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Source: Suedkurier Konstanz (Germany)
Copyright: Suedkurier Konstanz 1998
Pubdate: 3 Dec 98
Translator: Pat Dolan (from German text)

(Note: Main points only slightly edited. Direct speech given in quotes. pd)


Experts Request The Legalisation Of Marihuana For The Chronically Ill

Frankfurt - According to medical opinion, Hashish and marihuana in
prescribed doses may help to improve the quality of life for the
chronically ill and for those suffering from AIDS. They should be available
on prescription just as the opiates are. This is what doctors attending the
International 'Medical Marihuana' Congress in Frankfurt have requested.

In most countries the prescription of cannabis products is forbidden . As
Rainer Ullman, chairman of the German Society for Drug Addiction Therapy
explained, the therapeutic effects of cannabis have been known for
thousands of years. It is known to provide a measure of relief for MS
patients who suffer from muscle cramps and spasticity; for cancer patients
suffering from nausea and vomiting, and for the loss of appetite which is
often one of the debillitating side-effects of cancer treatment. Cannabis
has no such unpleasant side effects when prescribed in therapeutic doses.

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