Pittsburgh Post-Gazette _PA_ 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2021
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1 US PA: Part-time Donora Police Officer Charged With Stealing HeroinWed, 11 Jan 2017
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Silver, Jonathan D. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:64 Added:01/11/2017
2 US PA: Richland Woman Dies Of Heroin Od With 3-year-old Son InThu, 05 Jan 2017
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Silver, Jonathan D. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:65 Added:01/05/2017
3 US PA: Hemp Is The New TobaccoSun, 01 Jan 2017
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Skerritt, Jen Area:Pennsylvania Lines:67 Added:01/05/2017
4 US PA: Attention To Opioids May Be Curbing Doctors PrescriptionsFri, 30 Dec 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Lord, Rich Area:Pennsylvania Lines:116 Added:12/30/2016
5 US PA: One Day In The Opioid EpidemicMon, 26 Dec 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Lord, Rich Area:Pennsylvania Lines:394 Added:12/30/2016
6 Philippines: Body Count Rises As Philippine President WagesWed, 03 Aug 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Gutierrez, Jason Area:Philippines Lines:45 Added:08/03/2016
7 US: Study Finds That Medical Marijuana Decreases Use ofThu, 07 Jul 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Sapatkin, Don Area:United States Lines:56 Added:07/07/2016
8 US PA: PUB LTE: Drug Abuse Is A Health, Not Crime, ProblemSun, 19 Jun 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Scofield, Jim Area:Pennsylvania Lines:44 Added:06/19/2016
9 US PA: Parents Caught In Medical Pot's Legal CrossfireSun, 19 Jun 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Wood, Sam Area:Pennsylvania Lines:113 Added:06/19/2016
10 US MD: Advocates Frustrated As Medical Marijuana InchesMon, 23 May 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Gregg, Aaron Area:Maryland Lines:134 Added:05/23/2016
11 US OH: Ohio House Approves Medical Marijuana BillWed, 11 May 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Provance, Jim Area:Ohio Lines:126 Added:05/11/2016
12 Mexico: Mexico's President Intends to Legalize MedicalWed, 20 Apr 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Cattan, Nacha Area:Mexico Lines:39 Added:04/21/2016
13 US PA: Medical Marijuana May Be Next Big Business In Pa.Sat, 16 Apr 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Kraus, Scott Area:Pennsylvania Lines:147 Added:04/16/2016
14 US PA: Editorial: War On PeopleTue, 05 Apr 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:57 Added:04/05/2016
15 US NJ: Medical Marijuana Could Be Pricey, N.J. Report ShowsFri, 18 Mar 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Hefler, Jan Area:New Jersey Lines:88 Added:03/18/2016
16 US PA: Pa. House Passes Medical Pot BillThu, 17 Mar 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Langley, Karen Area:Pennsylvania Lines:77 Added:03/17/2016
17 US PA: PUB LTE: PA., It's Well Beyond Time to OK MedicalWed, 16 Mar 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Kukovich, Allen Area:Pennsylvania Lines:57 Added:03/16/2016
18 US PA: Help Or Harm?Tue, 15 Mar 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Langley, Karen Area:Pennsylvania Lines:71 Added:03/15/2016
19 US PA: Editorial: Patients In NeedTue, 15 Mar 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:49 Added:03/15/2016
20 US PA: Pennsylvania House Close to Vote This Week on MedicalMon, 14 Mar 2016
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Langley, Karen Area:Pennsylvania Lines:85 Added:03/14/2016
21 US PA: LTE: Heroin Is ViolenceWed, 23 Dec 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Paull, Gary Area:Pennsylvania Lines:41 Added:12/25/2015
22 US PA: PUB LTE: Stalling On Marijuana VoteThu, 19 Nov 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Shuker, Heather Area:Pennsylvania Lines:46 Added:11/19/2015
23 US PA: PUB LTE: Drug Addiction Is Not A Moral FailingSun, 15 Nov 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Broyles, Lauren M. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:49 Added:11/16/2015
24 US PA: Ohio Pot Advocates Likely To Relight EffortsSun, 08 Nov 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Minchillo, John Area:Pennsylvania Lines:157 Added:11/08/2015
