2016
5 US CT: Senate Oks Medical Pot For MinorsMon, 02 May 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Stuart, Christine Area:Connecticut Lines:110 Added:05/02/2016
6 US CT: Pot Proponents Push LegalizationWed, 06 Apr 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Kramer, Jack Area:Connecticut Lines:151 Added:04/07/2016
7 US CT: Column: Drug-Sniffing Police Dog Violates Home PrivacyMon, 04 Apr 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Bhatt, Tejas Area:Connecticut Lines:156 Added:04/04/2016
8 US: Research Links Genetics to Marijuana Dependence, DepressionFri, 01 Apr 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT)          Area:United States Lines:36 Added:04/01/2016
9 US CT: Column: Think Green: Here's An Easy Way to Cut OurSun, 27 Mar 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Beach, Randall Area:Connecticut Lines:119 Added:03/27/2016
10 US CT: Editorial: Legislature Should Approve Medical MarijuanaThu, 24 Mar 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT)          Area:Connecticut Lines:92 Added:03/24/2016
11 US DC: When The Innocent Are Treated Like CriminalsTue, 08 Mar 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Sullivan, John Area:District of Columbia Lines:137 Added:03/08/2016
12 US CT: 'Everyone Is Invested'Sun, 06 Mar 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Ambery, NF Area:Connecticut Lines:188 Added:03/07/2016
13 US CT: Column: We Already Know How To Win The War On DrugsSat, 02 Jan 2016
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Allen, Danielle Area:Connecticut Lines:114 Added:01/04/2016
14 US CT: Editorial: Use Of Narcan Should Be ExpandedFri, 27 Nov 2015
Source:Register Citizen (CT)          Area:Connecticut Lines:80 Added:11/27/2015
15 US CT: Prosecution Of Marijuana Cases RareFri, 27 Nov 2015
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Bisaro, Anna Area:Connecticut Lines:139 Added:11/27/2015
16 US CT: Column: Marijuana Legalization Worth A ShotSat, 14 Feb 2015
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Bigelow, Susan Area:Connecticut Lines:102 Added:02/15/2015
17 US: Pot Poison Control Calls Up In Washington, ColoradoSat, 24 Jan 2015
Source:Register Citizen (CT)          Area:United States Lines:31 Added:01/26/2015
18 US CT: Board Rejects Marijuana To Treat Tourette'sFri, 16 Jan 2015
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Stannard, Ed Area:Connecticut Lines:82 Added:01/17/2015
19 US: Pot Law Mayhem Divides U.S. As Travelers Get BustedSat, 23 Aug 2014
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Harris, Andrew Area:United States Lines:226 Added:08/24/2014
20 US CT: Torrington Officials, Substance Abuse Agency To UnveilTue, 05 Aug 2014
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Hernandez, Esteban L. Area:Connecticut Lines:75 Added:08/06/2014
21 US CT: Column: We Need To Learn A Few Things About UsingSat, 07 Jun 2014
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Rosenberg, Alyssa Area:Connecticut Lines:83 Added:06/11/2014
22 US CT: OPED: When Heroin Hit The SuburbsTue, 20 May 2014
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Lerner, Stephen Area:Connecticut Lines:99 Added:05/20/2014
23 US: Feds Let Banks, Pot Sellers Do BusinessSun, 16 Feb 2014
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Yost, Pete Area:United States Lines:115 Added:02/17/2014
24 US CT: Column: Teens and Pot Use: Parents, Here's What YouFri, 17 Jan 2014
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Brown, Suzanne S. Area:Connecticut Lines:176 Added:01/20/2014
25 US CT: Column: We're High - And Getting Higher - On CompassionSat, 11 Jan 2014
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:O'Reilly, Bill Area:Connecticut Lines:78 Added:01/12/2014
26 US CO: Legal Or Not, Industrial Hemp Harvest On Its WaySun, 13 Oct 2013
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Wyatt, Kristen Area:Colorado Lines:122 Added:10/13/2013
27 US CT: Some Can't Find Doctors Who Will Recommend PotTue, 08 Oct 2013
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:McQuaid, Hugh Area:Connecticut Lines:106 Added:10/10/2013
