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Givens, RalphUS OR: Marijuana Laws Based on FictionAlbany Democrat-Herald (OR)Sun, 22 Jun 2008
Givens, RalphUS OR: Pot Works Much BetterAlbany Democrat-Herald (OR)Thu, 12 May 2011
Givens, RalphUS GA: Drug Prohibition Has Been Dismal FailureAlbany Herald, The (GA)Wed, 17 Jun 2009
Givens, RalphUS NM: Persecuting PotAlibi (NM)Thu, 22 Jan 2009
Givens, RalphUS AL: Shame On Drug CrusadersAnniston Star (AL)Sat, 25 Sep 2010
Givens, RalphUS CA: End Arguments Over Medical PotAppeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)Sat, 16 May 2009
Givens, RalphUS CA: 'Reefer Madness' Ban A ViolationAppeal-Democrat (Marysville, CA)Mon, 19 Apr 2010
Givens, RalphUS NC: Prohibition Didn't Work With Alcohol and WonAsheville Citizen-Times (NC)Sun, 27 May 2007
Givens, RalphUS CO: High Drivers Are the SafestAspen Times, The (CO)Thu, 24 Feb 2011
Givens, RalphUS CO: Reefer MadnessAspen Times, The (CO)Wed, 01 Jun 2011
Givens, RalphUS GA: Conway Should Remember the Lessons ofAtlanta Journal-Constitution (GA)Tue, 12 May 2009
Givens, RalphUS CO: Phelps Should Not ApologizeBoulder Weekly (CO)Fri, 27 Feb 2009
Givens, RalphUS CO: Cop CorruptionBoulder Weekly (CO)Fri, 13 Mar 2009
Givens, RalphUS CO: Misleading ArgumentsBoulder Weekly (CO)Thu, 23 Apr 2009
Givens, RalphUS CO: Racist Lies vs. PotBoulder Weekly (CO)Thu, 11 Jun 2009
Givens, RalphUS CO: The War On PeopleBoulder Weekly (CO)Thu, 18 Jun 2009
Givens, RalphUS: BustedBrain, Child (US)Mon, 01 Oct 2007
Givens, RalphCN AB: Reefer MadnessCalgary Sun, The (CN AB)Sun, 27 Dec 2009
Givens, RalphUS WI: The Plain Truth Is - Medical Pot WorksCapital Times, The (WI)Wed, 19 Mar 2008
Givens, RalphUS WY: Pot Laws Based On Racist LiesCasper Star-Tribune (WY)Mon, 29 Mar 2010
Givens, RalphUS WY: Drug Laws Steeped In RacismCasper Star-Tribune (WY)Wed, 26 May 2010
Givens, RalphUS KY: 'Good Book' Hemp LessonCentral Kentucky News Journal (Campbellsville, KY)Wed, 20 Sep 2006
Givens, RalphUS CA: Where's The Harm?Chico News & Review, The (CA)Thu, 28 Jun 2007
Givens, RalphUS CA: Punishment Is A CrimeChico News & Review, The (CA)Thu, 23 Apr 2009
Givens, RalphUS CA: Mouthing LiesChico News & Review, The (CA)Thu, 16 Dec 2010
Givens, RalphCN BC: Prohibition Has Always FailedChilliwack Times (CN BC)Tue, 10 Jun 2008
Givens, RalphCN BC: Smoking Pot Is Victimless CrimeColumbia Valley Pioneer, The (CN BC)Fri, 30 Apr 2010
Givens, RalphUS CA: U.S. Drug Policy Spurs Mexican ViolenceColusa County Sun-Herald (CA)Sun, 10 May 2009
Givens, RalphUS CA: Pot Smokers And Driving An Old ArgumentDaily Democrat (Woodland, CA)Fri, 10 Sep 2010
Givens, RalphUS CA: Edu: 'Pot-Hibition' Created Drug CrimeDaily Forty-Niner (Cal State Long Beach, CA Edu)Wed, 04 Mar 2009
Givens, RalphUS IL: Ending Drug Wars Would Hurt GangsDaily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)Sun, 17 Aug 2008
Givens, RalphUS IL: Edu: Drug Prohibition's RacismDaily Northwestern (IL Edu)Tue, 28 Apr 2009
