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TeamSpeak Mac OS X version - TeamSpeex

TeamSpeex is freeware and is the unsupported, unofficial 3rd party freeware TeamSpeak client application for the Mac that is in no way affiliated with TeamSpeak Systems. It is used to access our virtual conference room and has been tested on an Intel Mac by MAP. Until all bugs are fixed, works best when it is opened using Rosetta.

Mac Installation and Set up here

How to connect to Virtual Conference Room (Mac)
Instructions on how to use Teamspeex

  1. ) Click on "Connect" icon on toolbar.

  2. ) Type in Server Address:
    Give yourself a Nickname and press Connect.

  3. ) You are in the DrugSense Lobby by default,
    To enter a Room, highlight your name and drag and drop to new room. (You may be prompted for a password)

  4. ) To send a text message to the room choose from the top menu bar:

    a) Highlight the room and press control key.
    b) Choose "Send Text Message to Channel" from the drop down menu and a dialogue box will appear.
    c) Type your message in the box that appears. (HINT: The text in the upper box indicates where message will be sent.)

Additonal menu controls:

(Keep it in your Dock so it is always handy.)

For troubleshooting, visit the TeamSpeex forum:


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