Amarillo Globe-News _TX_ 1/1/1997 - 31/12/2023
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1 US TX: PUB LTE: Not All Cops Favor Marijuana ProhibitionSat, 11 Apr 2015
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Talley, Larry Area:Texas Lines:50 Added:04/13/2015
2 US TX: PUB LTE: Police Want Cannabis ProhibitionSat, 04 Apr 2015
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:White, Stan Area:Texas Lines:32 Added:04/09/2015
3 US TX: Drug Policy Creates Local OutcryMon, 30 Mar 2015
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Cortez, JC Area:Texas Lines:144 Added:04/01/2015
4 US TX: PUB LTE: Sagan Shows CourageMon, 20 Jun 2011
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Mosteller, Bill Area:Texas Lines:41 Added:06/20/2011
5 US TX: PUB LTE: Remember All TragediesSun, 16 Jan 2011
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Schmitto, Matt Area:Texas Lines:38 Added:01/16/2011
6 US TX: Column: Amarillo A Trap For Drug RunnersSun, 08 Mar 2009
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Beilue, Jon Mark Area:Texas Lines:98 Added:03/08/2009
7 US TX: Column: 'Failed State' Talk MisguidedSun, 08 Mar 2009
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Garza, Antonio O. Area:Texas Lines:88 Added:03/08/2009
8 US TX: PUB LTE: War On Drugs Pays OffMon, 03 Nov 2008
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Jones, Keith Area:Texas Lines:51 Added:11/04/2008
9 US TX: Editorial: Red Ribbon Gets Blue RibbonTue, 28 Oct 2008
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:43 Added:10/29/2008
10 US TX: OPED: Drug CourtsSun, 11 May 2008
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Board, John B. Area:Texas Lines:125 Added:05/12/2008
11 US TX: PUB LTE: Jury Deserves Kudos for Acquittal in Pot CaseTue, 01 Apr 2008
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Wills, Suzanne Area:Texas Lines:37 Added:04/05/2008
12 US TX: Column: Amarillo Jury Takes Step Toward Sanity With Pot Case AcquittalTue, 01 Apr 2008
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Sagan, Greg Area:Texas Lines:105 Added:04/02/2008
13 US TX: PUB LTE: Jury Recognize NeedTue, 01 Apr 2008
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Mirken, Bruce Area:Texas Lines:37 Added:04/01/2008
14 US TX: Man Acquitted in Pot CaseFri, 28 Mar 2008
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:King, Nicole Area:Texas Lines:74 Added:03/29/2008
15 US TX: Column: Will Our Changes Have Staying Power In New Year?Tue, 01 Jan 2008
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Sagan, Greg Area:Texas Lines:103 Added:01/02/2008
16 US TX: PUB LTE: Addicts Can Recover; Convicts Usually Don'tMon, 31 Dec 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Becker, Dean Area:Texas Lines:47 Added:01/02/2008
17 US TX: LTE: Solutions to Drug Problem Are Hard to Come ByMon, 31 Dec 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Walker, Carol Area:Texas Lines:44 Added:01/01/2008
18 US TX: PUB LTE: Drug Prohibition Making Criminals Filthy RichMon, 31 Dec 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Erickson, Allan Area:Texas Lines:44 Added:12/31/2007
19 US TX: LTE: Drug Legalization Isn't The AnswerFri, 28 Dec 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Williams, Wayne C. Area:Texas Lines:55 Added:12/28/2007
20 TX: PUB LTE: Regulation of Drug Sales Would Protect MinorsTue, 25 Dec 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Hunter, Sam R.        Lines:29 Added:12/27/2007
21 US TX: OPED: Drug ProhibitionFri, 21 Dec 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Wooldridge, Howard J. Area:Texas Lines:76 Added:12/24/2007
22 US TX: LTE: Users Don't Go to Prison for Their Habit AloneThu, 20 Dec 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Rogers, Bobby J. Area:Texas Lines:26 Added:12/20/2007
23 US TX: OPED: Prison Not Part Of Solution To Drug, Alcohol AddictionWed, 12 Dec 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:House, Hal Don Area:Texas Lines:102 Added:12/17/2007
24 US TX: PUB LTE: Special Crime Calls For Special CourtsSun, 16 Dec 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Ford, Nancy Area:Texas Lines:55 Added:12/17/2007