28 US CT: State's Medical Marijuana Law Likely Safe From FederalSat, 31 Aug 2013
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:McQuaid, Hugh Area:Connecticut Lines:68 Added:08/31/2013
29 US CT: Activists Say the 'War on Drugs' Has FailedTue, 18 Jun 2013
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Scinto, Rich Area:Connecticut Lines:81 Added:06/19/2013
30 US CT: OPED: Five Myths About The Legalization Of MarijuanaSun, 09 Jun 2013
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Fine, Doug Area:Connecticut Lines:153 Added:06/11/2013
31 US CT: Restriction Removed For Methadone ClinicThu, 28 Mar 2013
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Cleary, Tom Area:Connecticut Lines:136 Added:03/29/2013
32 US CT: OPED: States Should Set Own Marijuana LawsSun, 10 Mar 2013
Source:Register Citizen (CT)          Area:Connecticut Lines:61 Added:03/10/2013
33 US MA: 'Listening Session' On Mass. Medical MarijuanaFri, 15 Feb 2013
Source:Register Citizen (CT)          Area:Massachusetts Lines:30 Added:02/16/2013
34 US CT: Simsbury Zoning Commission Mulls Local Regulations forSat, 24 Nov 2012
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Bennett, Jacqueline Area:Connecticut Lines:81 Added:11/25/2012
35 US CT: OPED: Medical Marijuana Use Should Be ApprovedSun, 29 May 2011
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Prota, James Area:Connecticut Lines:108 Added:05/30/2011
36 US CT: Local Police Want Connecticut To Ban K2Sat, 27 Nov 2010
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Burrill, Lindsey Area:Connecticut Lines:63 Added:11/28/2010
37 US CT: Column: The Drug War - More Wasted Money And LivesSat, 12 Jun 2010
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Collins, Bill Area:Connecticut Lines:104 Added:06/14/2010
38 US CT: OPED: Silent Shifts in the Drug WarFri, 19 Feb 2010
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Hunter-Bowman, Jess Area:Connecticut Lines:95 Added:02/19/2010
39 US CT: OPED: The Drug War Has Failed, So What's Next?Thu, 01 Oct 2009
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Tree, Sanho Area:Connecticut Lines:62 Added:10/01/2009
40 US CT: Column: Arnold's Brave Call For A Pot Debate: InterviewMon, 11 May 2009
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Steigerwald, Bill Area:Connecticut Lines:144 Added:05/11/2009
41 US CT: DARE Program Resurrected At Torrington Middle SchoolMon, 26 Jan 2009
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Derosa, Ronald Area:Connecticut Lines:57 Added:01/26/2009
42 US CT: PUB LTE: Drugs Must Be RegulatedWed, 07 Jan 2009
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Lane, David Area:Connecticut Lines:27 Added:01/07/2009
43 US CT: PUB LTE: Protect Children From DrugsTue, 06 Jan 2009
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Connecticut Lines:34 Added:01/07/2009
44 US CT: PUB LTE: Yes -- AlmostTue, 06 Jan 2009
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Schaffer, Clifford Area:Connecticut Lines:44 Added:01/07/2009
45 US CT: Editorial: Pot Possession Should Be LegalFri, 02 Jan 2009
Source:Register Citizen (CT)          Area:Connecticut Lines:49 Added:01/03/2009
46 US CT: PUB LTE: Dare Program Is Waste of Tax MoneySat, 02 Aug 2008
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Wilson, Les Area:Connecticut Lines:46 Added:08/02/2008
47 US CT: Hinsdale Students Learn To Say 'No' To DrugsTue, 23 Oct 2007
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Roberts, Kevin D. Area:Connecticut Lines:75 Added:10/23/2007
48 US CT: The High Price Of Fighting Illegal Drug InfiltrationTue, 08 May 2007
Source:Register Citizen (CT)          Area:Connecticut Lines:21 Added:05/13/2007
49 US CT: No Meth Arrests, But Area May Be In the CrosshairsMon, 07 May 2007
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Ciaramella, Jenna Area:Connecticut Lines:130 Added:05/10/2007
50 US CT: State Abandons Drug Case Against Torrington CoupleThu, 10 May 2007
Source:Register Citizen (CT) Author:Kennedy, Tracy Area:Connecticut Lines:56 Added:05/10/2007

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