25 US PA: Editorial: Fair ReleaseSun, 11 Oct 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:54 Added:10/11/2015
26 US PA: LTE: Drugs Are Killing Communities and People We LoveSun, 13 Sep 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Doyle, Richard Area:Pennsylvania Lines:48 Added:09/15/2015
27 US PA: 17 Local Overdoses In 1 DayTue, 18 Aug 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Templeton, David Area:Pennsylvania Lines:88 Added:08/18/2015
28 US: DEA's Policy on Informants Blasted by Justice DepartmentWed, 22 Jul 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Lord, Rich Area:United States Lines:114 Added:07/27/2015
29 US PA: Editorial: Out Of ControlSun, 26 Jul 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:61 Added:07/27/2015
30 US PA: Apollo Group Tries To Rid Its Streets Of Drug DealersMon, 13 Jul 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Routh, Julian Area:Pennsylvania Lines:109 Added:07/16/2015
31 US PA: PUB LTE: Drugs And The StateSat, 20 Jun 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Edenhart, John Area:Pennsylvania Lines:37 Added:06/21/2015
32 US PA: PUB LTE: Whether Pot Is Dangerous Is Not The PointSun, 31 May 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Farkas, Joseph Area:Pennsylvania Lines:45 Added:06/01/2015
33 US PA: Poll Finds Toomey's Lead Grows In '16 RaceTue, 07 Apr 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:O'Toole, James P. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:76 Added:04/07/2015
34 US PA: Allegheny County Drug Courts Render Justice, butSun, 29 Mar 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Benzing, Jeffrey Area:Pennsylvania Lines:276 Added:03/31/2015
35 Colombia: Anti-Drug Efforts Use Harmful SprayMon, 23 Mar 2015
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Goodman, Joshua Area:Colombia Lines:57 Added:03/23/2015
36 US PA: PUB LTE: The Mishra FamilyMon, 06 Oct 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Adams, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:38 Added:10/08/2014
37 US PA: PUB LTE: PA. Needs a Truly Beneficial Medical MarijuanaSat, 13 Sep 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Lovett, David Area:Pennsylvania Lines:37 Added:09/14/2014
38 US PA: Magee, Insurers Launch Recovery Center ForThu, 21 Aug 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Carpenter, Mackenzie Area:Pennsylvania Lines:85 Added:08/23/2014
39 US PA: Regional Panel On Drug Addiction Drafts InitialThu, 14 Aug 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Lord, Rich Area:Pennsylvania Lines:81 Added:08/19/2014
40 US PA: Column: There's No Point In Continuing Ban On PotTue, 29 Jul 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Norman, Tony Area:Pennsylvania Lines:87 Added:07/30/2014
41 Mexico: Mexican Leader Hints He Could Allow Changes To LawsMon, 09 Jun 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Graham, Dave Area:Mexico Lines:58 Added:06/11/2014
42 US PA: Editorial: Placebo EffectSun, 04 May 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:41 Added:05/05/2014
43 US PA: Corbett Backs Some Medical Marijuana UseFri, 02 May 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Carpenter, Mackenzie Area:Pennsylvania Lines:125 Added:05/04/2014
44 US CO: Colorado Deaths Stir Pot WorriesSat, 19 Apr 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Gurman, Sadie Area:Colorado Lines:95 Added:04/19/2014
45 US: Users Lobby For Medical PotTue, 08 Apr 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)          Area:United States Lines:29 Added:04/10/2014
46 US PA: Drug LegalizationSun, 16 Mar 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:50 Added:03/19/2014
47 US PA: Mom's False Test Brings SettlementSat, 15 Mar 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Lord, Rich Area:Pennsylvania Lines:50 Added:03/18/2014
48 US: U.S. Government Approves Medical Marijuana ResearchSat, 15 Mar 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Halper, Evan Area:United States Lines:80 Added:03/17/2014
49 US PA: PUB LTE: Everybody Wins If State Stores Evolve IntoSun, 02 Mar 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Hensler, Mark Area:Pennsylvania Lines:44 Added:03/03/2014
50 US PA: OPED: The Mythology Of MarijuanaSun, 02 Mar 2014
Source:Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (PA) Author:Wecht, Cyril Area:Pennsylvania Lines:220 Added:03/03/2014

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