Express-Times, The _PA_ 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2021
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1 US PA: LTE: Illegal Drug Use On The Rise Among AmericansWed, 08 Jul 2015
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Lyons, Dan Area:Pennsylvania Lines:33 Added:07/09/2015
2 US PA: PUB LTE: DA's Newsletter Doesn't Acknowledge Failure ofFri, 16 Jan 2015
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Rose, David Area:Pennsylvania Lines:45 Added:01/17/2015
3 US PA: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Programs Affecting Rates ofFri, 17 Oct 2014
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:38 Added:10/21/2014
4 US PA: Editorial: In the Hydrocodone Debate, Don't OverlookTue, 14 Oct 2014
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:65 Added:10/14/2014
5 US PA: PUB LTE: Old Attitudes About Marijuana Should BeWed, 10 Sep 2014
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Rapp, Ken Area:Pennsylvania Lines:37 Added:09/12/2014
6 US PA: Editorial: Don't Give Up On Random Drug Testing For TeachersSun, 25 May 2014
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:82 Added:05/30/2014
7 US PA: Bangor Area School District Teachers Reject Random DrugFri, 23 May 2014
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Ondrusek, Lynn Area:Pennsylvania Lines:99 Added:05/23/2014
8 US PA: Editorial: Make Random Drug Testing Part of TeacherWed, 29 Jan 2014
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:53 Added:02/01/2014
9 US NJ: PUB LTE: N.J. Taking A Step Forward With HempSat, 30 Nov 2013
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:White, Stan Area:New Jersey Lines:25 Added:12/02/2013
10 US NJ: New Jersey Hemp License Bill Clears Assembly PanelMon, 25 Nov 2013
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:New Jersey Lines:56 Added:11/26/2013
11 US PA: LTE: Marijuana Is Dangerous, Potentially Addictive DrugTue, 08 Oct 2013
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Lyons, Dan Area:Pennsylvania Lines:36 Added:10/10/2013
12 US PA: PUB LTE: Misguided Drug War Robs Us Of Other SocietalThu, 22 Aug 2013
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Stevens, Richard Area:Pennsylvania Lines:47 Added:08/24/2013
13 US PA: Bangor Area School Board Signs Off On Random EmployeeMon, 20 May 2013
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Satullo, Sara K. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:84 Added:05/22/2013
14 US PA: LTE: Teachers Should Agree To Drug TestsFri, 05 Oct 2012
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Davis, Sean Area:Pennsylvania Lines:40 Added:10/05/2012
15 US PA: Editorial: Crackdown on 'Bath Salts' Welcome, but CanSun, 29 Jul 2012
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:76 Added:07/30/2012
16 US PA: PUB LTE: Prohibition of Marijuana Makes It a 'Gateway'Sun, 27 May 2012
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:34 Added:05/29/2012
17 US PA: Editorial: Reform Marijuana Laws On Two Fronts - Drug CourtsWed, 23 May 2012
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:73 Added:05/24/2012
18 US PA: PUB LTE: 'War on Drugs' Promotes CrimeThu, 09 Feb 2012
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:37 Added:02/11/2012
19 US PA: Editorial: NJ Medical Marijuana Caught Up In LocalFri, 03 Feb 2012
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:56 Added:02/05/2012
20 US PA: Editorial: Random Drug Testing For All TeachersTue, 15 Feb 2011
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:45 Added:02/17/2011
21 US PA: PUB LTE: The Answer to Drug War: Decriminalization ofWed, 21 Jul 2010
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Sharpe, Robert Area:Pennsylvania Lines:39 Added:07/21/2010
22 US PA: Editorial: New Jersey's Medical Marijuana Program NeedsFri, 16 Jul 2010
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:71 Added:07/16/2010
23 US NJ: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Law Likely To Reduce Teen UseMon, 08 Mar 2010
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Gardinier, Kurt A. Area:New Jersey Lines:48 Added:03/08/2010
24 US PA: Students Speak Against Drug PolicyTue, 06 May 2008
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Elias, Joe Area:Pennsylvania Lines:85 Added:05/07/2008
25 US PA: School Board Close To OK On Drug Testing For TeachersWed, 13 Feb 2008
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Petty, Precious Area:Pennsylvania Lines:62 Added:02/14/2008
