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Pubdate: Wed. 26, May 1999
Source: Calgary Herald (Canada)
Author: Jeff Adams, Calgary Herald


Calgary police say they are investigating a man featured in a Herald
article Tuesday who claimed he intends to distribute marijuana for
medicinal purposes.

`We will investigate his activities just as we would investigate
anyone else about whom we receive information about trafficking,' said
Staff Sgt. Paul Laventure of the drug unit, after the story about
Calgarian Grant Krieger.

`If Mr. Krieger is in fact trafficking in marijuana, he will be be

Krieger is serving an 18-month suspended sentence for trafficking
after a late-1998 conviction.

The 44-year-old man says he smokes marijuana to help him cope with
multiple sclerosis (MS), and opposes laws stopping Canadians from
using marijuana as a medical aid.

In Tuesday's Herald, Krieger is shown handing a bag - allegedly
containing marijuana - to a Turner Valley-area women who says the drug
has helped her achieve a miraculous recovery from fibromyalgia.

Krieger told the Herald he's established a so-called Universal
Compassion Club for people wanting marijuana for medical purposes, and
is recruiting drug suppliers for the club.

He said he plans to be a supplier too.

Because some of Krieger's club members could be from outside Calgary,
RCMP say they may also investigate.

`I don't want to get in a debate with him about the medicinal uses of
marijuana,' said Staff Sgt. Bernie Smith of the Calgary RCMP's drug
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