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1 US PA: Suburbs Latest Markets For 'Club Drugs'Mon, 22 Jul 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Wallace-Wells, Benjamin Area:Pennsylvania Lines:184 Added:07/24/2002
2 US PA: Police Costs Soar With Antidrug PlanSat, 20 Jul 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Gorenstein, Nathan Area:Pennsylvania Lines:99 Added:07/22/2002
3 US PA: OPED: Drug Testing Another Blow To FreedomsSun, 14 Jul 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Rosato, Jennifer Area:Pennsylvania Lines:83 Added:07/14/2002
4 UK: Britain Seeks to Relax Marijuana PenaltiesThu, 11 Jul 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Reid, T. R. Area:United Kingdom Lines:84 Added:07/11/2002
5 Bolivia: Bolivia's Drug War At Riak In ElectionSun, 30 Jun 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Hall, Kevin G. Area:Bolivia Lines:77 Added:06/30/2002
6 Mexico: Cocaine Addiction Growing In MexicoMon, 24 Jun 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA)          Area:Mexico Lines:115 Added:06/29/2002
7 US PA: Prosecutor Says: 'He Will Die in Prison'Fri, 21 Jun 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:King, Larry Area:Pennsylvania Lines:123 Added:06/22/2002
8 US PA: Commentary: Drugs Are Not Just A City ThingFri, 21 Jun 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Harkness, Richard Area:Pennsylvania Lines:100 Added:06/22/2002
9 Colombia: Colombian Rebel Chief In US CustodyThu, 20 Jun 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Gedda, George Area:Colombia Lines:39 Added:06/21/2002
10 US PA: Doctor Sentenced To Prison In OxyContin CaseThu, 20 Jun 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:King, Larry Area:Pennsylvania Lines:58 Added:06/20/2002
11 US PA: A Deadly Drug's Appeal Not WaningThu, 20 Jun 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:King, Larry Area:Pennsylvania Lines:131 Added:06/20/2002
12 US PA: Street Seeks U.S. Funds For Antidrug ProgramWed, 19 Jun 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Mondics, Chris Area:Pennsylvania Lines:117 Added:06/20/2002
13 US PA: Editorial: Worth The PriceMon, 10 Jun 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:107 Added:06/10/2002
14 US PA: Column: Phila Antidrug Effort Wins Praise - Where ItFri, 07 Jun 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Moore, Acel Area:Pennsylvania Lines:106 Added:06/09/2002
15 US PA: Taking Aim At Camden Drug CornersThu, 30 May 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Ott, Dwight Area:Pennsylvania Lines:75 Added:05/30/2002
16 US PA: In New Drug Fight, City Enlisting Residents As Eyes AndSun, 26 May 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Wood, Sam Area:Pennsylvania Lines:72 Added:05/26/2002
17 South Africa: A High-Level Visit, and the Joint Was Jumpin'Sun, 26 May 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Sims, Gayle Ronan Area:South Africa Lines:34 Added:05/26/2002
18 US AL: Courts Scrutinize Unforgiving LawsSun, 19 May 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Slater, Eric Area:Alabama Lines:75 Added:05/19/2002
19 US PA: Bristol Twp Wants To Use Traffic Laws To Fight DrugsThu, 16 May 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Meyer, Zlati Area:Pennsylvania Lines:93 Added:05/18/2002
20 US PA: War - Of Words - On Drug DealingThu, 09 May 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Moran, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:76 Added:05/11/2002
21 US PA: Officers Learn To Recognize Drug-Impaired DriversMon, 06 May 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Sant, Will Van Area:Pennsylvania Lines:99 Added:05/07/2002
22 US PA: Putting Police Where Drugs AreWed, 01 May 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Moran, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:128 Added:05/03/2002
23 US PA: Philadelphia Police Plan New Antidrug PushMon, 29 Apr 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Moran, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:94 Added:04/30/2002
24 US PA: Restoring Light To One Of Phila's Darkest CornersMon, 29 Apr 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Moran, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:186 Added:04/29/2002
