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Pubdate: Thu, 26 Aug, 1999
Source: Calgary Herald (Canada)
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Police late Wednesday said they planned to charge pot crusader Grant
Krieger with possession of a narcotic for the purpose of trafficking and
cultivation of marijuana, after `less than 30' marijuana plants were seized
from his northwest home.

Officers executed a search warrant at Krieger's residence, 4611 Bowness
Road N.W., after they discovered two marijuana plants in the backyard, said
an officer at the scene. Drug paraphenalia was also found in the home, the
officer said.

Krieger, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, is a medical-marijuana
activist. He founded the Universal Compassion Club to provide marijuana to
seriously ill or disabled people who seek the illegal drug for pain relief.

Police also planned to charge Krieger with two counts of breach of
probation Wednesday.

He was arrested earlier on a charge of breaching his probation on June 23.
He pleaded not guilty in provincial court, saying he can't make it to
court-ordered meetings with his probation officer because he doesn't have
enough money for the monthly bus trip. A trial date for that probation
charge was set for Jan. 19. 
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