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Luther, MikeUS TX: Don't Blame DrugsAustin Chronicle (TX)Thu, 21 Jan 1999
US TX: (2) Seeking Answers to Drug ProblemAustin Chronicle (TX)Wed, 27 Jan 1999
Root, R. L.US TX: Draconian Drug WarAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 19 Nov 1999
Ort, DavidUS TX: Legalize ItAustin Chronicle (TX)Wed, 24 Nov 1999
Root, Richard L.US TX: Draconian Drug WarAustin Chronicle (TX)Wed, 24 Nov 1999
Chase, JohnUS TX: The Drug DebateAustin Chronicle (TX)Wed, 24 Nov 1999
Sharpe, RobertUS TX: War On Some DrugsAustin Chronicle (TX)Wed, 24 Nov 1999
Terwey, DannyUS TX: Just Another VictimAustin Chronicle (TX)Wed, 24 Nov 1999
Belanger, FrankUS TX: Perverted TruthAustin Chronicle (TX)Wed, 24 Nov 1999
Heath, Stephen S.US TX: Attack Of The Demon WeedAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 08 Jun 2001
White, StanUS TX: Hemp For AmericaAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 18 Apr 2003
Sutliff, Gerald M.US TX: Legalize Medical MarijuanaAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 27 Jun 2003
Dee, Michael J.US TX: Is Marijuana Unsafe?Austin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 27 Jun 2003
Heath, StephenUS TX: Marijuana Laws Perpetuate MythAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 27 Jun 2003
Winthrop, R.D.US TX: Read Up On Medical MarijuanaAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 04 Jul 2003
Angell, TomUS TX: Ranting About the RAVE ActAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 04 Jul 2003
Mirken, BruceUS TX: DEA Wasting Money and Losing Drug WarAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 04 Jul 2003
Hicks, AirieUS TX: Marijuana Is MedicineAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 08 Aug 2003
Russ, ScottUS TX: Don't Drug Test StudentsAustin Chronicle (TX)Mon, 20 Oct 2003
Sharpe, RobertUS TX: The Drug War Itself Is The ProblemAustin Chronicle (TX)Tue, 02 Mar 2004
Sharpe, RobertUS TX: Common Sense Drug Policy NeededAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 03 Sep 2004
Ward, JulianUS TX: We All Need To Watch the Weed CarefullyAustin Chronicle (TX)Wed, 11 May 2005
Steeb, RickUS TX: The Truth Must OvercomeAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 20 May 2005
Ward, JulianUS TX: Suspicious Of PoliceAustin Chronicle (TX)Thu, 28 Jul 2005
Sharpe, RobertUS TX: Drug Laws Not About HealthAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 28 Jul 2006
Muse, KirkUS TX: Legalizing Pot Threatens BureaucraciesAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 15 Sep 2006
White, StanUS TX: DEA Doing DisserviceAustin Chronicle (TX)Wed, 27 Sep 2006
Sharpe, RobertUS TX: Anti-Drug Warriors Are IgnorantAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 24 Nov 2006
Sharpe, RobertUS TX: Hemp, Hemp, Hemp, HempAustin Chronicle (TX)Fri, 23 Mar 2007
Sharpe, RobertUS TX: Abuse Is Bad, But War Is Far WorseAustin Chronicle (TX)Thu, 08 Nov 2007
Sharpe, RobertUS TX: Supports Legalization Of MarijuanaAustin Chronicle (TX)Sat, 09 Jan 2010
Hausen, MichaelUS TX: Everyone Should Be Allowed To Have Their OwnAustin Chronicle (TX)Mon, 14 Feb 2011
Ward, JulianUS TX: Protect Our Freedom, Legalize PotAustin Chronicle (TX)Tue, 10 Jul 2012
White, StanUS TX: Don't Decriminalize, Legalize!Austin Chronicle (TX)Wed, 05 Feb 2014

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