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1 US: Money Behind The MissionTue, 10 Sep 2019
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Carey, Benedict Area:United States Lines:149 Added:09/10/2019
2 UK: 'They Broke My Mental Shackles': Could Magic Mushrooms Be TheMon, 10 Jun 2019
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Jacobs, Josh Area:United Kingdom Lines:258 Added:06/10/2019
3 UK: Ecstasy Being Studied As Treatment For AlcoholismMon, 03 Jul 2017
Source:New York Post (NY) Author:McDermott, Nick Area:United Kingdom Lines:81 Added:07/05/2017
4US: 'Magic Mushroom' Drug Lifts Anxiety For Cancer PatientsThu, 01 Dec 2016
Source:USA Today (US) Author:Painter, Kim Area:United States Lines:Excerpt Added:12/05/2016
5 UK: Legalise All DrugsThu, 16 Jun 2016
Source:Mirror, The (UK) Author:Gregory, Andrew Area:United Kingdom Lines:36 Added:06/16/2016
6 UK: OPED: The Legal Highs Ban Will Have Only One Result - MoreWed, 01 Jun 2016
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Nutt, David Area:United Kingdom Lines:112 Added:06/02/2016
7 US: Scientists Test 'Magic Mushroom' Chemical For DepressionTue, 17 May 2016
Source:Philadelphia Daily News (PA) Author:Preidt, Robert Area:United States Lines:101 Added:05/19/2016
8 Australia: Safe TripSun, 08 May 2016
Source:Age, The (Australia) Author:Marshall, Konrad Area:Australia Lines:333 Added:05/08/2016
9 UK: Britons Want Cannabis to Be Legalised - Change IsSun, 08 May 2016
Source:Observer, The (UK) Author:Doward, Jamie Area:United Kingdom Lines:77 Added:05/08/2016
10 UK: Legalised Cannabis 'Could Raise Ukp1bn A Year'Tue, 08 Mar 2016
Source:Independent (UK) Author:Wright, Oliver Area:United Kingdom Lines:137 Added:03/09/2016
11 UK: Lib Dems Devise Model For Legal CannabisTue, 08 Mar 2016
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Travis, Alan Area:United Kingdom Lines:68 Added:03/09/2016
12 Canada: Column: Time For A Clear-Eyed Look At Drug PolicyThu, 12 Nov 2015
Source:Globe and Mail (Canada) Author:Balkissoon, Denise Area:Canada Lines:93 Added:11/13/2015
13 UK: Column: Sometimes We're All Better Off When People IgnoreMon, 09 Nov 2015
Source:Independent (UK) Author:Chu, Ben Area:United Kingdom Lines:132 Added:11/11/2015
14 UK: Lib Dems In New Push On Cannabis LegalisationMon, 12 Oct 2015
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Travis, Alan Area:United Kingdom Lines:82 Added:10/13/2015
15CN AB: Column: Evidence Simply Doesn't Support Harper's ClaimTue, 06 Oct 2015
Source:Calgary Herald (CN AB) Author:Breakenridge, Rob Area:Alberta Lines:Excerpt Added:10/07/2015
16 Canada: Could Ecstasy Be A Potential Treatment For PTSD?Mon, 20 Jul 2015
Source:Maclean's Magazine (Canada) Author:Cormier, Zoe Area:Canada Lines:230 Added:07/20/2015
17 UK: High Hopes For LSDSun, 31 May 2015
Source:Independent on Sunday (UK) Author:Cooper, Charlie Area:United Kingdom Lines:130 Added:06/01/2015
18 Norway: Odd Push in Drug-Averse Norway: LSD Is O.K.Tue, 05 May 2015
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Higgins, Andrew Area:Norway Lines:172 Added:05/05/2015
19 UK: Why I Think the Terminally Ill Should Take LSDSat, 07 Mar 2015
Source:Independent (UK) Author:Cooper, Charlie Area:United Kingdom Lines:155 Added:03/07/2015
20 UK: Expert Wants Scots Cannabis CafesMon, 02 Mar 2015
Source:Scotsman (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:26 Added:03/03/2015
21 UK: Prof: Give Scripts For EcstasyMon, 16 Feb 2015
Source:Daily Record (UK) Author:Jolly, Lynn Area:United Kingdom Lines:37 Added:02/16/2015
22 UK: PUB LTE: Electorate Should Be Given Choice on Drugs PolicySat, 01 Nov 2014
Source:Independent (UK) Author:Allen, Simon Area:United Kingdom Lines:20 Added:11/03/2014
23 UK: Cannabis: The Terrible TruthTue, 07 Oct 2014
Source:Daily Mail (UK) Author:Spencer, Ben Area:United Kingdom Lines:178 Added:10/09/2014
24 UK: Kew Gardens Drugs Storm Over 'Intoxication Season' OfSun, 07 Sep 2014
Source:Mail on Sunday, The (UK) Author:Constable, Nick Area:United Kingdom Lines:82 Added:09/08/2014
25 US WA: PUB LTE: Adding To 'Agony And Ecstasy' ArticleMon, 18 Aug 2014
Source:Walla Walla Union-Bulletin (WA) Author:Schaeffer, Robert H. Area:Washington Lines:71 Added:08/23/2014
26 UK: Dr Robin Carhart-Harris Is The First Scientist In Over 40 YearsSun, 17 Aug 2014