Givens, RalphUS AZ: Legalize To Stop ViolenceEast Valley Tribune (AZ)Wed, 24 Dec 2008
Givens, RalphCN ON: RantsEcho Weekly (CN ON)Thu, 22 May 2008
Givens, RalphUS WA: Marijuana A Victimless CrimeEdmonds Enterprise (WA)Wed, 04 Mar 2009
Givens, RalphUS TX: Legalize MarijuanaEl Paso Times (TX)Wed, 10 Mar 2010
Givens, RalphUS TX: Failed WarEl Paso Times (TX)Sun, 18 Jan 2009
Givens, RalphUS TX: Drug WarEl Paso Times (TX)Sun, 01 Feb 2009
Givens, RalphUS TX: Drug LegalizationEl Paso Times (TX)Fri, 02 Oct 2009
Givens, RalphUS TX: Drug War FailureEl Paso Times (TX)Mon, 07 Jun 2010
Givens, RalphUS WA: Today's Marijuana Laws Are Based on Old LiesEnumclaw Courier-Herald (WA)Mon, 17 Jan 2011
Givens, RalphUS WA: Marijuana And Racism In The USFederal Way Mirror (WA)Thu, 09 Jul 2009
Givens, RalphUS GA: Georgia Meth ProjectFlagpole (GA)Wed, 22 Apr 2009
Givens, RalphUS AL: Edu: Reader Responses to Last Week's 'Weed aFlor-Ala, The (AL Edu)Thu, 24 Apr 2008
Givens, RalphUS HI: Prohibition Doesn't WorkGarden Island (Lihue, HI)Sat, 30 May 2009
Givens, RalphCN BC: Vision Vancouver's Licensing Zeal Smells LikGeorgia Straight, The (CN BC)Thu, 23 Apr 2009
Givens, RalphCN BC: Meth Problem Overblown By Victoria Police DeGoldstream Gazette (Victoria, CN BC)Fri, 01 Jun 2007
Givens, RalphUS NC: Decriminalization Gives Outlaws ControlHendersonville Times-News (NC)Sun, 05 Apr 2009
Givens, RalphUS ID: Real Dangers of LSDIdaho Mountain Express (ID)Wed, 02 Jul 2008
Givens, RalphUS CA: Going To PotInland Empire Weekly (Corona, CA)Thu, 04 Jun 2009
Givens, RalphCN BC: 'No Serious Problems' With Salvia UseKamloops This Week (CN BC)Fri, 25 May 2007
Givens, RalphUS CA: Altered MindsLos Angeles City Beat (CA)Thu, 02 Aug 2007
Givens, RalphUS CA: On The TrailLos Angeles Times (CA)Tue, 19 May 2009
Givens, RalphUS CA: Prohibition TodayLos Angeles Times (CA)Sat, 14 May 2011
Givens, RalphUS KY: Reefer MoronLouisville Eccentric Observer, The (KY)Wed, 18 Apr 2012
Givens, RalphUS WA: Marijuana A Victimless CrimeLynnwood/Mountlake Terrace Enterprise (WA)Wed, 04 Mar 2009
Givens, RalphUS GA: Drug War IIMacon Telegraph (GA)Thu, 18 Feb 2010
Givens, RalphUS HI: Decriminalization Would Boost Demand For PotMaui News, The (HI)Wed, 08 Jul 2009
Givens, RalphUS HI: Keeping Drug Illegal Causes ProblemsMaui News, The (HI)Sun, 09 Aug 2009
Givens, RalphUS CA: Biased ReportingMerced Sun-Star (CA)Fri, 22 May 2009
Givens, RalphUS MI: The Wages of HempMetro Times (Detroit, MI)Wed, 16 Feb 2011
Givens, RalphUS MI: Schuette's StupidityMetro Times (Detroit, MI)Wed, 09 Nov 2011
Givens, RalphUS MI: Marijuana LiesMetro Times (Detroit, MI)Wed, 23 Nov 2011
Givens, RalphUS MA: Supply And Demand Drives Drug WarsMetrowest Daily News (MA)Mon, 16 Mar 2009
Givens, RalphUS WA: Marijuana A Victimless CrimeMill Creek Enterprise (WA)Wed, 04 Mar 2009
Givens, RalphCN QU: More Reasons to Fight Bill C-26Mirror (CN QU)Thu, 01 May 2008
Givens, RalphCN BC: Pot's HotMonday Magazine (CN BC)Wed, 05 Mar 2008
Givens, RalphUS CA: Marijuana Propaganda Has Been Around ForMorgan Hill Times (CA)Tue, 31 May 2011
