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Pubdate: Fri, 4 Apr 2008
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* This Just In

(1) Cannabis: Tough Penalties On Way After Another Change Of Mind

(2) Council Opposes Federal Raids On Medical Pot Clinics

(3) Freedom Eludes Many Crack Inmates

(4) Couple Cries Foul After Police Issue Drug Search Warrant

* Weekly News in Review

Drug Policy

(5) Column: War On Drugs A Total Bust

(6) Editorial: If Drugs Are It, Acquit

(7) Edu: Senate Passes Legislation To Amend Drug Policy

(8) A Grim Tradition, and a Long Struggle to End It

Law Enforcement & Prisons

(9) State Looking to Lower Population in Prisons

(10) Durham Police Chided For Marijuana Case

(11) Pitts Again Warns Community To Listen To Him

(12) Program Led by Marlboro Police

Cannabis & Hemp

(13) Brown Signals An About-Turn

(14) Nimbin Under Siege

(15) Common Sense On Marijuana

(16) Fresh Ideas For A Tired Crusade

International News

(17) Woman Gets Life Prison In Drug-Trafficking Case

(18) Officials Make Renewed Calls For Injection Site

(19) Legalize All Drugs: Former Police Officer

(20) New Party Pills 'Just As Good' As BZP

* Hot Off The 'Net

Opium Brides Of Afghanistan

Report Of The UN/NGO Consultation Held In Florida

The School Crotch Inspector / By Jacob Sullum

Battle Over Pot Possession In Alaska Is Back In The Courts

Clergy Speak Out Against The "War On Drugs"

DEA Vs. Heroin Kingpin - Full Premiere Episode

Regulating Compassion / By Philippe Lucas

How McCain Stays Popular Despite Supporting Disastrous Wars

Drug Truth Network

* What You Can Do This Week

First Aid Guidelines Project: Problem Drinking Survey

Call The Senate On The Crack/Powder Disparity

* Letter Of The Week

Medical Marijuana, Missouri / Jacqueline Patterson

* Feature Article

Hypocrisy Is Message We Need To Avoid / Ted Barnes

* Quote of the Week

William Hazlitt

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