Source:Independent (UK) Author:Phelan, Laurence Area:United Kingdom Lines:336 Added:08/17/2014
27 UK: Editorial: Compound InterestFri, 14 Mar 2014
Source:Independent (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:53 Added:03/15/2014
28 UK: Media Exaggerating Risk Of Legal Highs, Says Drugs ExpertFri, 14 Mar 2014
Source:Independent (UK) Author:Brown, Jonathan Area:United Kingdom Lines:82 Added:03/15/2014
29 UK: Courageous Drugs Adviser Honoured With Prize for StandingTue, 05 Nov 2013
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Radowitz, John Von Area:United Kingdom Lines:44 Added:11/05/2013
30 US NY: Tracing Addiction Outside The BrainTue, 17 Sep 2013
Source:New York Times (NY) Author:Tierney, John Area:New York Lines:135 Added:09/17/2013
31 UK: Column: The Tudor Pile That's Home to a Thinktank Set onSun, 15 Sep 2013
Source:Observer, The (UK) Author:Doward, Jamie Area:United Kingdom Lines:185 Added:09/15/2013
32 UK: I've Taken Cannabis Says Chief Medical OfficerMon, 19 Aug 2013
Source:Daily Mail (UK) Author:Allen, Vanessa Area:United Kingdom Lines:117 Added:08/22/2013
33 UK: Column: Why We Should Punish The Pushers, But Not Drug UsersWed, 03 Jul 2013
Source:Belfast Telegraph (UK) Author:Meredith, Fionola Area:United Kingdom Lines:110 Added:07/04/2013
34 UK: Banning Cannabis And Ecstasy Is Bad For Medical ResearchWed, 12 Jun 2013
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Grierson, Jamie Area:United Kingdom Lines:81 Added:06/14/2013
35 UK: Outlawing Drugs 'Is Censoring Science'Wed, 12 Jun 2013
Source:Independent (UK) Author:Cooper, Charlie Area:United Kingdom Lines:43 Added:06/13/2013
36 UK: Column: The Psychedelic Countess On A Mushroom Mission To FreeMon, 15 Apr 2013
Source:Evening Standard (London, UK) Author:Curtis, Nick Area:United Kingdom Lines:210 Added:04/17/2013
37CN BC: Column: Ecstasy Play More Propaganda Than EducationFri, 11 Jan 2013
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:Mulgrew, Ian Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:01/12/2013
38CN BC: Editorial: Blowing A Hole In Marijuana BanThu, 09 Aug 2012
Source:Province, The (CN BC)          Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:08/10/2012
39 UK: Revealed: Heroin Causes More Harm To Scotland Than AnySun, 05 Aug 2012
Source:Herald, The (Glasgow, UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:122 Added:08/05/2012
40Canada: Column: Regulate MDMA, Reduce HarmFri, 15 Jun 2012
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Kline, Jesse Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:06/17/2012
41CN BC: Column: Beware The Drug Policy HereticsSat, 16 Jun 2012
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:McKnight, Peter Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:06/17/2012
42Canada: Legalize Ecstasy?Fri, 15 Jun 2012
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Hopper, Tristin Area:Canada Lines:Excerpt Added:06/17/2012
43CN BC: Column: Zombie Reports Fuel Drug Frenzy, AgainSat, 09 Jun 2012
Source:Vancouver Sun (CN BC) Author:McKnight, Peter Area:British Columbia Lines:Excerpt Added:06/10/2012
44 UK: Could Magic Mushrooms Help The Fight Against Depression?Tue, 24 Jan 2012
Source:Independent (UK) Author:Lakhani, Nina Area:United Kingdom Lines:80 Added:01/24/2012
45 UK: Cameron Urged To Make Drugs Legal By Former Us PresidentFri, 18 Nov 2011
Source:Daily Mail (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:55 Added:11/20/2011
46 UK: Richard Nixon's 'War On Drugs' Began 40 Years Ago, And TheSun, 24 Jul 2011
Source:Guardian, The (UK) Author:Vuillamy, Ed Area:United Kingdom Lines:290 Added:07/25/2011
47 UK: Column: War On Drugs Has Also Become A War On Free ThinkingSun, 05 Jun 2011
Source:Scotsman (UK) Author:Hamilton, Duncan Area:United Kingdom Lines:112 Added:06/05/2011
48 UK: Dealers 'Should Prove That Legal Highs Are Safe'Sun, 15 May 2011
Source:Yorkshire Post (UK)          Area:United Kingdom Lines:85 Added:05/16/2011
49 UK: War on Drugs Has Failed, Say Former Heads of MI5, CPS and BBCMon, 21 Mar 2011
Source:Daily Telegraph (UK) Author:Beckford, Martin Area:United Kingdom Lines:111 Added:03/21/2011
50UK: Alcohol Does More Harm Than Crack: StudyTue, 02 Nov 2010
Source:National Post (Canada) Author:Kelland, Kate Area:United Kingdom Lines:Excerpt Added:11/02/2010

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