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Pubdate: Wed, 31 Jan 2007
Source: Yellowknifer (CN NT)
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Author: Jessica Klinkenberg, Northern News Services
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Four People Charged After Raid on Two Apartments

Four people have been charged with endangering children after police
say they were found smoking pot in the same room as five kids.

The charge were laid after police raided two apartments Friday and
seized $4,700 worth of marijuana, said RCMP Const. Roxanne Dreilich.

Armed with a search warrant, RCMP officers entered the apartments, in
two separate buildings, seizing 235 grams of marijuana, said Dreilich.

Six adults were taken into custody, said Dreilich. Four of them were
later charged with possession for purpose of trafficking.

They were also charged with endangering children, by "exposing them to
things that may permanently endanger them," according Dreilich.

All five children were younger than 10, and two were infants, said
Dreilich. The children were taken into custody by Yellowknife Health
and Social Services Authority. Two of the people charged are parents
of all five children.

Inhaling marijuana smoke at such a developmental age can lead to
permanent damage, she said.

The adults were released after giving statements to RCMP, and
promising they would have no contact with the children until the
charges have been dealt with in court.

Until that time, the children will remain in the hands of Health and
Social Services, said Dreilich.

"They will make the determination on what's best for the kids and if
that means placement other than in their home, then they certainly
will do that." 
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