26 US PA: Easton Area Drug-Testing Policy Moving Toward VoteThu, 24 Jan 2008
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:McEvoy, Colin Area:Pennsylvania Lines:77 Added:01/25/2008
27 US PA: Boards Consider Drug Tests For Teacher HiresMon, 14 Jan 2008
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Mcevoy, Colin Area:Pennsylvania Lines:92 Added:01/15/2008
28 US PA: Editorial: Bursting At The SeamsMon, 10 Sep 2007
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:64 Added:09/11/2007
29 US PA: Hackettstown High Drug Program Generates InternationalWed, 02 May 2007
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Olanoff, Lynn Area:Pennsylvania Lines:84 Added:05/05/2007
30 US PA: Students Vow To Say 'No'Tue, 01 May 2007
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Malone, Jd Area:Pennsylvania Lines:73 Added:05/04/2007
31 US PA: Boscola Wants Drug Testing On The TableSat, 10 Mar 2007
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Pittman, Michelle Area:Pennsylvania Lines:117 Added:03/11/2007
32 US PA: Arrest Disgraceful, Horrible, Parents SayThu, 01 Mar 2007
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Milavskythe, Bevin Area:Pennsylvania Lines:59 Added:03/03/2007
33 US PA: No Telling If Bust Had Any ImpactSun, 08 Oct 2006
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Flanagan, Russ Area:Pennsylvania Lines:83 Added:10/10/2006
34 US PA: Parents May Have To Pay For Drug, Alcohol TestingTue, 26 Sep 2006
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Brill, Douglas B. Area:Pennsylvania Lines:59 Added:09/26/2006
35 US NJ: State Senate Committee OKs Needle ExchangeTue, 19 Sep 2006
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Bricketto, Martin C. Area:New Jersey Lines:65 Added:09/19/2006
36 US PA: Drug, Alcohol Tests Under GunMon, 07 Aug 2006
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Eilenberger, Andrea Area:Pennsylvania Lines:74 Added:08/09/2006
37 US PA: Drugs Pose Biggest Threat, Leaders SaySun, 18 Jun 2006
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Olanoff, Lynn Area:Pennsylvania Lines:58 Added:06/19/2006
38 US PA: Board Debates Drug-Testing PlanThu, 08 Jun 2006
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Olanoff, Lynn Area:Pennsylvania Lines:81 Added:06/10/2006
39 US PA: Warren Hills Examines Expanded Drug TestingSun, 29 Jan 2006
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Olanoff, Lynn Area:Pennsylvania Lines:71 Added:01/31/2006
40 US PA: Parents' Concerns Spur CD's Drug FightMon, 14 Nov 2005
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Lewis, Jim Area:Pennsylvania Lines:105 Added:11/14/2005
41 US PA: Use Of Laced Pot A Growing ProblemWed, 10 Aug 2005
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Quigley, Tom Area:Pennsylvania Lines:84 Added:08/10/2005
42 US NJ: Legislature Stirs Over Medical MarijuanaWed, 19 Jan 2005
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Dopp, Terrence Area:New Jersey Lines:99 Added:01/19/2005
43 US NJ: Cities Stoke Debate by Bucking N.J. Law on NeedleMon, 12 Jul 2004
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Livio, Susan K. Area:New Jersey Lines:144 Added:07/12/2004
44 US NJ: Club-Drug Dealers Face Doubled FinesWed, 09 Apr 2003
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Dopp, Terrence Area:New Jersey Lines:68 Added:04/09/2003
45 US NJ: Random Drug Tests Under ReviewThu, 20 Feb 2003
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Hall, Peter Area:New Jersey Lines:127 Added:02/20/2003
46 US NJ: Assembly To Consider Buses Being Drug-Free School ZonesSun, 16 Feb 2003
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Dopp, Terrence Area:New Jersey Lines:55 Added:02/16/2003
47 US MO: Student Group Forces Town Vote On Legalizing MedicalMon, 20 Jan 2003
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:Missouri Lines:32 Added:01/21/2003
48 US PA: Robber Claims Drugs Were Her DownfallSat, 07 Sep 2002
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Miller, Rudy Area:Pennsylvania Lines:91 Added:09/10/2002
49 US PA: Oxycontin Has A New EnemyTue, 03 Sep 2002
Source:Express-Times, The (PA)          Area:Pennsylvania Lines:130 Added:09/03/2002
50 US PA: Jury Indicts Parents In Son's Overdose DeathThu, 22 Aug 2002
Source:Express-Times, The (PA) Author:Hall, Peter Area:Pennsylvania Lines:97 Added:08/22/2002

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