25 US KY: Politics, Drugs Part Of Sheriff's SlayingSun, 21 Apr 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Alford, Roger Area:Kentucky Lines:95 Added:04/21/2002
26 US PA: Column: War On Terrorism Must Come Before War On DrugsSun, 14 Apr 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Bowden, Mark Area:Pennsylvania Lines:104 Added:04/14/2002
27 US PA: Druggists Give Their Accounts In TrialThu, 04 Apr 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:King, Larry Area:Pennsylvania Lines:113 Added:04/04/2002
28 Peru: Terror, Drugs Top Agenda For BushSun, 24 Mar 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Hall, Kevin G. Area:Peru Lines:85 Added:03/24/2002
29 US PA: Editorial: Testing Positive?Thu, 21 Mar 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:70 Added:03/22/2002
30 US: Provocative White House Antidrug Ads Stir DebateSun, 17 Mar 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Davies, Frank Area:United States Lines:98 Added:03/18/2002
31 Mexico: Mexico Arrests Alleged Leader Of Drug CartelSun, 10 Mar 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Hall, Kevin G. Area:Mexico Lines:72 Added:03/11/2002
32 US: Inflated Arrests Draw Discipline At DEAThu, 28 Feb 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Savino, Lenny Area:United States Lines:74 Added:02/28/2002
33 Netherlands: Drive-Ups To Feature WeedSun, 24 Feb 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Rubin, Daniel Area:Netherlands Lines:135 Added:02/25/2002
34 US: With New Drug Policy, Bush Puts Focus On TreatmentWed, 13 Feb 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Borenstein, Seth Area:United States Lines:86 Added:02/14/2002
35 US: Drug Seizures Are Counted Twice, GAO SaysSat, 02 Feb 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Savino, Lenny Area:United States Lines:86 Added:02/02/2002
36 US PA: PUB LTE: Racial ProfilingTue, 29 Jan 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:38 Added:01/31/2002
37 US PA: Three Collapse In School After Taking Liquid DrugThu, 31 Jan 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Wagman, Jake Area:Pennsylvania Lines:143 Added:01/31/2002
38 US NJ: Police Posing As Heroin Dealers Make 57 Arrests In NorthMon, 28 Jan 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:January, Brendan Area:New Jersey Lines:43 Added:01/28/2002
39 UK: A Scandal Brewed In TraditionMon, 21 Jan 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Gerlin, Andrea Area:United Kingdom Lines:130 Added:01/23/2002
40 US PA: Column: How To Profile Criminals?Sun, 20 Jan 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Eisner, Jane Area:Pennsylvania Lines:108 Added:01/20/2002
41 US PA: OPED: US Must Take Stand Against The Death Squads InTue, 15 Jan 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Ghitis, Frida Area:Pennsylvania Lines:84 Added:01/15/2002
42 US PA: Xanax Pills Send 12 Students to HospitalWed, 09 Jan 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Boyer, Barbara Area:Pennsylvania Lines:113 Added:01/10/2002
43 US PA: Peer Pressure Blamed In Sedative Use At SchoolThu, 10 Jan 2002
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Boyer, Barbara Area:Pennsylvania Lines:137 Added:01/10/2002
44 Mexico: Mexican Heroin On The RiseThu, 06 Dec 2001
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Hall, Kevin G. Area:Mexico Lines:71 Added:12/08/2001
45 Mexico: Mexican Judges Now TargetsFri, 23 Nov 2001
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Sullivan, Kevin Area:Mexico Lines:103 Added:11/24/2001
46 US PA: Ritalin Is Big On CampusThu, 22 Nov 2001
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Diaz, Johnny Area:Pennsylvania Lines:94 Added:11/22/2001
47 US: Colombian Leader Sees A Drug LinkSun, 11 Nov 2001
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Charles, Deborah Area:United States Lines:47 Added:11/13/2001
48 US PA: Radio Ads Targeting Teen Drug AbusersSun, 11 Nov 2001
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Schogol, Marc Area:Pennsylvania Lines:108 Added:11/12/2001
49 US PA: Radio Ads Take On Teen Drug AbusersFri, 09 Nov 2001
Source:Inquirer (PA) Author:Schogol, Marc Area:Pennsylvania Lines:105 Added:11/09/2001
50 US: Drug-Czar Nominee Clears A HurdleFri, 09 Nov 2001
Source:Inquirer (PA)          Area:United States Lines:38 Added:11/09/2001

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