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Pubdate: Wed, 03 Sep 2008
Source: Peace Arch News (CN BC)
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Author: Tricia Leslie
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Keep your dogs away from pot.

That's the message to all pet owners from an emergency

At the Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley in Langley, vet
Dr. Nadine Koreman said they see clients from Surrey, South Surrey,
White Rock, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Mission, Coquitlam and sometimes,
clients from Washington state, when it comes to owners bringing in
dogs affected by marijuana.

"Because we are an emergency clinic, we see animals from everywhere,"
Koreman said last week.

"We do see a fair number of cases (of dogs affected by marijuana)...
it really varies. Probably on average, we see a couple of cases a week."

South Surrey dog owner Peter Thompson had called the Peace Arch News
to sound the alarm on the problem.

"It is prevalent, but unique to the suburbs and the valley, to my
understanding," Thompson said.

Koreman said sometimes, a dog getting into pot is accidental if the
canine is owned by people who smoke marijuana.

Sometimes, owners say they have no idea where their dog may have
picked up and chewed the green bud or roaches. Many suggest it may
have been from a park or public place.

"Dogs tend to have their mouths right to the ground," Koreman said.
"It can happen to dogs on-or off-leash... usually, not long after
they get home, they'll notice their pet acting unusually."

Symptoms of an affected dog include sleepiness, extreme sensitivity to
light and motion, low heart rate, low blood pressure and the dog
urinating on itself, or dribbling urine.

Vets conduct a urine test, Koreman said, like the one used on humans,
to detect if there is marijuana in the dog's system.

Treatment can include intravenous treatment or inducing

"It depends on how seriously affected they are," Koreman

"Usually, we just try to decontaminate them and get rid of (the

She advised dog owners to always keep an eye on their dogs, on- and
off-leash, and pay attention to what they may pick up.

As for people who smoke cannabis, Koreman said owners should ensure
all marijuana is kept out of dogs' reach - and to not smoke the green
stuff when pets are nearby.

"Don't allow dogs access to it and don't smoke it around (dogs) -
little dogs can get intoxicated from the smoke," she said.
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