25 US TX: Column: Arguments Against Jailing Drug UsersSun, 16 Dec 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Farren, James A. Area:Texas Lines:106 Added:12/17/2007
26 US TX: Editorial: Just Say Yes To Drug-Test PolicyTue, 17 Jul 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:56 Added:07/17/2007
27 US TX: Column: Libby Leniency Calls Attention To SentencingTue, 10 Jul 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Sagan, Greg Area:Texas Lines:60 Added:07/10/2007
28 US TX: Corbin: Parents Are Best Defense Against Drug AbuseSat, 12 May 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Corbin, Julie Area:Texas Lines:107 Added:05/13/2007
29 US TX: Editorial: Just Say Yes To Roadblock On Illegal DrugTue, 13 Mar 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:41 Added:03/13/2007
30 US TX: Editorial: Lock 'Em Up, Throw Away KeyFri, 16 Feb 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:62 Added:02/16/2007
31 US TX: PUB LTE: Texas Drug Users Stuck With Dirty NeedlesThu, 01 Feb 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Hayes, Tracey Area:Texas Lines:49 Added:02/02/2007
32 US TX: Editorial: Monday BriefingMon, 29 Jan 2007
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:57 Added:02/01/2007
33 US TX: LTE: Meth-Related Murder Preventable, CostlyThu, 28 Dec 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Cheek, Charlene Area:Texas Lines:40 Added:12/28/2006
34 US TX: OPED: Prison Detrimental to Nonviolent Offenders - andFri, 22 Dec 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Fraser, Ronald Area:Texas Lines:116 Added:12/23/2006
35 US TX: OPED: Internal, External Factors Keep Youth Drug-freeWed, 01 Nov 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Allen, Carol Area:Texas Lines:91 Added:11/01/2006
36 US TX: Editorial: A Blue Ribbon For Early PreventionTue, 31 Oct 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:53 Added:11/01/2006
37 US TX: Column: Regulation, Taxation Could Bring Drug WoesThu, 07 Sep 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:64 Added:09/07/2006
38 US TX: PUB LTE: A Welcome New Voice For Drug Law ReformMon, 04 Sep 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Warnecke, Ann Rothkrug Area:Texas Lines:40 Added:09/04/2006
39 US TX: OPED: American Drug War Friend Only to Dealers and Prison IndustryWed, 23 Aug 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Stephens, Charles Paul Area:Texas Lines:125 Added:08/25/2006
40 US TX: PUB LTE: Too Many Vegetate In Prison NeedlesslyMon, 07 Aug 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Wills, Suzanne Area:Texas Lines:25 Added:08/07/2006
41 US TX: PUB LTE: Drug Policy Keeps Prison Industry In BusinessTue, 01 Aug 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Texas Lines:45 Added:08/01/2006
42 US TX: OPED: Save Prisons For Those Who Belong There; Save MoneyWed, 26 Jul 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Fraser, Ronald Area:Texas Lines:89 Added:07/26/2006
43 US TX: Column: Mexico Retreats From The Threshold Of A FortuneTue, 09 May 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Sagan, Greg Area:Texas Lines:115 Added:05/09/2006
44 US TX: PUB LTE: More Drug Users Should Get Limbaugh TreatmentSun, 07 May 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Mosteller, Billy Area:Texas Lines:44 Added:05/08/2006
45 US TX: Schools Conduct Random Drug TestsSat, 04 Feb 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Dickerson, Paige Area:Texas Lines:107 Added:02/09/2006
46 US TX: Editorial: School Drug Tests Passing The TestTue, 07 Feb 2006
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:47 Added:02/08/2006
47 US TX: Editorial: Drug Abusers 'Just Say No' To ParentalTue, 18 Oct 2005
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:47 Added:10/20/2005
48 US TX: Cranky KidsFri, 14 Oct 2005
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Primeau, Marty Area:Texas Lines:122 Added:10/19/2005
49 US TX: Editorial: Feds Step Up To Help Battle Local Meth WoesWed, 27 Jul 2005
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX)          Area:Texas Lines:40 Added:07/28/2005
50 US TX: PUB LTE: Tax Marijuana And Close The GatewayTue, 26 Jul 2005
Source:Amarillo Globe-News (TX) Author:Muse, Kirk Area:Texas Lines:37 Added:07/26/2005

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