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Pubdate: Wed, 26 Nov 2008
Source: Grand Forks Gazette (CN BC)
Copyright: 2008 Sterling Newspapers
Author: Shella Gardezi
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Mayor elect Brian Taylor said he's aware and sensitive to the fact
that many residents are opposed to his marijuana advocacy and promised
to keep his two lives separate.

"I've made some concessions in terms of my civil rights," he said, in
an interview. "But I'm not going to give up my right to campaign
against marijuana prohibition."

He said he would keep that campaign separate from his work as mayor,
noting that many people are opposed to his views - some so strongly
that he's been subject to prank phone calls.

Although none of his fellow candidates made his marijuana advocacy an
issue at the all-candidates debate, in their advertising or in media
responses during the campaign, he said he's been criticized at the
street level for his views.

Supporters have heard comments such as "if you vote for Taylor, he'll
bring marijuana into the community."

Taylor said separating the two aspects of his public life could be a
challenge.  He's received national attention as a result of his work.

Most recently, CBC was in town filming a documentary during the
election campaign. Producer Lionel Goddard did not respond to
requests for comment.

However, Taylor said the documentary isn't about him specifically.  
He said he believes the documentary is on the economic issues behind
the marijuana industry rather than the political or moral issues and
will cover it from a regional, rather than a Grand Forks

However, the only comment the producer would make to the Gazette was
that he would "let the story tell us what it is." Regardless of the
issue, Taylor said he would do his best to turn the national spotlight
on the city and promote it in a positive way.

"I'm going to do anything I can to present a dignified image," he
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