Givens, RalphUS NC: Drug Woes Stem From Lunatic Crusade Against Mountaineer, The (Waynesville, NC)Fri, 01 Aug 2008
Givens, RalphCN BC: Busting High Drivers Will Have Far-Reaching Nanaimo Daily News (CN BC)Sat, 28 Jun 2008
Givens, RalphCN BC: Prohibition Not The AnswerNorth Island Gazette (CN BC)Tue, 10 Jun 2008
Givens, RalphCN BC: Meth Problem Overblown By Victoria Police DeOak Bay News (CN BC)Fri, 01 Jun 2007
Givens, RalphCN BC: Pot Negatives Lack ProofOceanside Star (BC)Thu, 06 Jan 2011
Givens, RalphCN ON: Leave 'Mint' AloneParry Sound North Star (CN ON)Wed, 18 Jul 2007
Givens, RalphUS CA: Reefer MadnessPasadena Weekly (CA)Thu, 30 Jul 2009
Givens, RalphUS MA: Better Places To Put ResourcesPatriot Ledger, The (Quincy, MA)Mon, 08 Dec 2008
Givens, RalphUS FL: Luyao Case Part Of Wider DebatePress Journal (Vero Beach, FL)Thu, 23 Mar 2006
Givens, RalphUS FL: Pot Sentences Are Out Of Proportion To ThePress Journal (Vero Beach, FL)Tue, 17 Oct 2006
Givens, RalphUS CA: Prohibition Hurts KidsReporter, The (Vacaville, CA)Sun, 24 May 2009
Givens, RalphUS CA: Think of the EconomyReporter, The (Vacaville, CA)Tue, 09 Jun 2009
Givens, RalphUS CA: Knocking Off DispensariesReporter, The (Vacaville, CA)Sun, 27 Mar 2011
Givens, RalphUS CA: Legalization Is SolutionReporter, The (Vacaville, CA)Thu, 05 Apr 2012
Givens, RalphUS VA: Marijuana Smokers Have Harmed No OneRoanoke Times (VA)Sun, 12 Dec 2010
Givens, RalphCN BC: Meth Problem Overblown By Victoria Police DeSaanich News (CN BC)Fri, 01 Jun 2007
Givens, RalphUS CA: Nothing Magic About ItSacramento News & Review (CA)Thu, 23 Feb 2012
Givens, RalphUS MP: Stinking LiesSaipan Tribune (US MP)Mon, 15 Nov 2010
Givens, RalphCN BC: View Pot ScientificallySalmon Arm Observer (CN BC)Thu, 14 May 2009
Givens, RalphUS CA: The People's Will on Pot, Its Use and the LaSan Diego Union Tribune (CA)Wed, 25 Jan 2006
Givens, RalphUS CA: Drug Prohibition Is A FailureSan Diego Union Tribune (CA)Wed, 09 Aug 2006
Givens, RalphUS CA: Another Form Of Reefer MadnessSan Jose Mercury News (CA)Tue, 10 Mar 2009
Givens, RalphUS WA: America's Drug Policy Is FailingSan Juan Journal (WA)Wed, 10 Jun 2009
Givens, RalphUS WA: Marijuana A Victimless CrimeShoreline Lake Forest Park Enterprise (WA)Wed, 04 Mar 2009
Givens, RalphCN BC: False ArgumentSouth Delta Leader (Delta, CN BC)Fri, 03 Apr 2009
Givens, RalphUS MO: Jurors Can Help Stop The InjusticeSpringfield News-Leader (MO)Fri, 28 Mar 2008
Givens, RalphUS VA: No Praise for a 'Death Dealing Drug Crusade'Suffolk News-Herald (VA)Sun, 07 Nov 2010
Givens, RalphUS CO: Alcohol Is More DangerousSummit Daily News (CO)Fri, 10 Jul 2009
Givens, RalphUS CO: Marijuana MythsSummit Daily News (CO)Wed, 22 Jul 2009
Givens, RalphUS FL: Ending Drug HousesTampa Tribune (FL)Sun, 31 May 2009
Givens, RalphUS CA: End Drug ProhibitionTimes-Herald, The (Vallejo, CA)Tue, 08 Apr 2008
Givens, RalphUS CA: Drug DisasterTimes-Herald, The (Vallejo, CA)Tue, 14 Apr 2009

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