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Pubdate: Wed, 29 Nov 2006
Source: Standard Freeholder (Cornwall, CN ON)
Copyright: 2006 Osprey Media Group Inc
Author: Gerry Van Loon, Char-Lan

High School Confidential


There is a lot of confusion going around about how dangerous and 
harmful marijuana truly is. There is this growing group of people 
that are starting to believe that weed is a "soft" drug. That it's 
not nearly as dangerous as other drugs, such as cocaine. But after 
hearing from Alvin Powell on Thursday there is a lot less belief in that.

Powell, a recovering drug addict and ex-NFL player, goes through the 
steps of his life and how he got involved in drugs and the effects 
they had on his life. Most people would think that sitting and 
listening to some motivational speaker go on and on about how drugs 
are bad, like you have every year, would be boring. But Alvin Powell 
takes a whole new approach to getting his message out and instead of 
preaching how drugs are bad he shows you what they do and informs his 
audience about things they don't know. He is an amazing speaker and 
throughout those two hours there wasn't a single sound throughout the 
entire cafeteria. Everyone from all different social groups were all 
mezmorized and amazed by the speaker in front of them. I won't get 
into details about what exactly Alvin Powell talked about because I 
couldn't possibly create the mood that he does, but there is one 
point that I would like to talk about. Near the end of his 
presentation he talks about how people are starting to think that 
weed is a "soft" drug.

"The government is realizing how much money is spent on weed, and 
they're upset that they aren't getting a part of that money through 
taxes. But they know they can't legalize it now, with everyone 
thinking it's a 'hardcore' drug so they are letting on it is a 'soft' 
drug, so that in a couple years they will be able to legalize it 
because everyone will think it's no big deal," Powell said.

I think that we need to re-educate the youth in how dangerous weed 
really is and eliminate this theory before it spreads out of control.

In conclusion I would just like to say that Powell is an amazing 
speaker and I think that every student in SD&G should hear what he has to say.
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