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Pubdate: Tue, 10 Oct 2006
Source: Chronicle Herald (CN NS)
Copyright: 2006 The Halifax Herald Limited
Author: Mary Ellen MacIntyre, Truro Bureau
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Legion Trouble Helping To Get Message Out About 'Amazing' Oil

MACCAN - Rick Dwyer says officials with the provincial command of the
Royal Canadian Legion were wrong to revoke the local legion's charter
but he figures the action will nonetheless help all Canadians.

"The attention to this story is going across Canada and that means
people will find out about this hemp oil and what it can do to save
lives," Mr. Dwyer said Sunday.

He was referring to an essential oil a local man produces from the
buds and leaves of the hemp plant.

Mr. Dwyer, a past president of the Maccan legion, and other executive
members got into a spot of trouble with the Nova Scotia/Nunavut
Command of the Royal Canadian Legion because of the oil.

"I did research for over a year and a half, I spoke to at least 30
people with diseases like cancer and diabetes wounds who were cured by
this oil, and I felt we had a duty to make sure people knew of this,"
he said.

When notice of a meeting went out to the general public, doctors, the
RCMP and the legion's command in Halifax, the legion was told the
building couldn 't be used for the meeting.

"It cured my sister's cancer and my wife's arthritis - she was taking
medicine and was still in horrible pain for 13 years - this oil is
amazing," said Mr. Dwyer, 51.

"My father, who is 82 years old, was given 48 hours to live because of
his cancer and that was in June - I took him off all his medicines and
gave him this oil and he's cured."

The provincial command suspended the legion's charter and ousted its
executive members last Wednesday when they continued to ignore orders
forbidding meetings on the hemp oil at the legion.

"The legion will reopen as soon as possible and we'll have a
management committee put in place," said Steve Wessel, chairman of the
provincial command.

"We're not saying that we disagree, we're not saying (the oil) does or
does not work, but growing marijuana is not legal and we don't want
the Royal Canadian Legion associated with something illegal."

The man who makes the oil and gives it away for free said Sunday he
believes the cure for cancer and many other illnesses lies in the
thick, yellow grease he extracts from the plant.

"This whole community recognizes the good done by this oil and they're
really up in arms over this whole thing," Rick Simpson said.

He said he first discovered the healing components of the oil when he
was diagnosed with skin cancer four years ago.

"I had one growth surgically removed and I was supposed to get the
other two off as well," he said.

Eventually, he said, he could see the cancer returning in the area of
the surgical removal.

"I started to apply the oil to the areas and I cured my own cancer,"
he said.

Mr. Simpson said despite documented evidence and videotaped
testimonials, he has been unable to break through the medical, legal
and government communities to get the word out.

"That's why I'm so grateful the media is involved - we can get the
message out."

Mr. Simpson was charged last year after the RCMP raided his property
and seized more than 1,200 marijuana plants.

He pleaded not guilty to one count each of possession of less than 30
grams of marijuana, possession of less than three kilograms of
cannabis resin for the purpose of trafficking, and growing marijuana.
The case is still before the courts.

Mr. Simpson also ran as an Independent in the January federal
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