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Pubdate: Fri, 09 Nov 2007
Source: Victoria News (CN BC)
Copyright: 2007 Victoria News
Author: Rebecca Aldous, Victoria News
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The smoke has cleared and it was alcohol that killed the marijuana

After 12 years, the world's largest weekly pot rally has been stubbed
out because of drinking.

Victoria's International Hempology 101 Society meetings drew up to 100
cannabis supporters, but society president Ted Smith said they will
have to light up on their own.

Smith said the meetings became too dangerous when unruly beer swiggers
crashed the rallies. The gatherings moved to outside the Ministry of
Health building because security guards patrol the grounds, which
Smith hoped would deter drinkers from attending.

However two weeks ago, Smith's hand was injured as he conducted a
citizen's arrest on a drunken man who punched a rally member. The
incident scared Smith enough that he decided it was time to call it
quits for the group.

"It is gut wrenching to see people's lives being ruined (by alcohol),
when some people would switch to cannabis (if it were legal)," Smith

Smith says he has not had a sip of alcohol for 11 years and believes
he is better off without it. He doesn't understand the logic behind
society's legalized drug choice, which has ruined thousands of lives.

After dealing with drunks, Smith said he has a better understanding of
what police go through on a daily basis. Smith noted out of the 681
rallies held, only two possession charges were laid and members were
cooperative with the men in blue.

Although the meetings have had their final spark, Smith will be busy
working on his free Internet marijuana lecture series. He also hopes
to roll out a cannabis test book.

On Thursday (Nov. 15), the society welcomes people to join them for an
International Medical Marijuana Day rally. The event starts at noon
outside the Ministry of Health building, with a silent art auction
being held at the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada at 4:20 p.m.
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