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Pubdate: Thu, 22 Jun 2006
Source: Globe and Mail (Canada)
Copyright: 2006, The Globe and Mail Company
Author: Peter Rakobochuk, Canadian Press
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MONTREAL -- Two former police officers were arrested yesterday as 
part of a drug ring that made weekly shipments to the United States, 
the RCMP said.

The Mounties allege that the ring was led by a 48-year-old woman from 
the Mohawk territory of Kanesatake, near Montreal.

Corporal Guy Amyot said she was among the 36 people arrested and 
charged during raids that took place early yesterday.

The RCMP believe "the leading organizer of this network was the lady 
we arrested in Kanesatake," Cpl. Amyot said.

He said Sharon Simon has been charged with trafficking, conspiracy, 
money laundering and gangsterism. The two ex-police officers were 
identified as Carl Thomas, 44, who was arrested in Magog, and 
40-year-old Daniel Pepin, who was taken into custody at his home in 
Mirabel, north of Montreal. Both men had worked for the Magog 
municipal police force in Quebec's Eastern Townships.

Cpl. Amyot added the network also had close links to Hells Angels 
chapters in Montreal, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivieres, midway between 
Montreal and Quebec City.

The RCMP said 42 searches were done, 24 in the Sherbrooke area, 16 in 
Montreal and one in Kanesatake. A search warrant related to the drug 
ring was also carried out in Indian Head, Sask. Cpl. Amyot said 
police also confiscated six weapons, including an AK-47 assault 
rifle, along with the seizure of cannabis, cocaine and $1-million in cash.

Police also seized 13 vehicles and two bullet-proof vests.

"This is a network that was involved in the exportation of 
approximately 100 pounds of cannabis on a weekly basis to the United 
States," he said. "This organization laundered about $4.8-million 
(U.S.) from January to May of this year in the 35 transactions they made."

Cpl. Amyot said the drugs were shipped mainly through U.S. border 
crossings at Coaticook, Que., and Cornwall, Ont., and most of the 
exporting was done from the Sherbrooke area.

The other suspects face charges of conspiracy, gangsterism and money 
laundering. They were to appear in court today. About 350 police 
officers, including members of the RCMP, Quebec provincial police and 
aboriginal police, carried out the drug raids.
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