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Pubdate: Wed, 22 Oct 2008
Source: Montreal Gazette (CN QU)
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Quebec City police warn they will closely monitor the activities of a
cafe that plans to sell marijuana.

The operators of Montreal's Compassion Club say they will open a
second shop today in the provincial capital to respond to growing
demand for "medicinal" marijuana.

"We're going to be functioning (in Quebec City) along the same
principles that we use at the Montreal location," said Marc-Boris
St-Maurice, founder and president of the Compassion Club.

The Montreal Compassion Club has about 1,000 members. The club
operates in a legal grey zone, selling marijuana to those who have a
permit from Health Canada or who have a documented medical need for

In 2001, the federal government adopted regulations permitting the
medicinal use of marijuana. Under the program, patients with a grave
or debilitating illness can apply for a permit from Health Canada that
gives them the right to grow cannabis or purchase it from Prairie
Plant Systems in Flin Flon, Man.

St-Maurice has criticized the federal program for being poorly

Quebec City police issued a statement yesterday saying they are
studying the "legality of operations of the future Compassion Cafe
(sic) business."

"Quebec City police will pay attention to the activities of this new
cafe. Measures will be taken if needed."

In 2002, a Quebec Court judge acquitted St-Maurice of drug trafficking
while he volunteered at the Compassion Club. St-Maurice said the
ruling meant he could continue to provide the drug, illegal under the
Criminal Code, to suffering patients.
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