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SupportedBC Marijuana Party

The BC Marijuana Party recognizes the supremacy of the individual over the state. We believe that this condition is best protected by each individuals’ right to in life, liberty, and property. We further purport the principle of self-ownership. This right guarantees individuals full control over their bodies. This means that each individual has the right to decide what does, and does not, enter their bodies. And, accordingly, each individual is responsible for their bodies and those substances they choose to put in their bodies.

Features: Policy, Press Releases, Merchandise, Membership, Mailing List(s), Chat, Forum, News
Last-modified: 500 - Mon Mar 5 2018
URL: http://bcmarijuanaparty.com/

British Columbia Compassion Club Society

Canada's largest medical marijuana buyers' club. Based in Vancouver, BC, the Compassion Club provides clean cannabis and alternative therapies in a safe, healing environment.

Features: Search Engine, Membership, Speakers, News, Publications, Press Releases
Last-modified: Mon Mar 5 2018
URL: http://www.thecompassionclub.org/

SupportedCannabis Buyers' Clubs of Canada, Victoria BC

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Club

Features: Search Engine, Research, Forum, News
Last-modified: Thu Mar 23 2017
URL: http://cbc-canada.ca/

Centre for Addictions Research of BC

Substance use can be a healthy part of life, but also involves some risks. Inform-BC provides information and resources to support collaborative and realistic approaches to preventing and minimizing problems related to substance use.

Features: Newsletter, News, Publications, History, Research
Last-modified: Mon Mar 5 2018
URL: http://carbc.uvic.ca/

SupportedCrystal Meth Victoria Society, The

We aim to be your central resource database and communications channel regarding the Crystal Meth problem in B.C. This site offers hope, through education and communication. This site is volunteer run for parents, educators, families and youth.

Features: Press Releases, Search Engine, Merchandise, Membership, Speakers, Chat, Forum, News
Last-modified: Mon Mar 5 2018
URL: http://crystalmethbc.ca/

SupportedHarm Reduction Victoria

Harm Reduction Victoria (HRV) is a collective of Victoria area residents that recognize that people who use illicit drugs face discrimination, criminalization, stigmatization and isolation. We believe that ending the prohibition of illicit drugs and regulating their use is the only way to stop the war on people who use drugs. Locally, we seek to ensure that the highest quality health care is made accessible to all those who require harm reduction services.

Features: Policy, Search Engine, History, Membership, Forum
Last-modified: Mon 05 Mar 2018
URL: http://harmreductionvictoria.ca/

Insite for Community Safety

Concerned citizens providing fact-based information on Vancouver's supervised safe injection facility

Features: News, Publications, Audio/Video, Research
Last-modified: Wed Aug 2 2017
URL: http://www.communityinsite.ca/

SupportedInternational Hempology 101 Society

Non-profit Society Dedicated to Educating the Public about Hemp, Marijuana and Prohibition

Features: Search Engine, History, Research, Blog, News
Last-modified: Fri Mar 3 2017
URL: http://hempology.ca/

SupportedMatthew Elrod's Homepage

Homepage of drug policy reform webmaster.

Features: Policy, History, Chat, Forum, News
Last-modified: Mon Feb 5 2018
URL: http://drugsense.org/me/

Medical Marihuana.ca

Our site provides you with information about how you can apply to possess, use and grow marihuana in compliance with Health Canada's guidelines.

Features: Merchandise, Newsletter, Forum
Last-modified: 500 - Mon Mar 5 2018
URL: http://www.medicalmarihuana.ca/

SupportedMichelle Rainey

Why does the canadian government want to send Michelle Rainey to die in an american prison?

Features: Merchandise, Audio/Video, News
Last-modified: Fri Oct 27 2017
URL: http://michellerainey.com/

Pivot Legal Society Website

PIVOT is a non-profit society dedicated to advancing the interests of illegal dryg users, sex trade workers and other marginalized persons through legal education, strategic legal action and law reform.

Features: Publications, Press Releases
Last-modified: Tue Dec 26 2017
URL: http://www.pivotlegal.org/

Pot-TV Internetwork

Cannabis-related streaming video programs

Features: Search Engine, Audio/Video, Forum, News
Last-modified: 500 - Tue Dec 26 2017
URL: http://www.pot-tv.net/

Sacred Herb, The

Sacred Herb Hemp Store in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Pipes, bongs, hemp clothes and everything to do with that super, super marijuana! Stop by and check us out.

Features: Merchandise
Last-modified: 500 - Wed Feb 8 2017
URL: http://www.sacredherb.com/

Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users

VANDU is a group of IV drug users and former drug users who work to improve the lives of people who use illicit drugs. They do this through user-based peer support and education.

Features: Newsletter, News
Last-modified: Wed Feb 8 2017
URL: http://www.vandu.org/

SupportedVancouver Island Compassion Society

A Victoria-based compassion club providing resources, alternative therapies, and clean, safe cannabis to members

Features: Press Releases, Membership, Audio/Video, News
Last-modified: Wed Feb 8 2017
URL: http://thevics.com/

Canadians for Safe Access


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