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Pubdate: Thu, 24 June 1999
Source: Calgary Herald (Canada)
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Author: Brock Ketchum - Calgary Herald


Calgary police charged pot crusader Grant Krieger with breach of probation
Wednesday after stopping him in a routine traffic check, say police and the
man's family and friends.

Police took Krieger, 44, into custody about 10;30 a.m. after running his
name through a computer and learning that he was wanted on a warrant for
the alleged breach.

They stopped the Calgary resident at Deerfoot Trail and Memorial Drive
while he was returning a rental car, said legal assistant Terri Geisler of
the law firm of Van Harten O'Gorman Foster, which is to act as his defence

Krieger allegedly disobeyed a Regina judge's order to report regularly to a
probation officer, according to the warrant. The judge, who convicted
Krieger last December of marijuana trafficking, ordered probation as a
condition of an 18-month suspended sentence handed down in January.

Krieger, who has multiple sclerosis, is trying to line up sources of supply
of marijuana for seriously ill and disabled persons who have joined his
marijuana club - the Universal Compassion Club - to gain relief from their
debilitating ailments.

He is to appear in Calgary provincial court July 6 to face new charge,
Geisler said.

`I'm kind of saddened by the fact that they (the police) would take it this
far.' Krieger's wife, Marie, said of the news. `But I suppose they are only
doing their job.'

UCC club member Mara Czayka said sick and injured people are scrambling to
sign up with the club, which now has well over 30 members. `I was really
shocked,' the Turner Valley area fibromyalgia patient said of the arrest.
`We've received many new patients.

We were planning a strategy meeting tonight,' she said. `We're just

Early on May 31, the UCC lost its entire stash of medicinal-grade pot when
thieves broke into a Calgary house where Krieger was growing it. The club
is attempting to get back on its feet by growing the illegal drug in
members' homes.

Krieger has said he questions the legitimacy of Canada's marijuana law.
Earlier this month, Health Minister Allan Rock announced his department
will invite bids from companies interested in supplying Canadian pot for
clinical trials.
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