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Pubdate: Fri, 26 May 2006
Source: Williams Lake Tribune, The (CN BC)
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Canada was the first country to regulate medical  marijuana use.

Health Canada established guidelines to allow Canadians  access to 
marijuana for medicinal reasons in 2001,  called Marijuana Medical 
Access Regulations. The  regulations outline circumstances that 
permit people to  use pot for medical reasons under two categories:

Category 1 - compassionate end-of-life care.

Pain or muscle spasms stemming from multiple sclerosis,  or spinal 
cord injury or disease.

Pain or other symptoms from cancer, HIV-related  infections, severe 
arthritis or epilepsy.

Category 2 - debilitating symptoms from medical  conditions not under 
Category 1.

As of April 2006, nearly 3,000 Canadians are authorized  to produce, 
distribute or use pot for medical purposes.

1,399 are authorized to possess marijuana for medical reasons;

1,005 can grow marijuana for medical use. Of that:

890 have a Personal-Use Production Licence;

109 have a Designated-Person Production Licence;

266 are authorized to buy marijuana;

190 receive marijuana seeds;

72 are receiving dried pot and seeds for medical  purposes.

B.C. has the second highest number of authorizations  for use in 
Canada; Ontario has nearly twice as many.  More than 300 people are 
authorized to possess in B.C.,  and more than 200 physicians in the 
province support  authorization. Country-wide, 829 physicians support 

To become eligible for legal use, Health Canada issues  a 35-page 
application document.

The document's sections include application for licence  to produce, 
and to obtain dried product and seeds.

Information provided by Health Canada Satistics, April  7, 2006.
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